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Newbie Driver Pointers: Maintaining a Hand-Me-Down Car

Second Hand CarCongratulations! You’ve finally earned your license and have been gifted a secondhand car by one of your parents or relatives. This means a chance to show that they can trust you to keep the car in good condition while being a responsible driver. That said, you might want to go through this list to find out what you can do to keep such cars well maintained.

Go through the instruction manual

There is an explanation to all those little gauges, buttons and arrows on your dashboard, and you will never maximise their use if you’re not even aware of their functions. It gives you important information such as your car’s make, model, year, features and even the suggested times for maintenance schedules. Your car is still a complex machine and you need to know more about it, specifically before you go around driving it.

Get contacts

The person who gave you the car most likely already has a favoured car towing service, mechanic and locksmith for his car maintenance needs. Ask for his contacts, along with possible emergency numbers, insurance company contacts and an auto accident lawyer while you’re at it. If you’re not happy with their choices, then find an alternative. Readytowing.com.au recommends keeping your final contact list in the glove compartment with the car’s papers, registrations and other important documents.

Give it a once over

There are four essential maintenance points of pre-loved vehicle: the wheels, brake pads, oil and air filter. You can give these parts a once over at least every week and a possible maintenance check as prescribed by your owner’s manual. Most importantly, before you leave the garage or parking area, do check for leaks under the car and also your gas gauge. Remember, neglect can mean someone else’s life or yours.

Not only is your car a machine that brings comfort and convenience, it is also a piece of equipment that requires care from its owner. Therefore, make maintenance and checking a habit. After all, you need to take the time to ensure your safety when you drive.

Defending Against a DUI Charge: Look for Irregularities

Driving under the influence in USA

If there’s one tip when it comes to facing DUI or DWI charges, it’s that you should never, under any circumstances, defend yourself without the aid of experienced DUI attorneys in Springfield, Illinois. If you want to succeed, find a lawyer who has invested time and effort in learning about the different theories and concepts involved in DUI and DWI cases.

Remember that lawyers with experience know how to find irregularities in the procedure as well as the strength of the evidence. Here are the best defenses that can help you through your case, provided you have disclosed all material information to your lawyer.

Irregularity in the Stop and Frisk Procedure

One of the most solid defenses that DUI attorneys in Illinois use is the irregularity of the stop and frisk procedure. It’s a very important concept that a police officer can’t simply flag you down without probable cause.

The officer can conclude you’re driving under the influence or under intoxication  by the way your vehicle has been moving or through other indicators. Without probable cause, the flagging down is irregular and cannot be admitted to the courts.

Incomplete Reports

An incomplete report is another way to break the case. If the report has incomplete details, it will be easy to state that the report may have been manufactured or inaccurate.

This is quite similar to defenses involving unreliable chemical tests. Criminal defense lawyers from Noll Law Office recommend giving your lawyer enough time to look through all the documents and pieces of evidence during the pre-trial period.

Remember to relay all material facts and even seemingly unimportant details to help your lawyer build your case. In DUI charges, even the smallest details may make or break your defense.