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Illinois Traffic Essentials: Cycling Pointers for the Urban Traveler

Cycling in SpringfieldAs laws regarding road safety are being continually challenged and improved, it’s important that you’re able to care for yourself on the road. Whether you’re new to cycling or been on the road for years, here’s a few reminders before heading out.

Wear Safety Equipment

Whether it’s a short or long ride, gear up. Many biking accidents could potentially be less fatal if the biker wore safety equipment, especially reflectors during nightly rides. Plus, it’s the law to wear a helmet if you are 15 years old and below, Noll Law Office adds.

Ride Defensively

Just imagine that everyone else on the road is driving very aggressively and you’re the only sane cyclist. That’s how you think if you’re riding defensively, Give cars the right of way, especially if you’re driving on a busy day and traffic in Springfield is moderate to heavy. If you can ride with a crew, do it.

Follow Road Signs

All US cities are working to implement bike lanes but not every town has them yet. No matter how used you are to your daily route, ride and park only where you’re permitted, keep an eye on the traffic signals, and be aware of your state laws regarding cycling, If you get into trouble, make sure you get a traffic attorney to represent you.

No Stunts

Ever watched the movie, Premium Rush? It’s an adrenaline-packed film about a delivery man who uses a bike. The stunts were pulled by professionals and the bikes reached top speeds each time someone put their foot on the pedal with car-hopping, handless biking, races, and even ditching the police. Never do that when riding through Illinois. Keep that kind of excitement in the cinemas.

The laws of the road are constantly changing due to improvements and new traffic requirements. The laws of common sense, however, are constant. Keep a level head at all times and remember that, no matter the distance, you have to arrive at your destination safe and in one piece.

Things to Do in Australia’s Big 3 Cities


Australia is a wonderful place to be when on a vacation. Apart from the diversity of its culture, the Land Down Under boasts a vast variety of attractions.

Of course, when you plan to visit Australia for a period of time, you have to see its three biggest metropolitan cities: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Here are a few things you can do in each city.

Bris Vegas Brisbane
  1. Fill Your Belly – The city offers a great selection of meals that will keep you wanting for more. Here’s a suggestion: head into one of the many steak restaurants in the city, such as alliancehotel.com.au, and couple your luscious steak meal with a choice from a wide range of wines or beers.
  2. Exercise and Scenery – Biking is one of the highlights of Brisbane and even Australia as a whole. You can take a tour of the river city on a bike, and enjoy the sights with a bit of exercise.
Harbour City, Sydney
  1. Bask in NatureFor the nature lover, you can hike through Royal National Park in over 100 kilometres of trails. The people’s park boasts rainforest gullies and pristine beaches surfers and cyclists just love.
  2. Up Close and Personal – Another adventure worth experiencing is an eye-to-eye experience with thousands of exotic and native Australian animals in Taronga Zoo. Schedule your visit right, as many other tourists flock to this location.
Melbourne City By the Bay
  1. No Chickens Allowed – For those who are not afraid of heights, you can ride a hot air balloon, and soak in the beauty of the whole city right under your feet.
  2. Still High Up in the Air – If you don’t prefer riding a balloon, but still want to experience all of Melbourne, you can visit the Eureka Skydeck. Here, you can go through a sensory journey and marvel at the 360-degree views of Melbourne.

You don’t have to visit all three cities in a single holiday. At least, though, you already have a list of things to do if you ever visit any one of these three beautiful places in Australia.