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Unique and Wonderful Suggestions to Make Your Wedding Extra Special

Since weddings have been innovating and evolving in the past decade, you might find it difficult to make yours unique. But, by changing one or two elements in your event you can still make it a truly special occasion.

Here are a few amazing suggestions for you to try out:

A Healthy Feast – Yes, you can “pig out” and not feel like a pig. With healthier options served for your reception spread, such as salads, organic fruits and fat-trimmed meats, your guests can eat as much as they want without feeling bloated. There are Malay wedding venues in Singapore, such as Lagun Sari, that serve Halal dishes, which you might consider as another alternative.

A Unique Ride – White limousines are a dime-a-dozen. Why not find something more interesting to look at like a vintage sports car, a horse-drawn carriage or even a helicopter? There are a countless other means of transporting the bride to and from the church so be as creative as you want, as long as the funds will fit.

A Different Theme – Why choose a white wedding when you can choose historical outfits, fantasy dress-ups or wear magical costumes? If you are not too sure how your friends and family will take it, use those themes during the reception festivities instead. You can find time to change costume, literally, in between your church ceremony and the trip to the reception venue.

A Special Entourage – Instead of a solemn stroll up the aisle, which can be akin to a funeral march, why not have a song or dance number on the way to the altar? Not just the bride, groom or their respective parents. Hire a choreographer to recreate your whole wedding march into a flash-mob-like scene to celebrate a truly joyous occasion.

Why limit yourself to just one suggestion? Try them all and see how wonderfully different your wedding will be. And as long as everyone is happy and joyous during the occasion, especially you and your partner, then your wedding can truly be hailed as a success.

Choosing Bridal Jewelry to Match the Gown

Bridal JewelryEvery bride wishes to look stunning on her wedding day. Many spend hours on end looking for the perfect dress, hair piece, and shoes. Bridal jewelry also constitutes an essential accessory. To achieve a cohesive look, it is important to consider the different features of the bridal gown when selecting jewelry.

The Color

Presently, brides can choose from various shades of white. Typically, different metals go well with the different shades of white. Though it may seem subtle, harmonizing the colors improves the bride's overall look. If your gown has a dim shade of white, jewelry that is yellow gold in color matches perfectly. For a white wedding dress, AAA Jewelers suggests a jewelry that has silver, platinum or pearl shade. If you are not sure of the color that best complements your gown, seek assistance from experienced jewelers in Salt Lake City.

Matching Jewels and Metals

What's more, you should match the different kinds of jewels and metals with the gown and jewelry. Mismatching the jewel tones and metals will result in an unattractive look. If you pay keen attention, you will notice that rhinestones, cubic zirconia, and diamonds have different glimmers altogether. You need not wear a ruby necklace and sapphire bracelet as the two do not complement each other. Likewise, a gold bracelet and white gold earrings will make the look appear unplanned.

The Neckline

Jewelers recommend mirroring the neckline of your wedding dress when selecting bridal jewelry. A v-shaped neckline can best be accentuated with a pendant necklace. Conversely, brides, who opt for gowns with high necklines, should avoid wearing necklaces. In such occasions, you can accessorize with a headpiece or chandelier earrings.


Each wedding dress has a particular flair or a point in time, by which it was inspired. These gowns can be traditional, modern, simple or a fusion of different styles. The traditional type goes well with diamond jewelry. For modern dresses, a geometric jewelry piece would be ideal to help highlight the modern feel. Similarly, the bridal gown and accessories should complement the theme of the wedding; be it traditional or modern.

Choosing bridal jewelry can be an enjoyable experience. Always consider certain aspects of the bridal gown including the color, neckline, and matching jewels.


Easy Ways to Get Money for Your Wedding

Wedding Rings

Being wed is one of the more important highlights of living. It means you are now ready to have a family of your own. You are now ready to take on the responsibility and accountability not just for you own but for others in your soon-to be family.

However, it is no secret that weddings, no matter how simple they are celebrated, require some serious financial considerations. Unless you are already wealthy, then there is no need to read this. However, for the average Joe, you may need to save a few of your monthly budget just for this purpose alone.

In some cases, you may want to consider the following as options to earn extra for your wedding.

Maximise the Power of the Web

Sell some of your used stuff online. You can make money by auctioning them on eBay or even directly selling them on Craigslist as well as other online market places. You can also start doing some affiliate selling of products that you truly enjoy to your friends’ network on Facebook.

Maximise your contacts and networks and spread the word about what you are doing and what you aim to achieve. They will be more than happy to help you out.

Provide Sitting Services

If you naturally love babies, then why not offer babysitting services to neighbours? Or if they have a dog and you are simply fond of them, then you can also be a dog sitter. Or, if you know a friend who will need to be away for some time, maybe you can sit her property as a house sitter. There are plenty of online sites that can point you to clients looking for such services.

Drive Other People

If you got wheels and extra time, you can sign up with either Lyft or Uber and drive people to their destinations while earning some extra buck on your spare time. Ridesharing is now fast becoming popular especially among folks who have smartphones and who dislike the rudeness and exorbitant fares of some taxis.

Be a Virtual Worker

So many online work opportunities will only require a few hours of your time. You can join paid survey sites as well as paid focus group sites. If you love writing, strut your skills on UpWork or Elance.

Short-Term Loans

While it is not a good idea to begin your marriage in debt, rapid finance is a quick way to get cash for your wedding, Rapid Loans suggests. And since it offers no collateral, low interest rates, and quick payback terms, the benefits will be more on your side.

There are other ways on how you can earn some extra cash to add to your wedding budget. The Internet is a treasure trove of resources. You just have to find those that are legitimate and those that you will definitely enjoy doing.