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3 Keywords Your Hotel Website Needs

Holiday Reservation Website Interface ConceptYour hotel’s website might contain great photographs, relevant information, and a clever booking system, but all of these efforts will go to waste if your intended customers can’t find your site.

What you need, therefore, is an effective SEO strategy that can reach your target audience. In fact, according to Peak 14 Media, a marketing agency, this is the best way to get your site noticed as seventy-two percent of hotel searches start on a search engine. Here are three types of keywords your hotel website needs to get the traffic volume to pick up.

Outstanding Ranking Keywords

If you’re in the process of creating web content, look for useful keywords to include. Stick to ones that are relevant to your hotel’s services and amenities and are already ranking.

For a website with months or years’ worth of content, you can further optimize it by writing about keywords that have the potential to generate more content. Google Analytics can help you with your strategy.

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are more specific and usually have a lower search volume, so you’ll have a better chance of ranking higher on the search results page. For instance, instead of only targeting “hotel in Los Angeles,” you can use “Los Angeles hotel near Venice Beach.” This way, you can attract more tourists.

Additionally, people who know what they are looking for are more specific about their searches, so they will take action once they find it. They’re the easiest visitors to convert into paying customers.

Popular Keywords

Trending keywords give you the opportunity to rank high on search engine results pages. You can take advantage of current popular keywords by looking into the trending topics and current events on Google.

Review the trends, and then pick the topics that are relevant to your guests. It can be tricky to relate the trending topics to your hotel, but if you’re creative enough, the payoff in terms of site traffic will be massive.

It takes time, a lot of research, and constant calibration to see the results of an SEO strategy, but the profits that you’ll reap if you execute it correctly will be well worth it.

Hilton Surfers Paradise Hotel Sold to a Private Chinese-Australian Family

Hotel Sold

If you want to redefine your vacation in Gold Coast, staying in one of the world’s best hotels is the way to do it. Hilton Surfers Paradise, which sits between Orchid Avenue and Surfers Paradise Boulevard, provides guests with one-of-a-kind experience near the shores of Queensland.

As famous and profit-making as it is, the hotel saw a change in ownership. Reports say that the company that previously owned it sold Hilton Surfers Paradise to a private Chinese-Australian family for more than $50 million. The property adds to the more than $650 million worth of development sites and hotels bought by Asian businessmen in the past 12 months.

The Hilton Surfers Paradise hotel, including its 169 rooms, was on sale in March. Part of the deal was the management rights of the tower adjacent to the hotel, which has 250 residences. With the inclusion of the management rights for sale, Gold Coast investment experts consider this a good deal.

Similar Business Cases

Reports of the deal came less than a month after a Singapore-based family business bought the Crowne Plaza at Broadbeach in an off-market deal for about $70 million. A month earlier, the Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort and Spa fell into the hands of Marriott Vacation Club for $90 million.

Asian countries are setting their sights on Gold Coast properties because of the increasing tourism rate in the city. According to the International Visitor Survey of Tourism Research Australia, the number of Chinese visitors in Australia increased by 18% (784,000 people) in December 2014.

How Everything Started

The property development industry in Gold Coast kicked off when China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin from the Wanda property group, invested more than $900 million to the Jewel, a beachfront resort and residential tower development.

The Hilton Surfers Paradise hotel deal signified that the trend in Asian entrepreneurs snapping up big development sites and hotels in Gold Coast continues to dominate the local market industry.