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Protect Your Home’s Exterior or Face the Risk of Water Damage

Water damage can negatively affect the property owner’s finances, especially when not addressed right away. Water damage can occur to any household as a result of rain, typhoon, storms and snow. High levels of water produced by the inclement weather can seep into the building’s exterior surfaces, particularly the walls. This is why waterproofing a building plays critical roles in maintaining its structural integrity and preventing costly water damage repairs.

Wall Waterproofing 101

The frame of external walls has many different internal parts, including columns, beams and slabs. In between these are spaces filled with masonry materials. Because of these characteristics, walls have the tendency to absorb water, starting the process of moisture seepage from the exterior into the interior. When plaster materials used in the walls crack, more moisture will enter.

Experienced builders know the importance of applying high-performance waterproofing materials on wall exteriors, such as aluminium copings, Contour explains. With waterproof coating in place, the lesser the risk of water seepage.

The Consequences of Leaving Surfaces Uncoated and Unprotected

Without proper coating or finishing, the ‘sweating’ of the walls provide the perfect environment for mould and mildew growth. Apart from their unattractive appearance, these can also affect your health and the well-being of your loved ones. In addition, they can eat away the organic construction materials of your property, leading to even more damage.

Waterproofing your home will protect it from all the external elements that have the potential of causing not only structural damage to your property but also health issues and unnecessary expenses. Rather than thinking that these protective coatings are just additional expenses, consider them as long-term investments.

Protect your property and keep your family safe by waterproofing your home.

Cladding: Its Protection and Appeal


You want your home to be safe and beautiful. The unlikely combination, however, may seem difficult to achieve.

One of the many hesitating moves for homeowners is deciding to get their exteriors cladded. Having your home cladded does more than add a protective layer of weatherproof material over its existing walls. If your worry is regarding its aesthetic appeal, you need not worry as you can choose the material. One of the most attractive one being textured cladding. Read on and find out.


Cladding acts as a safety layer against harsh weather conditions. Using weatherproof cladding ensures your home’s durability and protection during storms and even fires. This, of course, depends on the materials you choose for the cladding.

Other than storms and fires, cladding provides insulation as a way to fight off the extreme cold temperatures. They are an effective addition to keep the cold out of your home and keep the heat indoors.

Without cladding or reliable ones, your home is prone to experiencing leaks especially when installed irresponsibly. Let this not be the case and have the trusted people put them up for you.


You do not have to worry about it making your home ugly, since cladding materials come in different styles, colours and designs. Finding one that suits your home’s design will be quite easy.

From differently styled claddings that have different colours and finish, the function of these added layers has transcended protection and safety. From vinyl, to plastic and aluminium, having them gives your home the added look of sophistication.

The stigma of these additional layers being a stuffy and heavy look to your home is now untrue. Your cladding can serve as a finish for your exteriors and with the right material and style it can look as good as you want it to be.

Protecting your home does not have to sacrifice its aesthetic appeal and vice versa. Do not hesitate getting that home improvement and adding a protective layer on your exteriors. Increase your home’s value by improving its appeal and making it much safer to live in.