Cool No More: Reasons Your Air Conditioner No Longer Works

Air Conditioning Repair in Indiana

It is frustrating when the air conditioner stops working in middle of a hot summer season. However, there is no need to panic; you just need to identify the issues and address them accordingly. shares some of the possible causes of air conditioner cooling problems – and what you can do about them.

1. Refrigerant Problems

Minor refrigerant leakages are common for an aging unit, especially if you do not change the refrigerant regularly. If the leakage is too much, the air conditioner may not be able to do much cooling. In addition, moisture may be exposed to the refrigerant and cause blockages in the system due to freezing. Servicing the air conditioner annually may prevent this problem.

2. Thermostat Settings

Have you checked the thermostat settings lately? If the setting is “heat”, the unit may not operate. Sometimes the blower is set to “on” meaning that it keeps blowing air into the home regardless of the temperature. To solve this, set the unit to “auto” and the air conditioner will start blowing cold air.

3. Air Filter

Probably the air filter is clogged. You can check its condition through the return vent. In most cases, the filter will be dirty if it is more than a month since you last replaced it. A dirty filter affects the performance of the air conditioner because it prevents airflow. This makes it extremely hard for the unit to cool the home.

4. Damaged Ductwork

Ductwork is an important part of the HVAC system. It circulates the cool air from the air conditioner to various parts of the home. When the ductwork is damaged or cracked, cool air may not reach you as expected. Inspect the ductwork carefully to establish the source of the problem and consider doing air conditioning repair in Indiana.

Sometimes, the air conditioner can stop working when you need it most. When that happens, you can start by checking the issues discussed here and then do the necessary repairs.