Dust Management 101: The Most Efficient Industrial Dust Collectors

Dust management is one issue that most people who handle paint and plaster applications find challenging to get around. And while your facility or activity could be different from others, it is important you find an efficient dust collecting system that will reduce the adverse impacts of dust at your workplace.

It is, therefore, important that whenever you are shopping for industrial dust collectors, you consider its quality, which, in this case, determines the system’s energy efficiency and affects operating, maintenance and replacement costs.

Below are the advanced models of dust management systems.

Compact dust collectors

This dust containment solution is most suitable for use in light manufacturing operations. This dust collection system is easily portable, so you can use it to manage dust as well as dangerous fumes and vapours, and other air contaminants in different locations.

Fabric filter dust collectors

This type of dust collection system is ideal for operations that produce fibrous particles that are harmful to inhale. This dust containment solution comes with sturdy inlet deflectors, which protect the fabric from the abrasive action of high-pressure dust particles when blast cleaning surfaces.

This feature makes fabric dust collectors one of the most efficient dust collection systems with the longest service life.

Cartridge filter dust collectors

This category of dust management systems is more suitable for use in paint and plaster manufacturing facilities where there is heavy-duty dust from the processing applications.

As compared to fabric filter and compact dust collectors, cartridge filter dust collectors can handle a significant amount of dust particles of any size and shape per unit volume with the least amount of pressure.

If your manufacturing plant is so large that conventional dust containment solutions will not function efficiently, you can request an experienced manufacturer to custom build an industrial dust collector that will best suit your process demands.

You can also enquire for a custom one to handle processes that are unique to your paint and plaster applications.