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Make Memories Last: 3 Ways to Document Your Trips

Jar with travel as a label

Traveling comes with beautiful and inspiring gifts. It lets you view the world through another lens, makes you realize the value of human connection, and helps you make new relationships. It also gives you opportunities to know yourself better.

With all these good things, it will be only sensible to find a way to document your travel and preserve the good memories. If you want your travel memories to last a long time, here are some tips you may want to keep in mind.

Take a photo… and caption it!

Of course, this will land the top spot. Don’t just take pictures of yourself next to an attraction. Capture the vibe and feel of the destination by focusing on the small things that happen. For one, you can take a picture of the street during its busiest times. You may want to capture a picture of a local, as they sell their goods in the market. Capture the candid and caption them to preserve the feeling that you have.

Go journaling

Whether you’re on an LDS vacation in Israel or simply taking your time at a coffee shop in Tokyo, you may want to create a journal. Write down your experiences and tuck into your notebook some impromptu souvenirs, such as table napkins, receipts, and park tickets. While you are at it, collect postcards and business cards of the places and restaurants you have visited.

Keep them

Know where to keep your memento. Other than having them in their physical form, you may want to digitize some of them and keep them in a flash drive or in the Cloud. You may also choose to share them with the people you have travelled with.

Preserving your travel memories is a fun activity itself. Make this more fun and memorable by doing this with your friends.

Feel the Power of the Holy Land with an LDS Tour

A tourist location in Israel

The Holy Land is among the most visited places on earth. Its history is rich and is among the oldest locations. Visiting Israel with your LDS family is sure to be enlightening and memorable.

For the faithful communities around the world, visiting the Holy Land is a dream come true. It is one of those rare opportunities to stand in places defined by the Holy Scriptures. Nothing could be better than going to these places with people who share the same faith and beliefs. That said, LDS Holy Land tours may be the most exciting journey for families.

Here are some of the beautiful places you could visit:


In all of Israel, Jerusalem is said to have the most recognizable skyline. The main feature that you can see from a distance is the Dome of Rock. This looks like a golden helmet, which glints above a stone-colored city. Here, you will see pilgrims coming from different parts of the world. The museums, roads, and lanes all bespeak of the beauty of a history that has etched its significance in the hearts of many.


Historians say Nazareth has always been and will always be linked to the Bible. Pilgrims love to visit the site, as it is where Jesus Christ grew up. Your LDS tour guide will be able to pinpoint the different historical locations. There’s also a fabulous bazaar area where you and your family can shop and dine. You can consider this area as a modern twist in the sea of ancient structures.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth at 1,360 feet below sea level. The water of this sea is ten times saltier than the ocean. The salt content, however, is not the reason why it was called as the “Dead Sea.” The fact that living organisms could not survive here due to its saltiness is the reason behind its name. This actually creates the reverse effect on those with skin problems. This water is so rich in minerals that people with skin problems do enjoy a host of benefits.

If you have been yearning for an LDS tour across the Holy Land, it’s time to book a trip. Bring your family and your friends. For sure, you will all have a fabulous time in this lovely destination.

Yowl-etide Season Woes: What to Do About Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive Teeth issue in Glenview

Winter is fast approaching and you know what time it is for – snow flurries and hot drinks! While others may enjoy these, people with sensitive teeth may dread the coming of the holidays.

If you think you have sensitive teeth, then you should consult with dentists from Glenview before it makes a turn for the worse. Before the cold weather ruins your teeth further, here’s some information about tooth sensitivity.

Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

There are various reasons your teeth can become sensitive. You may not even notice that you’re doing them already. Here are some you may not be aware of:

  • If you use a hard-bristled toothbrush or brush with too much gusto, your teeth enamel may thin out and your teeth will be are prone to sensitivity. When you do this task aggressively, it wears down the protective layers of your teeth and exposes the hollow tubes that encase your dental nerves. Once you expose these tubules to hot or cold, as well as sticky or acidic food and beverages, it causes a sharp pain or discomfort.
  • Bruxism can also cause sensitivity, as it exposes the dentin in the process. Whatever you put in your mouth may cause a sharp pain.
  • Excessive plaque buildup also causes your enamel to wear away, which is why it’s imperative that you make a habit of flossing and brushing after meals.

What to Do During Winter

One way of alleviating the discomfort caused by tooth sensitivity is to change your toothpaste. Toothpaste that is specially designed for people with sensitive teeth may take a few days to become effective. It uses ingredients that protect the teeth from reacting to extreme temperatures.

Your dentist may also prescribe special fluoride gels or rinses to alleviate the sensitivity but it may take effect after a few visits. Remember that this still depends on the severity of your dental situation.

For people with sensitive teeth, winter is something they dread. If you’re one of those people, take extra caution and consult your dentist on how you can alleviate dental woes during the Yuletide season.

Rediscovering the Great Outdoors: Driving Along Milford Sound Highway

If you’re thinking about going on a scenic drive, consider taking a road trip to Milford Sound. The Milford Sound Highway alone promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of Fiordland National Park — one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in South Island.

Before you set out for that long drive, however, recommends renting the right car to take you through the 120 km journey from Te Anau to Milford.

Enjoy the Scene for Yourself

Some travellers are content to admire the scenery of Milford road through the windows of a car or bus, but the experience won’t be the same. Make sure you take a break from driving in the confines of your vehicle and take the time to go on short walks. This way, you’ll be able to get some beautiful photographs.

The Eglinton Valley

Driving along Milford road means you’ll pass through Eglinton Valley, a long stretch of lowland beech forest. Once filled with glacier ice, the valley is now home to some very impressively steep and rocky sides. The valley also contains various plants and wildlife that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

Lakes and Optical Illusions

Further along the road you’ll encounter the Mirror Lakes, which display an outstanding reflection of the Earl Mountains. Later on, as you arrive at the Avenue of the Disappearing Mountain, you’ll witness an optical illusion: as the mountain approaches, it’ll look smaller than you would expect.

The Last Stop: The Chasm

Before you get to Milford, stretch out your legs at The Chasm, which is a combination of a nature walk with a waterfall experience. You’ll be sure to love the view from the narrow ravine with granite rock and the series of waterfalls. Make sure you take a walk and enjoy the sight for yourself because the viewing bridges make it almost impossible to photograph the breath-taking scenery.

The journey to Milford Sound is one of the best drives in the world. In the two-and-a-half hour drive it takes to get there you’ll end up impressed by the majestic landscapes and awe-inspiring views.

Time Out: 4 Weekend Hangouts in Brisbane

Rihanna probably mastered the art of working hard, playing harder. After her work, she cheers to the freaking weekend and you should too. If anyone tries to lecture you about reaching for that cocktail or staying out late, leave them, you do not need that kind of negativity in your life. 

Brisbane has plenty of events and destinations that match different interests, from party goers to art enthusiasts. You’ll surely find something that suits your preferences.

Evening Attractions

Brisbane is Australia’s third largest city; it is dubbed as Australia’s New World City. Last March, 754,600 visitors were recorded, that is an 11.6% increase from the previous year around the same period. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, whatever makes you tick, Brisbane offers a wide variety of fun for everyone.

1. Contemporary Art Centres. The city is home to some of Australia’s compelling and stunning contemporary art centres. Some old establishments metamorphosed into art centres to house contemporary cultural art. Over a thousand performances were staged in art centres that entertain, educate, and engage locals and travelers. A year-round line up of performances awaits art enthusiasts: music, comedy, poetry, dance, film, visual and digital arts, and theatre. So if you’re feeling a little artsy tonight, pay a visit to an art centre near you.

2. Live music. Nothing beats a combination of good music, drinks, and good friends. Whether you like punk, rock, or up-and-coming music, Brisbane is a good place to go.

3. Clubs. Oh, the beauty of dancing and its ability to stop time. Dancing is the ultimate form of freedom. At Brisbane, there is something for every crowd market. There are clubs packed with university students, there is also a 3-level club that plays RnB, house, and techno music all night. You do not need some A+ dancing skills, just move to your own beat and of course have fun.

4. Rooftop Bars. There is something about skylines that are so relaxing. It gives you a feeling that the day has come to an end, and all you need to do is relax. Brisbane has a fairly good weather all-year round so it’s totally fun to stay outdoors at night. Rooftop bars vary depending on what type of night you want to indulge.

Brisbane is a vibrant city that is lively and engaging even in the evenings. The city makes you young and fills up your energy for the next work week. There is something for everyone, whatever floats your boat, do not hesitate to ask what’s on in Brisbane tonight.

Breaking Records in Singapore

Breaking Records in Singapore

Three records were broken early in the year at Sentosa, Singapore. The largest inflatable bouncer and the largest inflatable obstacle course made national records while the previous Guinness World Records title for the most people playing Monopoly in a single venue was broken. A joint effort by families, friends and tourists, the participants enjoyed themselves while making history.

The Largest Inflatables

Scattered across the three beaches at Sentosa are eleven inflatable installations. The installations are part of the Plus! presents BounceOFF! race. The Singapore Book of Records considers the collective as the largest inflatable bouncer and largest inflatable obstacle course.

The largest inflatable bouncer measures 33m by 8m by 8m, while the largest inflatable obstacle course measures 3.2 km.

Obstacle and race participants had to climb, leap and hop or balance and bounce across the giant inflatables. About 6,000 people were in attendance, and more than 200 children and youths from voluntary welfare organisations participated in the race and festivities. These include beneficiaries from the following groups: Singapore Children’s Society, Association for Person with Special Needs, Children’s Aid Society and Singapore Association for the Deaf.

The event, organised by Mediacorp and Nucleus Events Production, also features bazaars and carnivals. Carnival activities include Bumper Balls, Bouncy Castle, Inflatable Rock Wall, Giant Foam Pool, Human Foosball and other children’s games. In addition to the race inflatables, fourteen more bouncers were assembled at the beach for non-participating families and children.

World Monopoly Day

On World Monopoly Day at Universal Studios Singapore, 605 participants broke the Guinness World Records title for most people playing Monopoly in a single venue. In celebration of Mr Monopoly’s 81st birthday, families, friends and social organisations gathered in the theme park’s New York and Sci-Fi areas to play the Monopoly Empire board game.

Wycombe Abbey High School in the UK previously held the Guinness record of 585 people.

Resorts World Sentosa’s Senior Vice President Jason Harkin says they are honoured to be one of the brands that are featured in the Monopoly Empire game, so they secured the help of Hasbro Singapore to bring in more people and successfully break the Guinness World Records title for most people playing a Monopoly game in a single venue – on World Monopoly Day.

Taking a Break from it all: Easy Ways to Unwind on a Budget

Ideas for Holiday VacationsYou’ve paid your dues and done your time. OK, maybe you will never see the inside of a prison cell (and that’s good), but you believe that slaving through all those hours of work in the office have given you the right to take a break. And not just a coffee break, mind you, but a real break, a holiday.

Next thing you know you’re stressing over where to go, what to do, how to do it and whom to do it with. This should not be the start of the break you’ve been waiting for all year (or all of ten years). It should be easy, relaxing and inexpensive. Here, get some ideas.

Go on a Holy Land Tour

That’s right, walk in the footsteps of the Messiah. “What? Walk in the heat?” you say. After all, isn’t this supposed to be relaxing? Well, it’s not hard to relax when you’re on an LDS Israel Tour, according to Cruise Lady. You won’t exactly be lying around but what you get may be more important: peace. A dose of that in this increasingly chaotic world is worth more than a few iced drinks in Ibiza. Besides, you’re trying to walk away from the pressures of your job, and the peace and understanding you’ll get from this tour may just be what you need.

Choose a Staycation

Don’t do it at home, though, or you’ll sleep all through your holiday and wake up in the same shirt you wore to work before your break began. A staycation shouldn’t mean staying at home. You still need some change around you even if you’re not leaving the state or city. Travel a mile or two to a good hotel or bed and breakfast and stay there for a few days. Spend an afternoon at the spa, a quiet evening at the restaurant, maybe see a movie, then go back to your hotel room and read a good book. You don’t have to be alone, either; take your significant other with you—unless they’re part of what you’re getting away from.

Taking a break from the pressures of work shouldn’t be a burden. Think of ways to unwind without spending too much money or bringing upon yourself a whole new world of challenges.

The Best of Kent

Kent England

Kent EnglandIt’s no surprise that England easily tops travellers’ choices of destination. With its many counties, you won’t run out of places to see and activities to do in the country.

Probably one of the most famous ones are those surrounding the capital London—or those called ‘home counties.’They are the perfect alternatives for travellers who prefer to be away from tourist hotspots or want something more than city explorations.

Should you find yourself in England soon, one county worth visiting is Kent, advises The Barn Pub & Restaurant. The place is rich with culture, good food, and amazing people. Here’s a list of where you should be setting foot on in Kent:

Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery

If you’re looking for cultural places to visit, you have to include this in your itinerary. The Kent government describes the place as an ‘award-winning local museum offering visitors a variety of fascinating exhibitions and special events.’Interesting pieces, which range from historical and contemporary, that are worth seeing in the museum include Tunbridge ware, or wooden boxes that originate from Kent. The best thing about this place is that entrance is free for visitors! Afterwards, you could even head on to grab a bite from the many restaurants in Tunbridge Wells.

Kent coast

Those with an active lifestyle will enjoy in Kent as well, thanks to its proximity to water. Whether you’re an adventure seeker or a pro in water sports, there’s a place for you in the county. Just some of the activities you could do there include kite surfing, surfing, sailing, and even scuba diving.Get set for a splashing time!

Biddenden Vineyards

Are you a wine aficionado? Kent has a place for you too. Try visiting the Biddenden Vineyards, which is famous for its cider produce. The place is said to be the oldest commercial vineyard in the county, making it extra interesting to go to. You could even have a free guided tour around Biddenden Vineyards—plus, wine tasting is free.

There are more things to do around Kent, all you need is a sense of wonder and a will to explore.

Four Must-Visit Child-Friendly Attractions in Perth

Red Kangaroo

Perth is more than just a sunny capital where urban vibe meets natural beauty. It’s also growing in popularity as a top destination for family vacations. It’s more than just a capital lined with shopping centres, restaurants, and bars, but also home to various attractions for the kids and kids at heart.

If you’re planning a weekend family day trip, there are many things to do in Perth with the kids. Here are some children-friendly attractions you must include in your itineraries.

Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo is one of the most favourite children’s attractions in the city. Conveniently located just a few minutes from the heart of Perth, it is home to over 1,200 animals. The zoo features landscaped gardens and realistic exhibits of animals in their natural habitats. Other than local wildlife such as koalas and kangaroos, the zoo also showcases other animals from different parts of the world.

Adventure World

Perth’s only water theme park, Adventure World is a real treat for kids. There are 25 thrilling rides and interesting attractions to choose from. If you want to experience all these adventures, it’s wise to book for a whole day stay.

Araluen Botanic Park

For nature and plant lovers, the Araluen Park is a must-visit. Majestically located in a lush forested valley of Darling Range, the park features various species of flowers, plants and trees. What’s more interesting is it’s a mix of natural greeneries and landscaped gardens. Postcard perfect views await you, so don’t forget to bring your camera.


If you’re looking for an educational yet fun place to take the children, then you should consider dropping by Scitech. This child-friendly science centre features interactive science experience not just for kids, but also for the whole family to enjoy. Fun learning awaits guests of all ages. recommends that you try to have fun in trampolines. There are many spring-loaded urban playgrounds in Perth with a wide range of things to do with kids.

These are only some of the top attractions visited by tourists from in and out of the city. There’s more to see and experience in this sunny city. Make sure to check them out on your upcoming family vacation.

Consider the Season When Traveling to San Diego

rental homes

You love to travel. Bags and city maps are your best buddies and San Diego, California is your next target place to explore. In traveling, scenic spots and attractions are not the only information you should know when you research about a place online.

Traveling has many benefits, but before you embark on a wanderlust-quenching adventure, there are other important details you must consider when you travel, such as what mode of transportation is best to use when going around places.

Scrutinize the best season to visit a place.  Here are some seasonal tips to think about when you visit San Diego, California.

SUMMER (June – August)

This is the best season for beach lovers and holiday seekers. Everyone loves to visit San Diego in the summer and, obviously, hotels and inns are fully booked during this season. To stay in a hotel, remember to make reservation weeks or months in advance so there will be no conflicts regarding your stay. agrees that aside from hotels and other forms of accommodations, there are many available rental homes which you can contact before your scheduled trip.

AUTUMN (September – November)

Tourists linger for a while in the month of September but you’ll see a drift in crowd by October and November. There are plenty of fun and exciting festivals during this season.

WINTER (December – February)

Winter festivals are up and this is a great time to be in Southern California. You don’t want to miss their annual parade. The San Diego Bay Parade of Light usually held annually in December. Don’t miss it and experience the fun festivities.

SPRING (March – May)

Class is on-going and students are still in school. This is the best time to visit the place. You can expect fewer tourists until May. There are events you might want to join. Cinco de Mayo is the largest event in town that celebrates three days of fun, music and food. Explore the town as there are a variety of entertaining events prepared for tourists.

Knowing the best time to visit a place helps you plan better and look for a rental home or hotel that is within your budget.