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Being a Good Neighbor: New Fences, New Faces


Moving into a new community is a big change. Leaving your old routine and adapting to a new one can be a tough transition to make. But, you can make it positive by starting a healthy relationship with everyone in your neighborhood. And, if you want a good neighbor, you need to be one yourself.

 Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

As Robert Frost puts it, you do not necessarily have to fence yourself in. But, you need to keep some things inside those fences. Nobody needs those daily doses of drama or pets jumping their way to the next-door yard.

Make sure your fence properly keeps your dogs inside with additional dog panels and puppy pickets. These will keep your furry family out of your neighbors’ space. Check out companies like GreatFence.com for recommendations on top quality aluminum fences that will give you reliable support for your fence and gate issues.

Meet and Greet

Introduce yourself and break the ice. Tell them things you are comfortable to disclose, such as where you’re from or how you find the neighborhood. Get to know your neighbors by asking questions about themselves you genuinely are curious about.

Be open, but at the same time, keep a friendly distance. Build a steady rapport with each other in a comfortable pace. This will dispel initial uneasiness and be a good start to have a good relationship.

Get Involved

Participate in neighborhood activities. Actively acquire information on things that are happening in your community, give ideas on issues and join programs in your area.

Getting involved means you care for the community. Helping out with an organized program is a big contribution your neighbors will greatly appreciate.

You can make that big move the best decision you ever made. Build a bond with your community and help out because you’ll never know when you’ll need that helping hand back.

De-Fence! Don’t Let Intruders in, Build a Fence


Fences protect houses and properties, while also providing a boundary for your territory. But, there may be times when intruders will try to invade your place. Fortunately, there are specific ways to customize your fences depending on the unwanted visitors you are trying to avoid.

Aside from people who just randomly want to walk on your lawn or even steal something from your home, animals are also common trespassers in the neighborhood.

Below, GreatFence.com shares the four most common ones and the ways to deter them using fences:

  • Cats and Dogs

A strong, 3-feet high wire mesh fence is good for cats and dogs. Cats, in particular, will be discouraged to climb over it. Be sure to bend the base of the fence outward because dogs have a tendency to dig if they really want to go to the other side.

  • Deer

Deer are common visitors in American homes; they can jump over fences. Since deer can jump high, it’s recommended to get an 8- to 10-feet tall fence installed at a proper angle to deter them or at least make them think twice before leaping over.

  • Coyote

Coyotes may be eager to jump over fences, especially if they are chasing a prey. Since coyotes are like a larger and more powerful version of an average-sized, domesticated dog, a robust fence higher than 3 feet with a constraining top is the right fencing solution for them. Installing another sheep fence also helps. Some choose to put up electric fences, but these may harm the animal.

Fences can secure houses from intruders, but there are certain types that may only work depending on your property’s needs. You can try making do-it-yourself fences for minor problems, but for bigger issues, you will need the help of professionals.