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Flower Garden Designs: A few Rules to Remember

Flower Garden in Kent

Summer is only a few months away, and at this time of year, many homeowners are planning to completely redesign their landscapes. Do you want to make a flower garden, but have never tried it before?

If you have something particularly ambitious in mind, consulting garden designers in Kent such as Oakleigh Manor first is always a good idea. However, if you don’t know what kind of look you want yet, here are a few tips that should get you started.

1. Have a great focal point – Whether it’s a fountain, statue, or a flowering shrub, there should be something that immediately catches a person’s eye. This lets them appreciate the garden’s appearance as a whole, before they move on and look at flowers individually.

2. Consider bloom times – The best flower gardens are beautiful year-round. Homeowners should try to select a diverse range; adding a few bulbs that thrive in autumn and winter will ensure your garden never looks bare or lifeless.

3. Complement colors – Colors are the heart of every flower garden, so you should make sure that the plants you select complement rather than clash. Flowers of similar hues, or directly across each other in the color wheel, work best together.

4. Go wide – A lot of homeowners keep their flower beds small, but this really limits your options. Wide beds let you layer effectively, and incorporate shrubs and other dense elements. Besides, a sprawling flower bed is always nicer to look at.

5. Be careful with height – Do you have plants that are significantly taller than the others? Make sure to put them near the back, so that they don’t overshadow other flowers. You should also keep them from blocking windows.

With these guidelines, you should be able to make a gorgeous flower garden that will delight visitors and serve as a comfortable place for you to rest.

Make You Home Stand Out with These Awesome Landscaping Ideas

Outdoor areas are usually the last to get design consideration, but they should not be: What surrounds your residence is just as crucial as what is in it. Whether it is elaborate garden design, a stone paver pathway, aluminum fence panel or a manicured front lawn, these spaces profit from the same focus to detail as any kitchen or bathroom. Well-organized landscaping ideas can supplement your home’s design and architecture and the right plants, shrubbery and flowers can significantly enhance your suppress appeal by incorporating fragrance, color and even texture to your yard.

Study your space

Before starting up your garden remodeling project, industry professional GreatFence.com suggests analyzing your space and look through landscape ideas to determine the best way to fill it. If you like working outside, a large vegetable garden and rose garden is the ideal way to use your space. However, kids might appreciate a large yard, pool, playground, or swing set. Consider what your household would utilize the most, together with what would boost your re-sell value in the future. Eventually, be sure to contemplate your back and front yard as independent entities; in the end, they generally serve two distinct purposes.

Front yard

When landscaping the front yard, consider curb appeal at the least. This space is your opportunity to make an excellent first impression therefore it should be impressive, well planned and steady with the design of your house. A flower yard is an excellent option, but if servicing is a concern, you can shorten the process by going for low-maintenance succulents, hedges, bushes instead.


The back area is for playtime and entertaining so integrate seating, dining spots, sunny relaxation areas and play spaces. A rose garden and vegetable garden is a typical yard staple, particularly if you include an appealing element like an arbor, pergola, border, raised bed, fence or walkway. You can also add fun extras like feeders and birdbaths to help with bird watching. Mother Nature offers you a bounty of natural beauty to use in creating the perfect landscape. Take advantage of this bounty and adorn your compound.