Rules on Etiquette for the Newbie Gym Rat

Man working out inside the gym

Finally, decided to stick with your new year’s resolution and hit the gym? It doesn’t matter when you start. Just as long as you do, right? Now the next thing you need to focus on, after signing up to the gym of your choice, is proper gym etiquette.

Whether you are a first timer or have practically lived in a gym your whole life, it is important to observe proper gym etiquette. Here are what you should remember while sharing a gym with other people, according to MÜV Fitness, a top fitness club in Columbia, SC:

Wipe off Your Sweat

You wouldn’t want to use a sit-up bench drenched in strangers’ sweat. Others don’t want it as much as you do. Make it a habit of wiping off your sweat after using gym equipment. If all gym goers followed this rule, the gym would be a less icky place.

Respect Personal Space

It isn’t a bad thing to want to make new friends. However, if someone has earphones on and is lost in their own world while working out, or if they clearly aren’t interested in socializing, leave them be. People have their own preferences when working out. While some might like to chat, others prefer to keep to themselves.

Don’t Hog the Equipment

Resting in between sets near the equipment you use is normal. But, you should learn to be sensitive and share it with others who need it while you are taking your break. Remember, it is public property.

Do Not Be Loud

Avoid talking loudly on the phone or playing music at full volume. Not everyone likes The Chain-smokers as their workout song.

Do Not Stare

Whether you admire other gym goers, judge them, or simply observe their workout routine, watching someone in the gym makes everyone uncomfortable and is just plain wrong and creepy.

Good luck on your first day. Make sure to keep proper gym etiquette in mind while you get in shape. But most importantly, do not lose your focus and determination.