Dental Implant Aftermath: How to Care for Your New Smile

Dental implant procedure

Dental implants have become the standard tooth replacement method. It allows patients to have a confident and healthy smile they can show off. At the same time, implants provide the same function that normal healthy teeth have.

There are dental implants in Salt Lake City that will take more than one session. The entire process is done meticulously and carefully. This is to assure patients that the implants are installed correctly so they can be functional.

Post-operative Body Reactions

Implants are meant to integrate with the bone. The healing process might take several months. And it depends on when your body detects the implant as a part of your mouth. You will experience some post-operative symptoms due to your body’s adjustments.

Your face and gums will swell after the surgery, which typically happens after the operation. The swelling will last for 48 hours and can be resolved with an ice pack. Pain can also be experienced and can be solved by analgesics. Be sure to take any medication after your anesthesia has subsided.

You will also experience bleeding in the treated area. Because of loss of blood, you will also get minor bruises in your gums and skin. All these are normal bodily reactions after your surgery. Most dental establishments provide post-operative care packs to their patients to take home.

Oral Care and Routine After the Surgery

The key to your dental implants’ health is good oral hygiene. But your oral hygiene habits will have to adjust after the surgery. While your gums are still sensitive, replace your toothbrush with mouthwash. You can also rinse your mouth with warm water mixed with salt.

There are also preventive measures to avoid bone brittleness, gum infection, and implant failure. It is advised to stay away from smoking and alcohol. Your diet should also consist of soft foods and fluids during the healing period. See your dentist every month to check the health of your implants as well.

Dental implants are meant to give you a prettier and healthier smile. But if not cared for, they will fail to provide their purpose. Proper oral hygiene will allow your dental implants to serve you for a long time.