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Pools, Spas, and Tubs: The Need for Regular Maintenance

Pools and spas are a great way to relax and beat the heat or the coldness of the season. However, these amenities need more attention and supervision other than just filling the space with water.

You can have a staff trained to monitor this equipment or opt to hire spa services in Salt Lake City like Preferred Pool and Spa. Either way, it is important to be aware of the necessity of having well-maintained amenities for you and your customers’ peace of mind.

Regular maintenance is important

Like other things, maintenance is important to ensure the quality of the product or the service. However, maintaining the quality of pools, spas, and tubs require more than just regular cleaning and balancing the water’s pH levels. These amenities involve tools that would filter, heat, and pump the water. It involves necessary hardware that goes beyond the knowledge of housekeeping personnel, thus having people skilled in maintaining more than the cleanliness of your pools, spas and tubs are advisable.

Having well-maintained amenities would lessen the risk of accidents (i.e. skin irritation from too much pool chlorine, electrocution because of faulty spa wiring) more than anything else.

How you can maintain your amenities

The first step is to ensure the cleanliness of the water, then comes the balancing of chlorine and pH levels. This should be done a few times in a day. It is important to have professionals handle hardware maintenance. While housekeepers may know how to keep the pool clean, they may not know what to do when a motor pump starts malfunctioning. Have a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) amongst your team, or allow your staff to get certified.

The easiest and most efficient way would always be to hire help from companies that offer cleaning and maintenance services.

In the end, keeping your pool, spas, and tubs well-maintained to ensure the quality you give to your customers should always be your priority.

Debunking the Most Common Misconceptions about Pools

Myths about Swimming Pools in UtahPeople always come up with weird stories to explain things they don’t understand. Pools are not an exception. With the advent of sophisticated and classy bullfrog spas especially in Utah, the stories get even funnier. Dolphin Pools & Spas shares the most widespread misconceptions about swimming pools and the facts behind it.

You have to wait an hour after eating before swimming

The belief that if you start swimming immediately after eating then, you will get cramps is not true. Swimming diverts blood from your stomach to the muscles which can make digestion hard, but the body has a mechanism that compensates for this hence, you can still swim comfortably without getting cramps.

There are chemicals that can reveal urine in pool water

This is the most widespread myth. You probably believe it too. The truth is, there aren’t. No company has ever created a chemical with such capability. This is only a story propagated by Hollywood movies and television. If you are worried that people may be urinating in your pool, then proper levels of chlorine combined with a sanitizer will take care of any contamination.

Chlorine gives people red-eye during swimming

You have seen or experienced the discomfort of red-eye after a swimming session. Chlorine is usually the first culprit that people blame. However, the real culprit is chloramine, a by-product of chlorine. It usually results from an under-chlorinated pool. Pools that have a standard level of chlorination will not cause any adverse symptoms.

Heavy chemical smell indicates a pool is clean

It’s actually the opposite. A well-disinfected pool should not give off a strong chemical smell. The strong smell is usually due to chloramine. It’s a result of chlorine reaction to contaminants brought in by swimmers. For instance, urine, sweat, and cosmetics. Moreover, the smell may indicate the need for further chlorination.

You probably believed all these myths. Well, now you know the truth. You can now brag to your friends as you astonish them with these facts.