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Compassionate Care: Why is it Important

Person at a Hospice Care CenterStaff members in hospitals and hospice homes for veterans in Indiana, like one operated by Hospice of the Calumet Area, are enabled to deliver compassionate care to their patients.

Physicians, nurses, social workers, managers, and other members of the team even undergo training activities to foster this philosophy.

Awareness of suffering

Compassion, in layman’s terms, is a person providing medical or support services giving something of themselves to another who is afflicted with illness or living out the end of his or her life. Compassion, by definition, is a deep awareness of the suffering of another person.

The other aspect of compassion is the intention to relieve this suffering. The capacity of a person to offer compassion gets influence from personal factors as well as physical and mental fatigue brought about by the requirements of providing medical care and support.

Elements of compassion

Compassion has many facets, not the least of which is respect for the uniqueness of another individual coupled with recognition of his or her needs. While the carer provides these requirements, the carer not only offers the necessary medical interventions for relief of symptoms.

The carer delivers these services with a complete recognition of their common humanity—something he or she shares with the patient. In the process, the recipient of care receives respect, with the intention of preserving human dignity.

Why compassionate care matters

People tend to remember the experience they have had during medical, surgical, or rehabilitative care. Anyone taken as ill, and subjected to medical tests and procedures can appreciate the presence of compassionate care in their lives.

Compassionate care matters to patients, and it does not only give them the satisfaction of the overall kind of attention they received. It also affects the way they see themselves and how they progress in treatment.

A compassionate hospital worker, hospice staff, or caregiver is helpful to a person who is ill in many ways. Indeed, compassionate care is essential in the delivery of medical, surgical, and rehabilitative services.


A New Homeowner’s Essential Guide to Proper Appliance Care


Regular maintenance of appliances and HVAC systems is a must if you want to extend their life. Some people choose to have them repaired when they break down, bypassing maintenance since they could just get a newer model if the appliance is deemed irreparable. Doing this not only creates more waste, it also doesn’t maximize the lifespan of your unit. Most repair companies have maintenance check-up services, so ask them about it.


The most obvious solution to an appliance that breaks down is to have it repaired. Obviously, some break down more than others since they are frequently used. Appliances such as dishwashers, washer and dryer, refrigerators and freezers are among them. Even when your appliances are still new, start scouting for refrigerator or washer repair companies in Salt Lake City who can service more extensively and economically. Research about them online for customer feedback and ask around before making your choice.


Regular cleaning of appliances isn’t just about dusting them off. Wipe them down, remove dirt from hard-to-reach places, clean the inside, and hose them, if application. For every appliance, there is a proper way of cleaning. Check the manual for the proper way to clean each appliance you own. Most appliance brands also have their manuals online, in case you lose your copy.

Knowing is only half the battle so now that you know, follow through. Having to deal with constant appliance problems will cost you not just your money but time and energy. After all, being prepared is still the best deterrent of most household problems.