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Grow Your Real Estate Income: Turn Key or Section 8 Investments

Woman handing the house key to the clients

Real estate offers plenty of opportunities for the investor to grow his or her sources of income and amount of income. You may already be familiar with the common buy-and-rent: you buy a property, perhaps renovate it, and finally lease it to tenants. You may also be familiar with property flipping: you purchase a property, hold on to it with or without improvements, and sell it for a profit.

Diversify with the Less Common

For seasoned investors, buy-and-rent and property flipping present good sources of income, but you may be looking to diversify your portfolio even more. You may also want to grow your income even more. With such goals in mind, you can turn to other, less conventional real estate investments such as turn key solutions or section 8 investments with Americas Housing Alliance, LLC.

Ready to Rent

Turn key solutions refer to properties that have already been remodeled or completely fitted for rental by a property investment company. These properties may already be rented out by tenants or have a pool of tenants waiting to move in once you purchase a property. Turn key solutions offer an excellent opportunity to earn passive income since the property investment company also offers property management services. You can relax and simply wait for the income to come.

Guaranteed Payment

As for section 8 real estate investment, Section 8 refers to government housing for low-income families. Some investors may caution you in investing in Section 8, but it has its benefits. You receive the majority of your rent on time, and the tenants tend to pay their portion on time as well. You have the advantages of a long line of screening tenants waiting for a vacancy. You get free advertising too.

With the two real estate investment opportunities above, you can grow your income even more. You can approach a property investment company to know more about turn key solutions or section 8 investments. Some investors may warn you of such investments, however, but others have also been successful with such properties. You can ask the successful ones for advice.

The 4 Things You Should Do When Searching for a New Home

Searching for new homes in Salt Lake City or anywhere in Utah is not an easy task. There are many things you need to consider. Of course, homebuyers want to find the best place for their loved ones. Like buying your first family car, you need to weigh your options. Keep in mind that this could be your biggest investment. Learn some of the key factors when buying a house to avoid costly mistakes.

  • Stick to Your Budget

When it comes to big purchases like a house, it all comes down to your budget. How much can you afford? Before you apply for any housing loan or financial aid, evaluate yourself. Compute your salary and other source of income. According to experts, your monthly payment should not consume at least 27% of your income. This is to make it easier for you to pay your debts.

  • Know Your Priorities

For sure, you have made a list of everything you need—the number of bedrooms, size of the garage, bathroom layout, or even the materials used for fixtures. It is good to know what your home plans in your future Salt Lake City house are, though you should be flexible with your priorities and be open to work around your budget. For example, if you need a 3-bedroom house, but you cannot afford it, look for a house that you can renovate later for an additional bedroom. As they say, improvise works best.

  • Visit the Unit Personally

Don’t be deceived with the photos or ads you see online. Take some time to visit the house personally. If possible, take the whole family with you. Drive around the neighborhood and observe the environment. Home security is one of the things you should consider here. In addition, there should be hospitals and schools nearby.

  • Hire a Reputable Property Manager

This should make the hunting game much easier. Make sure you’re dealing with a licensed property management firm. They can help you find a house that suits your budget and needs, and can also help you process your documents and financial loan.

These are only some of the things you should consider when looking for a new home. Remember, this is one of your biggest investments. Take your time and make smart decisions.