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3 Small Changes That Improve Home Appeal

A fireplace

Look at the houses you see on magazines. They make you want to remodel your home or just buy a new one altogether, don’t they? There’s something beautiful about a well-decorated home that makes you feel envious. But what if you could improve your home without spending much? Here are some ideas to try:

Make a Fireplace the Center of Attention

A fireplace is a beautiful centerpiece if it’s designed wisely. Choose a French fireplace mantel and offset it against a wall with a plain color to make it stand out. Even if your fireplace is just for aesthetic purposes, it can still be the perfect accent if you add natural elements around it, such as potted plants and family portraits.

Leave Spaces

One thing you’ll notice in model homes featured in magazines is that the room feels airy and open. For your own room, you have to strike a balance between looking bare and looking overstuffed.

Here’s a trick: Leave some space between walls, couches, and tables. Give the illusion that you’ve got some space to spare. Use floor-length curtains for a dramatic effect, but choose those made out of light materials for a breezy look.

Use the Same Frames

This may not seem like a big deal, but compare a carefully arranged photo series with the same photos yet with randomly picked frames from the department store. There’s a little more thought put into the organized frames; it tells people that you have designed them that way. You don’t even have to use expensive frames. A little bit of DIY to coat them with a paint color that matches the room and you’ll have wall hangings that look posh.

Don’t just dream of a better-looking home. Make it happen using these design ideas.

5 Simple & Easy Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Want to change the look and view of your home without spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars? Well, now you can. With just a little imagination and effort spent, anything is possible. So, here are some budget-friendly design ideas that can spruce up your home in an instant.

Color It Up

Want to know the secret of a successful home makeover? It’s the paint job. Not literally repainting your whole house, but just adding in some colors and shade. Mixing and matching shades can immediately change the mood of your home, from creating more spaces or making it look livelier.

Dress Them Up

You probably don’t know what the power of changing sheets can bring into your home until you do it yourself. Dream World Designs suggests creating a whole new look to any room by updating your draperies, blankets, pillow and sofa sleeper sheets with a more exciting set of covers. Try to experiment with textures, prints, lengths, and designs to make it more interesting.

The Mirror Trick

If ever you’re feeling so stuffy and cramped, the best solution to that is to add mirrors or use more glass in your home. Glass or mirror creates an illusion of space in any part of your home. Along with that, it throws off a classic and stylish finish as a whole.

Redo the Accessories & Accents

When it comes to design, sometimes the principle, “Less is more” is relevant. Remember that in remodeling what matters is coordination and what’s good in the eye. Some areas may look like an eyesore because there’s just too much in it. If you think this is the case, don’t be afraid to rearrange the whole thing. This time, try to reconsider at which spot will they suit best.

Hang Some, Display Some

Paintings and other wall decors are meant to be hung on your walls, but that isn’t usually the case. Some of your valuable art pieces can be actually displayed in the cabinets and shelves. The decision only lies with your judgment. If you’re not sure whether to hang or put them atop surfaces, try asking for the opinion of your family or friends for further suggestions and ideas.

There are only two things you need to remember whenever you’re doing a do-it-yourself decorating job at home. One is to be imaginative to think of possible design ideas that are fit for your home and second is, to have the patience of finishing it off yourself. With these two, you can certainly go a long, long way!


Pattern Matters: Using Principles of Rhythm in Interior Design

Rhythm in Interior Design

As renovation reality TV shows continue to portray the perfect image of the Great Australian Dream, Aussies have become more obsessed with remodelling projects — all on their own. It’s true that you don’t need to be an interior designer to decorate a stylish home. But it takes the knowledge of one to discern which elements will fit the space best.

Interior designers use specific design principles to make the perfect home. One important concept is rhythm. Think of rhythm as pattern in movement. This pattern is what builds visual interest throughout the space, as it moves the eye along a comfortable view in an organised way.


One foolproof way to achieve rhythm throughout the space is by repeating any element of design, like light, colour, shape, or texture. There are many ways to do this. For instance, you may use same-sized framed photographs or repurpose bi-folding shutters that have a certain style or colour to create visual appeal in a blank wall. This instantly gives the room a sense of unity and cohesiveness.


This involves taking a design element and changing its qualities, like size and colour. For example, you may use floor vases that have different heights or art pieces that have varying frame sizes. The latter works well when used in walls near staircases. The variety created by progressing is eye-catching and takes away the blandness of a room.


Transition guides the eye through a smooth, uninterrupted flow from one spot to another. A common example here is the use of spiral staircases and arches in doorways. These stunning curves don’t just soften edges, but also make the space look bigger and longer.


This is perhaps the easiest to achieve, as it only involves placing two opposing elements next to each other. This is what makes the room stand out, as it is able to combine different elements and makes it work together in one space. Play with colours, shapes, and textures. Merge contemporary home features with antique paintings in a room with traditional design.

Although fairly the easiest, contrast is also the trickiest. It’s important to think thoroughly about style and theme, otherwise, the room may just end up becoming a hodgepodge of elements.

Create a more visually appealing space by using the principles of rhythm in interior design. With these concepts in mind, your renovation project will surely be like those seen on television.