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Lip Busters: Debunking Myths about Lip Enhancement

girl with red lips

So you’re thinking of getting a lip enhancement. You’ve put a lot of thought into it. Is it worth it? Does it hurt? What are they really going to do to your lips? Well, you know one thing for sure. Your lips will look more attractive!

The first question that needs to be answered is: what is lip enhancement? Basically, it is a cosmetic procedure that is usually done with the use of dermal fillers or implants. Ideally, the procedure is for people that have lost lip volume to aging. However, there are also people who want the procedure to have more appealing and fuller lips.

You should consider the facts about lip enhancement first before believing in the myths. Many boutique beauty clinics around London provide lip enhancement such as City Skin Clinic. Getting dermal lip fillers in London beauty clinics ensures that you will get a natural looking lip enhancement by an expert doctor.

All Procedures are the Same

There is a myth that all lip enhancement procedures are the same. There are specific procedures that are dependent on a patient’s lip. The most suitable procedure will be recommended based on a doctor’s assessment of a patient’s condition. For instance, there are enhancements that use implants using silicone gel, fat injections, collagen injections, hyaluronic acid injections and more.

Skin tests are Required

While there are some dermal fillers that use purified animal collagen that require testing, there are some dermal fillers that do not. Restylane or Elevess some fillers that do not require skin testing, since they contain hyaluronic acid that does not cause allergic reactions in the body. This is because the substance already exists in the body.

The Treatment is Painful

Non-invasive treatments are not painful. This is due to the fact that they only involve a few injections that will be injected after applying a numbing cream on the lips. The cream does not make the patient feel the pinching sensation that is caused by the injections. Even after the procedure, the patient will not experience any pain.

Getting lip enhancement from an expert aesthetic doctor will ensure you that your lips will look naturally beautiful.

Real Men Don’t Just Wear Pink, They Also Get Manicures

A close up of manicured hands

You might not notice this, but people quietly judge you every moment of your life. It’s a disheartening fact that starts from the moment you pay for your coffee and when you give out files at work. Yes, people judge your hands.

Chances are, you’re checking your hands right now. Do they look coarse and rough or smooth and soft? Does your dry skin show or maybe you see a hangnail or two? These are only some of the details that you notice subconsciously about another person, and this shapes your first impression.

If you want to change how other people perceive you when they meet you, better get a manicure in Heber. You don’t have to wear nail polish, just a good trim to make it look healthy will do.

Your Body’s Business Card

The hands have an impact towards people’s daily interactions. In fact, it can function as your business card. Other people see your hands as much as they see your face, so you have to be comfortable to be confident. In business settings, grooming is everything. This particularly true if you’re representing your company and meeting clients. People judge others by how they present themselves, from their haircut to their nails, more than how they dress.

Changing Values

As years go by, the concept of masculinity develops as well. Men in the past have been ashamed to admit that they undergo facial treatments once in a while. These days, no one cares when men take grooming more seriously.

Social norms have bent and matured to involve a wide array of male grooming treatments, including manicures. Don’t worry guys, you’re not about to get acrylic painted nails with your preferred design. Manicure for men simply requires buffed, shaped, and cleaned nails.

Fortunately, the industry has addressed this new need because there are several spas specially made for men now. Some even offer a free glass of whiskey or a bottle of beer while you pamper your hands.

3 Reasons to Invest in a Custom Boat Dock

Buying a boat is a huge investment, so you might as well make a few more upgrades to ensure you’ll get the returns you need. Piers in Rockport like Kinsel Docks can create custom boat docks for your ride. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider investing in one.

  1. It improves your boat’s security.

A custom boat dock can help improve security for your boat. While it’s important not to leave valuable items on your boat, there’s no telling when vandalism and burglaries can happen. Having a custom made boat dock can provide you with more security features and provide sufficient storage space for your boat.

  1. It provides extra storage space.

Custom boat dock contractors can create extra locked storage spaces for your other boating gear and valuable items that you often use for your rides. It could be a simple as a storage shed or a bigger one with some of the comforts you can get for your home. This way, you don’t need to haul the bulky items every time you want to go on a boat ride.

  1. You can create a makeshift party space.

Why not fit your custom boat dock with a water slide and an above-ground patio? It’s a great addition to any boat storage space that can double as an entertainment venue for your family and friends. Imagine the many outdoor parties you can throw when you have a custom-made boat dock fitted with the amenities you need like a barbecue grill and even inflatables!

Upgrading Your Boating Game

Having a custom boat dock can improve your boating game and add to your enjoyment as a boat owner. So if you’re looking for boating upgrades, consider investing in a custom-made dock so you can enjoy all these activities.

Luxury Vacations: What and Where Basics

Are you one of those people who work hard but play hard? You put in so much effort and hours working hard throughout the year. You deserve that high-end vacation with people who matter. Luxury travel is not reserved for the ultra-rich. There are those who value their free time and really work hard in order to enjoy the finer things in life.

The word luxury implies astronomical costs. In most cases, this is true. So if you’re interested in luxury travel, you better plan your adventure or vacation well, so you don’t waste money over underwhelming experiences.

Where to go

Choosing to go on a high-end vacation opens up so many locations that won’t be available to those who are penny-pinching when travelling. It’s best to start thinking about what exactly you want to experience. Do you want to go to a far away island? Maybe a yacht cruise in the Mediterranean? Or spend a glamorous few days at a five-star hotel in the middle of a booming metropolitan city? Whatever your choice, make sure it’s something that you’ve really wanted to do for a long time.


Your choice of going on a high-end vacation will definitely come with a high price. No matter how many guides tell you that you can get a luxury vacation on a tight budget, it’s just a fact that finer things in life come with a hefty price tag. Of course, this doesn’t mean blowing all your savings on the trip. Collecting miles and perks on your credit cards is a great way to save some money for a luxury vacation.

Mode of transport

One of the biggest costs on any trip is transportation. Of course, since this is a luxury trip, you need to choose the most comfortable options. When vacationing in Sydney, suggests that it’s wiser to hire a luxury coach. You don’t need to rent a rundown car. A coach will give you enough space and comfort so you can travel in the luxury you deserve.

Ready to go on your luxury trip? Make sure you’re prepared so you can just sit back and relax!

Keep A Level Head While Stopping Party Glitches From Wreaking Havoc

Most people like hosting get-together parties in their home to celebrate an event or simply be with friends and family. Unfortunately, it is also during these times glitches wreak havoc.

If you have been to a home party that culminated without a single glitch, then you have just attended a rare occasion. It is very uncommon for such party, whether big or small, from the dinner table to kitchen, to finish without a kind of hitch. Perhaps you did not notice it because the host or those in charge were able to keep a level head when confronting the issue. What are some of the common glitches that can happen in a home get-together party?

Running Toilet

You may have endured having a running toilet for some time and never treated it as a serious problem. But if you are going to host a get-together party in your house, then such issue could transform from benign to truly severe. If you want to avoid situations where unsuspecting guests using your toilet suddenly give out horrifying shrieks, then resolving this immediately is your only remedy.

Days before the scheduled party, have an experienced plumber look into the issue and provide specialised plumbing repair and maintenance. Other toilet issues you need to be checked according to are gurgling, trickling and splashing sounds that occur even when nobody is using the bathroom.

Clogged Drains

Another party glitch that spells disaster all over its face is clogged drains as they can make your life tough during events. According to the Australian Government Department of Health, these clogs are often caused by the accumulation of scraps of food and non-food particles. Food preparations and washing dishes are very difficult when your drains are clogged, so is taking a shower since your bathroom floor can become flooded.

This is another situation where calling an experienced plumber to fix the issue is a sensible idea. These professionals have drain blockage solutions that could easily remove whatever it is that is clogging the plumbing pipes.

Water Heater Problems

Water heater issues can also give you a nasty headache, particularly if some of your party guests decide to stay for the night. During summertime, this would not be a problem because who would want to take a hot bath in the middle of summer anyway? But if you happen to schedule your party on a cold and rainy night then you have a situation on your hand.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to check your water heater one or two days before your get-together party. If there is a problem, try to fix it yourself, or you can call a water heater professional to do it for you.

These three represent the most frequent, nasty glitches that can happen without warning in a home get-together party. Just like what doctors say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. This goes without saying that before you hold get-together party at home, check your drains, toilets, and water heaters first. While this does not guarantee will not experience hitches anymore, at least it reduces the number of possible glitches that can happen.

The Art of Getting by at Work After the Long Holiday

Back to WorkAfter a long holiday thanks to Christmas and New Year, which means blissful days of no work, people can find it difficult donning their office clothes and going back to crunching numbers come January.

January blues are more or less inevitable, especially if you spent the holiday with a special trip, or shared precious moments with your loved ones. But if you want to maintain the great performance you were doing before the holiday, you must take immediate action to discourage the feeling from lingering.

Short Breaks

It is easy to get overwhelmed when you are welcomed back with tight deadlines and heavy workload. Pace yourself by taking short breaks from your current project throughout your day. This will prevent you from feeling tired early in the day. It will also help with your concentration.

Step Up with Your Goals

KennedyPearce Consulting Ltd believes that asking yourself what you want to achieve in 2017 is important to keep the ball rolling. Work hard to secure a pay raise or a promotion. Challenge yourself in taking additional responsibilities. Then consider the steps you have to take to achieve the goal you set for yourself.

Plan a Trip

Yes, you just got back from a holiday, but psychologists believe that looking forward to a holiday has a good effect on you. They said the excitement when thinking about your trip releases endorphins, your body’s feel-good hormones. With Easter as the next holiday, which does not occur until April, taking a few days off work between those four months seems like a brilliant idea.


January means the weather could be cold and gloomy. It may also be a reason you are feeling blue. Beat the sluggishness by exercising. Sign up for a gym near your place or do some stretches before you shower in the morning. The routine could boost your energy levels.

Going back to the five-days-a-week work routine can be challenging, especially after the holidays. Beat the January blues by being proactive and having something to look forward to.

With the High-Conflict Ex, the Struggle Shouldn’t Be as Real as It Gets

The struggle is real for divorcees with high-conflict exes. All they want is a peaceful separation, but their soon-to-be ex-spouse comes raging with complaints, demands, and more fights. It’s ironic — you’re already separated, but you’re still fighting.

For some people, the key to dealing with a high-conflict ex is to fight fire with fire. But the surefire way to defeat them is simple: keep a low profile.

Do not give them more ammunition to shoot you down. Some raging exes are looking for ways to punish their spouses for leaving them; others will seek to control you from afar. But whatever the situation is, do not give them the power.

Apart from seeking help from your local Long Island divorce lawyer, here’s what you can do:

Watch What You Say

One little rumor is enough to sabotage your case, especially if the ex thinks they can use it against you. A slander suit will ruin your chances of swinging the odds towards your favor.

If the ex suspects you are telling stories (even the true ones), they can drag you into court for jeopardizing their reputation. Rather than deal with your ex’s accusations of slander, keep your mouth closed and avoid these troubles down the road. Be careful with the people you confide in, and if no one needs to know, then no one needs to know.

Avoid Any Direct Communication

Limiting direct communication with the ex is easier when you do not have a child. If your soon-to-be ex-spouse makes a habit of fighting, avoid communication as much as possible. Let your lawyer deal with them.

If you have kids, however, custody evaluators and attorneys are helpful. They will guide you through custody arrangements and co-parenting plans, minimizing the chances of seeing the ex. The less you have to deal with your ex-partner, the easier life will be.

Expect the Unexpected

High-conflict exes can be unpredictable. Sometimes, they’ll throw unnecessary lawsuits, threats, and other unpleasant schemes. Some even go further by contacting Children’s Protective Services with false charges of child abuse and neglect.

Expect that your ex might do something crazy. By anticipating their next step, you’ll be prepared to face their attacks.

High-conflict exes are a challenge, but that does not mean there’s no way out. Always seek help from your local attorney to ensure a smooth sailing case.

Simple Living: How to Live a Happier Life

Mortgage Company in Phoenix"

It’s easy to connect with other people these days. That girl you liked in junior high is now living in Hawaii and enjoying the surfer lifestyle — or at least that’s what you know based on her Instagram. That shy math geek who taught you algebra is now the president of a quickly growing company in Southeast Asia.

The problem with this kind of connectivity is that people tend to compare themselves more to others based on what they see on their social media newsfeed. While this serves as inspiration for a few, for most it becomes a source of unhappiness.

To live a happier life, you need to feel contented with what you have. A simpler yet fuller life is the right path toward happiness. Here are some suggestions on how to achieve this.

Don’t spend money you don’t have

When you are ready to buy a house, get pre-approved with a mortgage company in Phoenix like You’ll see how much house you can really afford. Do the same before you buy a car. A simple house with all the room you need for a comfortable but not wasteful life is a good house. A fuel efficient car that’s easy on the budget is a good car. You don’t need much more.

Put a limit on your belongings

People buy more stuff these days because it’s easier. All it takes is an app or a website and a credit card. Stop buying things you don’t need, even if you think they’re cheap. Own a pair of sneakers for your sport, and a pair for work. If you have in season clothes you don’t get to wear within a month, you own too many. Here’s a top tip: get rid of your credit cards and only use cash.


That is, disconnect from your devices and the Internet. Do it once in a while. Connect with real people instead: family, friends, colleagues, and even the people queuing with you at the supermarket checkout. You’ll see how much happier you’ll be when you interact more with people in person. Top tip: get rid of your smartphone; get a plan that only gives you a basic phone and some minutes. Use a laptop if you need to go online.

There’s just no arguing with it. A simpler life is a happier life. You don’t expect too much from yourself and that removes all the stress. Think about it. It’s a lot more genuine than Veronica’s Instagram pictures on the beach.

Love: It’s More Important Than the Ring

Engagement Ring

Proposals are romantic moments, but the difficult thing about them is that girls have varying ideas of how they are supposed to look like. Some imagine a grand one, with their guy putting a lot of effort on proposing the most romantic way with an expensive ring. Others, however, want a simple one and are just excited to start a married life.

Some girls expect their partner to get the proposal right, so they feel disappointed when their men don’t deliver. The thing is, girls don’t always share their hopes and expectations about a proposal. This is because of the fear that they might seem in a big hurry to get married or scare their significant other by appearing excessively enthusiastic.

Disappointed with the Price

It is common for some women to feel disappointed if they found out that their ring is cheap. The discovery of the price is enough to make them feel taken for granted. The truth is, however, the financial cost of the ring is not important to everyone. An inexpensive ring doesn’t always mean that the guy doesn’t care about his girl.

An Affordable One is Fine

The good news is, many girls are now open to the idea of their partner choosing a ring they could honestly afford. Girls would gladly accept a less expensive one if their man is saving the money for a beautiful wedding or an amazing honeymoon. That being said, a diamond alternative like moissanite is a great choice. When you compare moissanite from vs the cost of a diamond, you’d be surprised with savings.

Finding Fault with a Nice Proposal

It is not right to expect a man to spend two or three months’ worth of their salary. Not all can afford this and many would see this as a waste of money, instead of saving for the future. This means preparing for a wedding or paying for a home down payment. It is not right to find fault with a nice proposal, just because ring was not expensive or not a diamond.

What happens at the proposal and after the wedding are what matter most. It is okay to splurge on a ring if this is possible. Love, however, cannot be equated with money; it is much more. Alternatives to diamond or other gemstone can worth more than the precious rock because of a person’s genuine love and willingness to spend his life with the one he loves.

Make Workplace Comfy: Applying Ergonomics to Your Office

Stress and strain are workplace constants. Speaking in terms of evolution, they are necessary for your survival. But if they’re consistently annoying you at work, chances are your office ergonomics is working against you.

If you want to break free from these annoyances it’s time to modify the configurations of your office. A well-planned office ensures that you’re comfortable, which in turn will foster productivity and creativity. Don’t know where to start?

Here are some ideas to help you out:

Get a Good Chair

The foundation of an ergonomic office is a good, comfy chair. Get a chair that has a smart lumbar support system. It must have a comfortable armrest and an adjustable headrest. It should be also easily modified so that it suits the height of the person using it. More importantly, it should be easy to recline so that resting will be much comfortable.

Arrange Your Table’s Settings

Your table should not be too small for your things. Otherwise, your moves will be limited and calculated, which in turn may make your muscles adjust in awkward ways. This will surely cause strains. The same goes with having a large table. Get a table that allows you to keep everything within your reach. suggests using ergonomic tables.

Don’t Forget the Light

You may have light in your office, but you need a desk light that will aid you in your tasks. Artificial light is not enough. Make sure your office gets the right amount of natural light. You may put up blinds to control it.

These are only some of the things you need to do to make your office a whole lot more conducive. You may seek inspiration from office magazines and website. If you have the budget, you may include your office in your renovation plans.