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3 Ways to Boost Your Online Value Proposition

Digital marketing on a piece of paper

The online value proposition of your company is part of your brand positioning. This provides the reasons for potential customers to click on links, share content and convert into consumers. Many digital marketing agencies from New York cite the following ways you can improve this aspect of your business.

Offering Something for Free

There’s nothing more enticing than seeing the word “free.” Simply adding it to your landing page will pique the interest of a potential customer and boost your appeal immediately. They know that their risk is zero and their reward is high if you provide them with a freebie or trial of a product or service. Some of the ways to do this include:

  • Offering free shipping for first-time customers
  • Buy one and get one free promotions
  • Use organic or paid advertising on social media or your landing page

A Chance at Success

When you provide opportunities, you increase your company’s value to a particular group. One example of how this approach can work to your advantage is targeting fresh graduates, those entering the workforce for the first time, or those re-entering the job market in search of better prospects. Customize this approach depending on the market you want to reach. Identify the needs, wants, and ideals of your audience and offer them a solution.

Click to Win

Much like giving something away for free, this approach improves your brand’s value proposition. A contest is one way to give a freebie to potential customers. What you get in return for contests is valuable information such as names, contact details, and e-mail addresses.

With the details you get from the contest, you can customize your follow-up marketing campaigns based on interests, age group, and others. This approach allows you to funnel potential customers down the sales channel based on where they currently are.

These are strategies that improve your online value proposition. Implementing these enable you to convert at a higher rate and pique the interest of your intended audience.


Reasons That Make Marketing Vital to Your Business Success

Marketing Plan conceptMarketing offers a way for sellers to compete for customers’ attention in a fair and efficient manner. You cannot expect your product or service to sell itself and expect a steady line of clients.

A marketing agency in Provo like can help your sales team convince your target users to buy your product or service. Here’s how:


Through advertising, you make people know that you have something useful to offer. Whether your message comes in the form of a commercial, print ad, handbill, or billboard, it must provide the information that your audience needs. It must also identify:

  • Who the product is for
  • What problems it addresses
  • When it is available
  • Where people can buy it
  • Why people should buy it.


You must also raise issues that your audience may not be aware of. In the healthcare industry, for example, some commercials feature aches and pains. It will engage a viewer who is experiencing the same problems if your ad will cite the possible causes and recommend treatment options.


Show your audience how your offer fares against the competition. Provide visual evidence of how your product delivers better than other brands. A good example would be ads about cleaning products. Viewers will see how a particular brand cleans faster and better than other brands.


Your ad campaign must be continuous. It will remind your existing clients that you are still there for them. This is important because a lot of businesses today come and go. It will also help entice new customers to buy.


Working for a company that people know will help improve your employees’ morale. By investing in advertising, your business remains in people’s consciousness. This will give your staff a sense of emotional ownership and pride in a company that has name recognition and generates positive feelings.

Understand the importance of marketing in your business success. This will help you come up with compelling campaigns that will keep your business alive.

Why Must Dental Practices Invest in Social Media Management Campaigns?

Social Media Management

Social media, however often overlooked, has proven itself useful as a marketing tool in establishing a business’ online presence. It is understandable that businesses of all sizes now include social media marketing in their digital marketing strategy.

As a dental practice, will social media be an advantage to you? Do you need to integrate social media management plans, from companies such as Dominate Dental, into your overall marketing equation? Here are reasons to consider:

To Rank Higher on Search Engine Results Pages

Social media profiles contribute to your success in rankings, complementing your well-designed website. Audience engagement plays a significant role in this; the more conversions you have, the more your brand comes out in Google analytics as a credible and reliable brand.

To Maintain Your Online Reputation

The more control your dental practice has over the content posted on your social media networks, the easier it will be to manage and maintain a positive online reputation. While many other ways exist to handle the perception of your brand online, social media channels are one of the simplest.

To Achieve Wider Reach

With social media, you do not confine answering dentistry-related queries to the four walls of your practice. Devoting a few hours to interact with your audience through social media gives you more opportunities to meet potential clients. If you are on platforms such as Twitter or Facebook, your followers can also retweet and share your content immediately. If a fan or follower re-posts your compelling and shareable content, and his/her family and friends do the same, this could grow your audience reach exponentially.

To Open Sponsorship Opportunities

Through social media, it is possible for you to find potential sponsors and partners, especially if your content is highly relatable and relevant. It is necessary, therefore, to roll out professionally packaged, quality content on your social media sites. If, as they say, ‘content is king’, you can become the dental industry’s royalty some day.

Of course, a good online marketing strategy does not stop with social media management. Other smart methods, such as SEO, Pay per Click (PPC) advertising, email marketing, and mobile optimisation, support social media strategies to give you a stable and trusted brand online.

A Quick Guide to Hiring the Right Job Candidate


Is the candidate sitting in front of you the right person for the job? In the world of work that is constantly fragmenting and re-organising, how do you separate an average worker from the best? Although every business has its unique needs, there are certain traits that every employer should look at.

Be on the lookout for these factors when recruiting:

1. A clean criminal record

As an employer, you have the right to know each candidate’s criminal record. Knowing the candidate’s criminal record will protect you against lawsuits for negligent hiring, which occurs when an employer hires a dangerous employee.

If such an employee harms a colleague while working, as an employer, you will be required to pay for damages. To make sure the candidate has a clean criminal record, you can request for an NPHC check with the help of Fast Police Checks.

2. The curious candidate

Are they lit up with many questions? Instead of seeking out certainty, a good candidate should be curious about your organisation and the job they’re interviewing for. Curiosity is a sign that the candidate makes a great learner, a critical quality to breakthrough thinking and high productivity.

3. Strong work ethics

Candidates who set high personal goals will respond well to your organisation’s goals. Such employees don’t need intense supervision to perform. Ask questions such as: ‘’where do you see yourself in the next five or ten years?’’ From the answers, you will be in a position to pick up on the candidate’s ambitions

4. Are they enthusiastic about relationships and people in general?

Unless your employees work in isolation, you need a team player who can work well with others. Experts say that spirited workplaces are full of employees who are creative communicators, ones who can affirm others and make others feel appreciated in their interactions.

As you interview the candidate, be on the lookout for this warm spirit, your instincts will guide you here. Be careful not to sideline introverts who are more reserved than the extroverts. A great spirit has nothing to do with personality.

Hiring the best candidate pays you back in a satisfactory employment relationship, employee productivity and a positive impact on your work environment.

Google HQ, High Smartphone Penetration, Modern Culture: How Singapore is Ripe for Digital Marketing

There is no Asian country like Singapore. What the country is lacking in sheer land mass they make up in their economic punch, which is one of the most stable in the world. Their integration of western culture did not become an issue too, with daily life in the metropolis-state a perfect mishmash of tradition and technology.

Speaking of technology, the way the technological sector takes to the Lion City is promising. The Google HQ alone is a big push for the tech landscape in the country, and it proves that this market is important to the search engine. Whether they had the foresight or it was just a logical path in their expansion, they made the right move as the current market shows.

High Smartphone Penetration Means an Open Marketing Season

Owning a smartphone these days translates to instant exposure to all of the modern conveniences: search engines and social media. A wide-ranging survey even confirmed the high smartphone penetration in the country, with nine out of 10 Singaporeans having access to a mobile phone.

The most likely result is that the market utilises the digital tools at their disposal, with marketing one of the biggest beneficiaries. Singapore digital marketing agency Singtel Media says that this is an effective platform for advertising, so if you are thinking of reaching your core market, this is your foremost choice. The residents of Lion City are active online, and your company is one good search engine placement away from their attention.

Social Media, Search Engine and a Very Active Population

Singaporeans are one of the most active online populations in the region, and the numbers are still soaring. Anywhere you decide to put your business profile, whether you focus on search engines or social media, the potential exposure is huge.

If you have aspirations of making it in the highly competitive entrepreneurial scene in Singapore, digital marketing should be at the top of your priorities. It provides a solid path to your market, and with a little work, you may even tap other demographics and lead to your further growth.

The Surprising Downsides of Being Debt-Free

Debt FreeA debt-free life seems to be the pinnacle of financial standings for most people. To them, it’s better to live averagely without owing anyone money, rather than be rich and owe millions. But like everything else, living debt-free has its downsides. Financial firms such as continually exist for a reason.

The Current Situation

Debt at this day and age is basically a part of life. Many people borrow money for various reasons: buying a home or a car, paying for tuition or vacation, or funding a business. Today is also a predominantly cashless society. People are more or less encouraged to use credit cards, even if they’re only paying for their food. Instead of people fumbling around for change, all they need is a piece of plastic. In other words, debt focuses on convenience more than anything else.

Borrowing has its bad sides, like everything else. Forbes contributor Elizabeth Harris cites poor job opportunities, rising student loans, and every other untoward result of the most recent recession have taught people of the bad sides of borrowing.

But there is also evidence of a positive side. According to Pew research manager Diana Elliott, high-debt individuals (mainly Millennials and Baby Boomers) showed far stronger financial balance sheets. These people were revealed to have three times higher income and about six times greater net worth compared to those who avoided debt as much as possible.

Debt As A Tool

Speaking to BBC, personal finance expert Jeremy Karmel claims that debt can also be used to achieve specific life milestones. He cites situations where debt is ‘justifiable,’ like paying for an education. Not a lot of people can afford to pay for a decent education, but taking on debt to achieve such a goal acts like some sort of investment.

The type of debt incurred also plays a role in deciding whether debt is bad or good. Traditional consumer debt, for example, is often useless—buying something worth $100 and paying it off for a year means the consumer pays for more than the product was originally worth. Experts consider this a terrible decision. But if debt types like mortgages are to be discussed, it’s a whole new story. A home appreciates over time, while consumer products rarely do the same.

It’s still not a bad decision to avoid debt. But it’s important to take note of various circumstances wherein borrowing makes the most logical sense. 

The Essentials of An Effective Online Marketing Campaign

Online Marketing

With the competition in today’s market, it would be unwise to ignore the many benefits that stem from marking your products online. With many billion-dollar brands boasting an active presence on the internet, it is quite sad to know that many smaller businesses still do not have an online presence.

In fact, a recent study reveals that over 51% of the small enterprises in the U.S. do not have a web presence. This is happening at a time when over 97% of customers are turning to the internet when shopping for goods and services. As a result, many struggling businesses miss a huge chunk of potential clients by ignoring the internet.

Do hire an expert service

Although the web might be a confusing and scary place for individuals with less than adequate technological skills, it should not deter you from making a foray. With the right guidance and a little bit of patience, you can make proper use of the various marketing channels.

To get good results from your online campaigns, you should hire experts in Denver like SEO consultants to implement an effective strategy. You need a professional to help you choose the most efficient tools and maximize your return on investment.

Do not spread yourself too thin

Launching on multiple platforms might seem like a good strategy, but for the absolute beginner — with unpolished skills and personnel — that might prove to be a mistake. Consistency is the key to building an online relationship and without proper follow-ups, your efforts might amount to nothing.

Consulting with an expert helps you to narrow down to the most suitable media outlets. As a result, you can forge a strong relationship with your audience and gently attract them to buy your goods and services.

Most profitable businesses across the world embrace the convenience of marketing their products on the internet, and it pays off in spades. With the right approach and proper considerations, you too can join the bandwagon of successful businesses.

3 Mistakes to Avoid to Protect and Improve Your SEO Rankings

Creating the best content possible should be one of your priorities when it comes to online marketing. No matter how relevant you are or if you’re only starting, this is the key ingredient for you to make it to the top of search results — and stay there for as long as you can. Without great quality content, nothing else would matter, not even search engine optimization. Here are some common content marketing mistakes you should avoid to protect your search ranking and further improve it.

Placing the Content on the Wrong Pages

It may be easier to make something go viral when you post it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, or Pinterest, but those aren’t ideal homes to great content if you’re trying to get better search rankings. Even guest posting on third-party sites like Huffington Post is not ideal. Sure, you can post content on these pages, but it’s still better to save the best exclusively for your business website. This way, you’ll be credited and acknowledged about every bit of success it gets.

Putting More Importance to Social Metrics and other search engine optimization companies in Sandusky say that SEO involves content and social media. That being said, you should focus on getting high-quality backlinks from other credible websites instead of trying to have more likes, shares, and retweets. Sure, the latter are still important, but backlinks are the main ingredient to be relevant for Google. By publishing wonderful content regularly, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Not Hiring Influencers

You can create great content consistently and follow Google’s algorithm updates all you want, but without the help of an influencer or a power user like bloggers, journalists, celebrities, and social media stars, the road to success will take longer. Hiring and working with people with influence will improve your SEO game drastically. One power user is all it takes to get the ball rolling and get your name out there, so try your best to find one.

Do the right things and you’ll definitely see the sudden improvements of your search rankings and overall online marketing campaigns.

Purpose Matters: the Key to Winning at SEO

Google is constantly updating its algorithms, and all the changes can drive an SEO strategist crazy. How can you develop an effective strategy for long-term success if the world’s most relevant search engine is always changing how things work?

Fortunately, it’s not as difficult as you think. By defining the site’s purpose, you achieve a strategy focused not only on rankings, but also in producing business results.

Ranking still matters, but obsessing over it won’t get you far. While they are crucial to your SEO strategy, they only tell part of the story. Without a clearly defined purpose, however, how can you tell if you’re succeeding of not?

A Purpose Driven (SEO) Life, a local SEO expert, recommends defining the site’s purpose first. All of your strategies will stem from it.

The reasons behind a site’s existence are endless. Common page purposes include the following:

  • Expressing an opinion
  • Selling products or services
  • Sharing relevant information
  • Entertaining users
  • Making software available for download

There’s always a chance for sites to drastically change their purpose. Some have more than one; they sell products and offer entertainment at the same time. By defining the end goal, you point your site in the right direction.

Strategically Written Content

People visit websites because of content. Your site’s purpose determines the content you need to write. As one of the ranking factors, a blog post that connects will win audiences over.

Users never run out of questions; it’s why they search online. They need solutions to their problems and it’s your responsibility to address them. When building SEO content, think about these queries and compel users to take action by providing the answers they seek.

Link Building with a Purpose

SEO strategies can’t survive without backlinks. Because of the weight they carry, experts use links to earn their SEO mojo — an unfortunate move due to the sometimes bad reputation of link building.

When it comes to linking strategies, keep in mind that each link is unique. Site authority shouldn’t be the sole determinant of a link’s value. It should make sense with the site’s purpose. Otherwise, your linking strategy will go to waste.

The struggle of keeping up on the digital front has become increasingly difficult, but not impossible. Review your strategies and figure out if you are headed in the right direction.

Data is King: Sources of Data to Improve Marketing Strategies

The digital industry is data-driven. Every marketing strategy and concept, such as retargeting, personalization, and customer engagement, are fueled by data. In this competitive industry, you will need all the data you can get to improve your products and marketing efforts constantly. Here are some strategies and software you can use to beef up your campaigns and commodities:

People Counter

A number of counting people software have been in the market long enough now for companies to treat them as an imperative in marketing and brand building. High quality door counting software and tools, for instance, can help your company collect and assess real-time analytics on customer behaviors and patterns. The data gathered through software can better inform your store layout, offline campaigns, and even your customer engagement tactics.

Customer Feedback

There are many ways by which you can collect feedback from customers. Individual feedback, like comment cards, can provide you with individualized information. For a specific audience, you can employ triggered feedback and for large batches of customers, representative feedback is ideal. By collecting customer feedback, you are giving yourself the type of data that will help enhance customer experience — both offline and online, measure your marketing effectiveness, and increase ROI.

Case Study

While quantitative data is extremely useful since it provides you with tangible data, qualitative data is the same. For example, a competitor analysis can help your team map a competitive landscape to seize or spot opportunities better. Case studies on your industry’s leading brands, on the other hand, can help you learn a thing or two, which you can use for leveraging in the market.

The key to staying ahead of the market is constantly finding creative and innovative ways of gathering data. This includes coming up with strategic means of assessing the data, so the numbers become plans, plans become strategies, and strategies become success.