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Caring for Your Car’s Finish: How to Keep it Looking Like New

Man washing and taking care of his car

When you drive your brand-new car home, you feel a certain pride. There’s that new-car smell and the paint is as glossy as it will ever be. As your car ages, however, that smell will fade — and that’s okay since you can always buy a good air freshener. As for the paint, fading and blemishes are a lot more difficult to take care of.

You want your vehicle to look like you just drove it out of the showroom for a long time. Here are some suggestions on how to make that possible:

Avoid parking under trees

You want to protect your car from direct sunlight because that causes fading, but it’s also a bad idea to park under trees. Those branches can fall on your car and scratch or even dent it. Birds perch on trees, so their droppings will end up on your paint. The acid in their droppings can cause blemishes. Other animals like possums and squirrels may also pee on your car. Keep your car in the garage as much as possible. If you have no choice but to park it out in the open, just be willing to wash it more often.

Don’t try to correct deep scratches on your own

If you find a scratch on your paint, try spraying it with water. If it disappears, it’s on the clear coat and has not reached the paint. You can buy retail scratch removers for those scratches.

If it doesn’t disappear with water, it’s a scratch under the clear coat. That’s a job for car painters in South Auckland. Trying to correct that kind of deep scratch may make it worse. At the very least you might make it even more noticeable by applying an uneven coat. If you can’t stand it, take it to a shop.

Wash it regularly

Whether it’s once a week or once a month (although that’s a pretty long wait), you should wash your car regularly to remove dirt, debris, road salt, ice and other contaminants that may have lasting effects on your car’s paint. Use the right products and the two-bucket method. Avoid automatic car washes, as they are notorious for scratching the car’s paint.

Apply a paint protection

There are different types of waxes and paint sealants out there that you can try. They give an extra layer of protection from contaminants when used regularly. Every four to six months is a good schedule for waxing or paint sealing. Don’t forget the plastic, vinyl, and rubber trims. Apply a protective material after every wash to make them last longer.

Even if your car gets older, it doesn’t have to look it. Take good care of it and it will keep looking like new for years to come.

One-Car Families. Do They Really Work?

Family in a CarTransportation, especially a private one, is necessary for a family. However, due to the increasing cost of vehicles as well as the rise of gas prices, many families are beginning to practice the one-car rule. In this article, let us know all about being a one-car family plus its pros and cons.

One-Car Family What?

Being a one-car family means sharing one vehicle between three to four—or sometimes even five—family members. The practice is slowly trending in the United States, especially for families that wish to reduce transportation costs. The adjustment may be difficult though many people are beginning to see its advantages. Some of which are:

Fewer Car Payments

This is one of the major advantages of being a one-car family. Since there is only one vehicle for everyone to use, gas, maintenance, and insurance costs significantly reduce. With this, families can easily apply and pay for a cash loan in Provo, California, or whichever state they come from.

More Family Time

Despite busy schedules, families can converse and share each person’s whereabouts as they only share one vehicle. This, however, is just an added benefit that one-car families realize upon taking on the practice.

Following the one-car rule, however, has its disadvantages too:

Too Much on the Miles

When families share only one vehicle, all the miles just go on that car. An increase in mileage can mean less life span for a car due to maintenance issues such as overused and damaged alternators, transmissions, and water pumps.

Schedule Conflicts

If four or more people share a vehicle, schedule conflicts are more likely. This is highly frustrating, especially for parents who work beyond office hours, and teenagers or college students that need to attend extra activities.

So Is This Rule for You?

The one-car rule is not advisable for families that comprise of more than four members as this can easily damage a vehicle and affect each member’s personal schedules. The practice, however, is ideal for newlyweds or couples with a toddler. Weigh its advantages and disadvantages depending on your family’s situation.

Buying Your Dream Car

Having a good car is important to you and your loved ones. That’s because it allows you to easily go to places other than the school or the office. With your own car, you can visit places in Vancouver like wildlife parks or beaches that are not easily accessible through public transportation.

When you do, you like to reach those places safe and in total comfort. That is why there are certain features that you look for when buying a car.

What You Look for in a Car

What are these features you look for in the car of your choice in an automall like the one in North Vancouver?

One of the things you consider is the steering system. A car with a good steering system such as the direct adaptive steering system allows you to keep control over your car in any situation. The engine is also important to you in choosing a car such as those produced by Infiniti. Cars with a twin turbo V6 engine allow you to drive smoothly and reach your destination in a matter of hours.

As you sit behind the wheel of your car, your back should not hurt and that is why good cars have a driver lumbar support. Cars with spacious interiors allow for more leg room and comfort for you and your passengers.

Making Your Final Choice

In buying a car, especially if it is a used car, Motortwerks advises that the car you pick out should suit your budget. Remember to test drive thoroughly to make sure the car is in good perfect condition. It would also help if you get some background on the car before deciding on buying it.

With these tips in mind, you certainly end up having a car that you’ll love and enjoy driving anywhere.

The Sport Sedan Showdown

It’s a great time to be in the market for a luxury mid-sized sports sedan. The segment is becoming more and more competitive thanks to new players with formidable entries. Gone are the days of yore when all there was to choose from were the BMW 3-series, the Mercedes C-class, or the Audi A4. Today, the rejuvenated Jaguar brand is taking the fight to the Germans with the handsome XE.

Then there are the representatives from the east: the Lexus IS and the Infiniti Q50. These two choices are for the more adventurous buyers. They don’t quite have the panache of a German or British badge on the hood, but then they are also void of the ability to burn a substantial hole in their owners’ pockets. So are they worth considering? If yes, which one would be best? Let’s find out.


Lexus and Infiniti are essentially Toyota and Nissan dressed for a dinner party. It’s the performance, reliability, and quality we have come to expect from both parent brands. Only, this time, they’re in a bespoke, tailor-fitted tuxedo which means better materials and even better build quality. Both cars shine in this aspect as they boast interiors and styling that can rival the Europeans; therefore, picking which one is better comes down to personal preference. You may want to get a hold on that blue Infiniti Q50.


Both cars have three engine options on offer. The IS has a base 2.5 liter I-4 making 241 horsepower, a bigger 3.5 liter V6 pushing 255 horsepower, and another 3.5 liter V6 with 306 horses. Infiniti’s engine options are a bit more exciting. Though the base engine starts you off with just 208 horsepower from a 2 liter I-4, this means that prices start at a mere $33,950. Buyers can also opt for a more powerful 3 liter V6 with 300 horsepower or another 3 liter V6. But this time, one that puts 400 horsepower at the disposal of your right foot. Looks like a point for Infiniti here.


Both cars are worthy alternatives to the Europeans, but the Infiniti offers a bit more value for money with 10 trims to choose from. The base model may start at $33,950 and at the end of the line is a $49,950 400 hp rival for the M3 and C63, which makes sure that there’s a Q50 for every budget. So are they worth considering? Of course. But which one?

How Professional Towing Services Can Help During Sudden Car Breakdown

Towing Services in Perth

Towing Services in PerthDid your car suddenly breakdown in the middle of the road? Or perhaps your automobile just needs to be transported to a distant location?

If your vehicle requires transfer, you do not have to wait for long hours before a relative or friend could fetch you. Professional towing services are available in Australia to ensure that your car does not remain stranded in an unknown location.

Receive Service Anytime You Want

Unfortunately, several vehicle problems can occur at any place or time. Even if your car undergoes regular maintenance, it is still susceptible to sudden machine failure. Hence, professional towing services in Perth such as RecommendedTowing.com.au are needed to help you when you experience unexpected car troubles. Several towing companies offer whole day services to assist customers who need help even during midnight.

Preserve Car Components

One of the main reasons why car owners prefer professional services is the assurance that the vehicle becomes transported without dents,scratches and scrapes. Pushing your car to the nearest alley without an expert’s help may lead to unnecessary damages in the car surface. Services of towing companies are necessary because they have sufficient tools and machinery for car transfer to a loading truck and to a specific location. A truck that has sufficient power and capacity to carry your vehicle is sent by the company to avoid problems during transport.

Have Peace of Mind

Seeking help from professional towing companies reduces stress and anxiety in your current situation. Aside from worrying about unanticipated car troubles, vehicle owners are also anxious about the safety of transport. Thus, hiring a incensed and reputable towing company gives the assurance that your vehicle is in good hands.

The Bottom Line

Car problems due to engine failure, mechanical damage and accidents have become increasingly common in the country. Hence, it is important to have a trusted towing company that offers a wide range of towing services. Hiring a professional substantially alleviates stress and prevents unforeseen complications that may worsen automobile damage.