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Bathroom Renovation: Things to Keep in Mind

Man ready to renovate the bathroom

The bathroom is perhaps the only place in your home where you can have your alone time after a stressful day at the office, or after finally tucking your kids into bed. These are just some of the reasons it is important to invest in your bathroom as you would in other parts of your house.

Set aside some time and budget to think about how you would remodel your shower in Bountiful or the whole bathroom. Companies such as Sand & Swirl, Inc. can help you get the bathroom of your dreams if you plan and consider these things carefully.


You can get the bathroom of your dreams without breaking your budget and your bank accounts. The key is to be resourceful. Know where and when to buy which things and you would be amazed at how much you would be able to save.

Also, have a budget and strictly stick to it. You might compromise on some things, but it should never be at the cost of your financial status.


Different homes have different plumbing layouts. Before modeling your bathroom and shower based on the picture you saw on the magazine, check your plumbing, whether or not it will allow such kinds of renovation.

Lighting and flooring

Make sure your bathroom is well lighted to prevent an accident, so should your flooring be slip proof or temperature regulated. Prioritizing these two things would not only make your bathroom aesthetically pleasing but safe as well.

Bath or shower? Or both?

Deciding on whether to have a bathtub, a shower, or both is a personal preference. Choose what you think would be the most functional for you and your family.


Unleash your creativity and style your bathroom the way you want it to. Have design pegs online, from magazines and your designer.

Renovating your bathroom is not something that you do yearly. Make the most out of it by making the right decisions.

Trust Only Certified Plumbers to Perform Burst Pipe Assessment and Intervention

Certified Plumbers

Some say that a burst pipe is the worst thing that could happen to your plumbing system. They are mostly thinking about the consequence of water damage and not the cost of repairing the system. Still, a burst pipe is always a serious problem, and requires emergency attention from a seasoned and certified professional.

Water loss and water damage

When a section of the pipeline bursts suddenly, you won’t be able to use the plumbing system until the issue is resolved. Water flowing from a burst pipe average 400 liters an hour. Unless a professional arrives on time, the water will continue to flow, causing substantial damage to your furnishings. Imagine if you’re away from home for an entire day with a burst pipe leaking fluid somewhere behind the walls. What kind of damage will you come home to? You’d want to avoid this scenario. If it’s already happening, you’d want to have someone nearby who can deal with the situation promptly and effectively.

Plumbing assessment and interventions for burst pipes

Find an expert plumber. Professional plumbers in Draper will deal with the gush of water to reduce the damage, but they have to assess the problem first. Faulty piping installation or not high quality material is not the only culprit. The issues might be caused by a clogged that’s developed over time and caused the breakage. In some instances, an invasive tree root is the primary reason for a burst. They will perform as leak detection, and determine the best intervention only after their assessment is complete.

When you come home to a flooded home due to a burst pipe, don’t think your luck has run out. Think instead of how lucky you are that qualified professionals are just a few minutes away with the best possible solution to the problem.