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Institutional Investors Urge Meat Firms to Monitor and Regulate Water Risks for the Holidays

The holidays for meat firms is the only peak season where they can make the most sales and recover from stale months, but it also paves the way to certain hazards.

Heartland Tank Services, a specialist in API standard 650 storage tanks, notes that due to the overinflated demands for coming Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, it’s easy for meat firms to lose track of significant meat production quality points like the integrity of the water used.

Apart from the latent potential of contaminating their products, many diseases can originate from the misuse and storage of water. For this reason, institutional investors from around the country remind the top meat firms to regulate water risks closely these coming holiday months.

Significant Associated Risks to Protracted Seasonal Demand and Supply

Compared to most water usages like farming, meat production by far consumes the most water resources. The water treatment in meat firms involves the feeding, the slaughtering, and the manufacturing of the livestock throughout their life span cycles.

The Business Green reports, “Ahead of Thanksgiving celebrations this week, joint letters were sent to four of the biggest producers in the US meat industry – Cargill Inc, JBS, Perdue Farms and Smithfield Foods – on behalf of 45 investors with worth more than $1tn in assets under management. The letter explains how improper management of water resources poses not just a threat to the environment, but also results in litigation and reputational risks for the meat producers.”

Urged by the Issue of Climate Change

While the occurrence of water risk hazards in the meat firms is rare, the investors believe that meat firms should now take into account the present effects of global warming. With the increased heat indexes, the proliferation of bacteria and parasites is a proactive risk that everyone should attentively look into.

Brooke Baron, the senior program director of water and food at Ceres states, “With climate change, business-as-usual management of the more than 300 million tons of manure produced annually by the US livestock industry is no longer feasible.”

On the larger scale of things, the integrity of the meat products depends on the water quality. It’s best for every company to be careful.

Want to be a Proud Owner of Your Own Water Supply? Read These Benefits

It would be great if you could have your own water supply one day. Before you can do that, you need to find water that is flowing deep within the ground. If you do find it, you will need the help of water well specialists to drill a hole into the ground.

The people from carlyledrilling.co.nz share how difficult it is to find even a single source of water in the ground. Despite this, there are people who are willing to take the challenge just so they can enjoy the benefits of having their own water source.

Here are some of the benefits of having your own water supply:

You Save Money

The good news is that you will no longer have to deal with expensive water bills. If you want to save even more money, you can opt to install your own filtration system to filter out impurities in your water source. This way, you will not have to pay a maintenance fee to water companies to clean your water on a periodic basis.

You Can Rely on Your Own Water Supply

Say goodbye to those unexpected water interruptions. You know exactly the amount of water on your well so you do not have worry about water unexpectedly running out.

No Unwanted Chemicals

Do you bother reading the chemicals on the label when you buy bottled water? Chemicals, such as chlorine and fluoride found in bottled water would not be present in your water supply. You do not have to deal with unwanted chemicals with the water you are drinking from your private supply.

These benefits can definitely motivate you to start looking for your own water source. Note that the benefits of having a private water supply will eventually outweigh all the challenges in finding a water source. All that hard work will be worth it.

Green Solutions: Rainwater is Worth Saving

It’s true what they say: you’ll never miss the well until the water runs dry. When it comes to this, water efficiency measures can indeed save the day. It’s all thanks to water tanks that played a central role in making things happen.

Many people may take rainwater for granted. Without it, the Land Down Under would be missing a big piece in their struggle to keep water within liveable limits during times of drought.

Rhino Water Tanks explains some of the ways rainwater collection helps:

Stretching the Limits

When you lose something as essential as water, everything changes. If your immediate reaction is you could always buy a gallon of filtered water, then know you couldn’t do so to water acres upon acres of land to maintain the crops. Without all the farm produce, you’d be scrambling for taste in your food.

This is what happened to Australia. What’s worse is the drought that visited the country lasted for over a decade, depleting water resources more than anyone could ever imagine. So pervasive was the loss of water, people called it the drought of the millennium. At its wake, the Federal Government doled out over $4.5 billion in financial assistance, enacting measures and laws to pinch as much water as possible.

The Heavenly Saviour

A lot of the success of the Australians can be attributed to the extreme water efficiency measures the government imposed. Among these includes the rationing of water. What gave most Australians hope were rainwater tanks. Big enough to store gallons upon gallons of rainwater, these tanks supplied water to augment the vast need for the element.

Rainwater harvesting means having enough water to wash your car, do the laundry and even drink. With the aid of filtration, drinking rainwater is very much a possibility. One thing you’d notice is that rainwater may taste a lot better than tap, as it is free from all the fluoride and chlorine.

All of this is possible with a sturdy rainwater tank installed. Choose your tank to get started with your water collection.

Water Purifiers Offer the Best Health Benefits

Water Purifiers

Our bodies are70% water. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most important elements which are important for our health. Apart from lipids, proteins, vitamins and minerals, it is an essential element and one must have eight to ten glasses a day.

With rising levels of impurities and adulteration happening everywhere, it has become vital to find clean and trustable sources of water for people such as Purity Water. Here are some of the top reasons why you should opt for the best purifier and not compromise your health.

Water purifiers offer various benefits

Apart from saving you plenty of money, the water purifier has the benefit of protecting you in the long run from various stomach ailments. Your digestive system is improved and food moves through the intestine more efficiently.

Glowing skin is important to everyone. The reasons for much of the skin ailments are that we are not drinking enough water every day. Proper water intake is essential and important to having healthy, glowing and well cared for skin. With good water intake skin will be blemish free and glowing with health always.

A healthy immune system is also an important thing for many. Water doesn’t clear up things on the outside alone but also gives you good health on the inside, and rids the body of toxins and prevents various bodily ailments purifying the system and excreting the unhealthy constituents in the body.

The right balance and pH levels are maintained thanks to the right amount of water taken in.