Make it Simple: How to Plan Your Child’s Birthday Party

Birthday party with the kids and clown

Your child deserves a celebration of every birthday party, so you can have their friends over and let them have a day of fun. It gives them a sense of the importance of having friends and celebrating milestones in life.

Here is a checklist of the important parts of preparing your child’s birthday party:

At least a month before the party

Ask your child what they want the theme of the party to be. Children have an idea what they want, usually based on whatever kiddie movie or superhero character they love at the moment. Spend a little time with your kid to discuss this so you can buy themed plates and glasses, posters, balloons, and so on.

This is also the time to speak with your child about whom they would like to invite. This usually means inviting all of their classmates, though, plus their guardian or parents. Your child might only want his several best friends, however, so make sure to talk to your child first.

Book the entertainment your child will be happy with; a magician, for instance. This is also enough time to buy costumes for your child and the rest of the family. If you’re not doing this at home, this is ample time to book one of the function rooms for rent at Leighton Hall in Cavite or some other party hall.

You may also start planning the menu and, if you’re not cooking, begin calling caterers.

At least two weeks before the party

Make sure you’ve called the most important guests, i.e. your child’s favorite people, such as their best friend. Get confirmation from the parents.

Physical invites should be sent out at this time, so every invitee has a chance to save the date. You can also send invites through social media apps like Facebook Messenger.

Plan the games. You can talk to your child about the games you have in mind, to get their approval. Buy whatever paraphernalia you need for the games, as well as kiddie prizes and loot bags.

At least a week before the party

Finalize the menu with your preferred caterer. You may ask for a food tasting session if this is possible. Your caterer needs this time to make the foods that can be frozen.

Finalize the schedule with your event venue. Call your invitees and remind them of the date and time, as well as any costumes they might need.

With ample preparation and organization, you don’t have to worry that your child’s birthday party won’t be a hit. Early preparation gives you enough time to do everything and avoid the last-minute rush.