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Real Men Don’t Just Wear Pink, They Also Get Manicures

A close up of manicured hands

You might not notice this, but people quietly judge you every moment of your life. It’s a disheartening fact that starts from the moment you pay for your coffee and when you give out files at work. Yes, people judge your hands.

Chances are, you’re checking your hands right now. Do they look coarse and rough or smooth and soft? Does your dry skin show or maybe you see a hangnail or two? These are only some of the details that you notice subconsciously about another person, and this shapes your first impression.

If you want to change how other people perceive you when they meet you, better get a manicure in Heber. You don’t have to wear nail polish, just a good trim to make it look healthy will do.

Your Body’s Business Card

The hands have an impact towards people’s daily interactions. In fact, it can function as your business card. Other people see your hands as much as they see your face, so you have to be comfortable to be confident. In business settings, grooming is everything. This particularly true if you’re representing your company and meeting clients. People judge others by how they present themselves, from their haircut to their nails, more than how they dress.

Changing Values

As years go by, the concept of masculinity develops as well. Men in the past have been ashamed to admit that they undergo facial treatments once in a while. These days, no one cares when men take grooming more seriously.

Social norms have bent and matured to involve a wide array of male grooming treatments, including manicures. Don’t worry guys, you’re not about to get acrylic painted nails with your preferred design. Manicure for men simply requires buffed, shaped, and cleaned nails.

Fortunately, the industry has addressed this new need because there are several spas specially made for men now. Some even offer a free glass of whiskey or a bottle of beer while you pamper your hands.

Dealing with a Case Head-On: Should a Divorce Lawyer’s Negotiation Skills Matter?

Divorce Lawyer

The roles that lawyers in Denver, Colorado serve in a divorce vary from one situation to another. No two families are the same, so to speak. However, there are skills that remain constant and necessary in any divorce proceedings, and even in litigation. Those are negotiation skills.


Lawyers negotiate to explore different avenues for settling a dispute such as a divorce. Negotiation helps them arrive at a compromise to settle a dispute in the most beneficial way possible.

Even if a divorce case reached the point of litigation, lawyers that keep the communication open can make the course of events less complicated. Clients expect lawyers to get them the best outcome.

Divorcing couples that chose a collaborative approach require their attorneys to negotiate not only with each other but also with their clients. They can arrange the former separately, with only the wife’s attorney meeting with her husband and his attorney, or vice versa.

Even if clients do it themselves or go to mediation, they will still need to consult their individual lawyers because such changes are irreversible. Even during the pre-planning stage, Lewis & Matthews, P.C. says couples need help in clarifying their issues and making informed choices. Negotiation skills play a role in coming up with solutions that prove beneficial for all parties involved.

Where it comes in useful

Collaboration Skills. Divorce lawyers may have to collaborate with several specialists outside the legal field, depending on the circumstances that each case presents. They may need financial experts, forensic accountants, and real estate appraisers, among others. Lawyers seek the insights of these professionals as they draft and try to negotiate a settlement agreement based on the jurisdiction that applies to the divorce case.

Ability to help clients evaluate where they stand. Lawyers have to understand the unique situation their client presents to them before they can start to negotiate with the other party. They also have to learn more about the other party, to help their client deal with the case sensibly.

Negotiation skills are important for lawyers, particularly those specializing in divorce in Denver, Colorado. With good skills, the lawyer can explore possible ways to solve a dispute.