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4 Practical Tricks to Keep Your Car in Good Shape

Your car is one of your most important investments, and you should treat it as such. Often, maintaining a vehicle is both simple and affordable, but the benefits are substantial and lasting.

These proven guidelines can help you keep your car in good shape for a long time.

Stick to your car’s maintenance schedule

The most reliable way to ensure your car remains running for years is by strictly following its maintenance schedule. Regular inspection keeps major breakdowns at bay and improves your car’s efficiency and lifespan. Contact an Auckland mobile mechanic for affordable and convenient maintenance packages for your car.

Regularly change the oil

Read the manual to find out when you should change your car’s oil. Usually, this period takes three to six months, or between 3,000 to 5,000 miles, depending on what oil you are using. Make sure you use clean filters too. Changing your oil regularly keeps your engine running well and improves your car’s mileage.

Keep your tires in the best condition

Always ensure your tires are properly inflated. Well-inflated tires have a longer lifespan than under-inflated ones. Replace your car tires as required. Making sure your tires are in the best shape improves your car’s efficiency and makes it last longer.

Keep your vehicle clean

Keep away road salt and sludge by regularly washing and waxing your car. Without proper cleaning, your car’s body starts to develop rust within a few years after you have purchased it. Corrosion starts to destroy your car’s components, drastically cutting short its life span. By the time you realise it, you need to pay a hefty sum to restore it.

By diminishing wear and tear on your vehicle, you can have it around for an incredibly long time. Take simple steps every day to maintain your car and you will get the most out of it.

The Vehicle is the Sum of its Parts

All parts of a vehicle are important; the condition of each part contributes to the overall status of the whole vehicle. With this, it is then important to know how to maintain and take care of your vehicle and specific parts. Here you can learn how to take care of your vehicle wheels and tires.

All Need Maintenance

First up are your vehicle wheels. You may have gotten some of the best wheels available on the market such as Fuchs wheels from a Fuchs dealer. No matter how high in quality your wheels are, they will still need maintenance.

Frequent Cleanings

You can simply wash your wheels on a regular basis to keep the wheels shiny and bright. You will have to adjust the frequency of the cleaning according to the seasons, however. Now, when you clean, wash the wheels one by one. Remember to rinse the soap, dirt, and cleaner thoroughly of the vehicle wheels. Finally, you can also remember to wash the wheels only when cold or at room temperature.

Round and Round

Wasn’t that simple? Tire maintenance, unlike wheel maintenance, will need much more effort. You can have a professional conduct the three maintenance procedures for tires. The first procedure is tire rotation. The rotation procedure is supposed to equal the wear patterns on each of your vehicle’s tires. The inequality that demands the rotation is due to the varying loads carried by the front and rear wheels.

Balanced Out

The second procedure is tire balancing. The balancing also helps in minimizing wear on the tires and to extend their lifespan. During the procedure, the wheels will be attached with weights that reduce vibration during rotation.

Aligned to the Dot

The final procedure is wheel alignment. Wheel alignment is important to protect your tires from uneven wear, to keep your vehicle from handling issues, and to conserve your fuel. Wheels have to be positioned in a way specified by the vehicle manufacturers.

To protect your vehicle from early retirement, you need to take care of it and its parts. This includes your wheels and tires.

Taking Care of Your New Baby: Maintaining that New Car Smell

It’s every man’s dream to have that enchanting new car smell last for a long time. Nothing beats getting to ride that machine with its wheels shining brightly, paint gleaming radiantly and preserving that satisfying feeling. However, if you intend to drive it recklessly just to display it to the girls, then you will end up having that dent fixed at A 1 Smash Repairs. Learn how to take care of your car to improve your bragging rights.

Consider Your Parking Space

Always think about the location where you park your vehicle, whether it is during the night or day. When it is night time, park it in the garage. It will be a bit difficult in the daytime as you have to park it under a cover always. Protect it from bird droppings and the harmful rays of the sun that will cause the paint to fade.

If it is impossible to find a covered parking area, ensure that the one you choose is far from power lines, trees and places where birds can perch on. Do not leave it carelessly in the street where possums and tree sap can damage the paint.

Get Rid of Deposits Immediately

Time is essential if you find a dirty dropping deposited in your car. Clean it off immediately because it will be more difficult to get rid of later. Use water and a weak detergent to wash it off. Refer to Consumer Reports to find out what you should and should not do when washing your car.

The longer you postpone it, the harder you have to scrub it off. The harder you scrub it off, the higher chance you will scrub off your paint too. Also, if you just let it sit there for a while, your paint will be permanently stained.

You might love cleaning of your car the first few months, but you will eventually get lazy. If you want to maintain that new car, ensure that you continue a cleanup and maintenance routine.