What Makes Divorce and Legal Separation Different?

Separation Agreements

Entering married life is something that some people value in their lives. As such, they simply eliminate the idea of getting a divorce just because they cannot settle their differences. While you may not agree with this line of thinking, you do have to accept the fact that sometimes, there are divorcees who eventually end up remarrying each other. You might be inclined to ask if there is such a way to temporarily separate without ending in divorce. Technically, there is.

Legal Separation

In instances where you would like to part ways with your partner in a temporary yet perfectly legal manner, then legal separation will be a very valid course of action to take. This is largely different from divorce in that you are still legally married to your spouse so that literally means you cannot have an affair outside your relationship. Neither does your spouse.

While legal separation is quite uncommon in most countries, it is strongly favored by individuals who may have very strong religious or moral grounds for not terminating the marriage. It is also beneficial for spouses who still hope that some cooling off period can still literally save the marriage. For the most part, however, couples find negotiating for legal separation to be a lot mentally and emotionally easier than negotiating the terms of a divorce agreement.


When you and your spouse decide to really call it quits, legal professional divorceattorneyinlongisland.com says that seeking an experienced divorce lawyer would be your best option. This is especially true if you or your partner is thinking of moving on with his or her life. In divorce, everything is severed and the marriage is dissolved allowing you or your partner to engage in other intimate relationships.

However, the whole divorce proceedings are oftentimes wrought with emotional and mental turmoil. Divorce proceedings can drag on for a few months especially if you are talking about contested divorce.

Whether you eventually choose to legally separate from your spouse or to just call it quits, permanently, you have to realize that you will still have to talk with your partner on the division of your property, child custody, and child visitation rights. If you want to remarry, get a divorce. If you hope to save your marriage, get legal separation.