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Golden Visa Programs Lures Billions from Chinese Investors

Approved visa

An Associated Press analysis revealed that Chinese investors illustrated their appetite for “golden visa” programs worldwide by spending at least $24 billion in the last 10 years.

These investors have shown the most interest in acquiring such visas in the US, where they poured $7.7 billion during that time for more than 40,000 visas to Chinese investors and their families. Aside from the US, the Chinese also emerged with the highest number of granted investor visas in Canada, Hungary, Malta, New Zealand, Spain, and the U.K.

The analysis defined a golden visa program as an incentive for more than 100,000 investors to offer capital for a country’s business. In return, the government will provide them with residency status.

Permanent Residency

Some projects have ultimately raised the stakes for interested applicants by offering permanent residency status. Those who decide to invest have the opportunity to obtain a green card in Utah, New York, Washington D.C. or any other state, provided the project creates enough jobs within two years.

With Trump signing a spending bill that will renew the golden visa program until September, Chinese investors are expected to continue funneling their money into the US assets despite a proposed increase in the required minimum amount to qualify for the program.

Bitcoins and Visas

In other aspects of immigration, the US government is currently looking into the possibility of allowing bitcoin payments for complying with the guidelines on the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program.

The program may have been used for a long time in luring much-needed offshore investments in certain regions. Many critics, however, believe that the program has made deep-pocketed investors believe that as long as they pay, they can freely invest in the country, especially in luxury properties.

As the Chinese emerge as a growing force in overseas investments, would you consider spending a hefty amount to gain entry in a specific country? If you’re an investor, your decision will depend on your goals and your capability to meet the guidelines. Ask your lawyer for any advice or recommendations.

4 Well-Paying Careers You Can Have with an Online Degree

Education and employment go hand in hand. And while we consider traditional education important, many employers are beginning to rely on the credibility and quality of online education. Below are four well-paying jobs you can enjoy with an online degree.


Accounting is one of the most stable fields in the economy as every business needs an accountant who can handle financial management properly. Because of the demand, accountants receive as much as $70,000 per year, depending on the industry. Several online schools offer accounting courses because the degree only typically requires a good understanding of numbers, which students can well understand even remotely.

Healthcare Administrator

The healthcare industry will regularly need doctors, nurses, and administrators. As humanity develops, new treatments and diseases progress every day. Because of this, healthcare administrators are on the front line, juggling paperwork and people while earning higher than average occupations. As a result, more reputable universities are starting to offer online healthcare administration courses.


Paralegals are like lawyers except that they handle less complex responsibilities such as witness interviews, claim investigations, and legal paperwork. Despite being the “right hand” of lawyers, paralegals can earn as much as $100,000 yearly. The confidentiality that their job entails makes them credible and trustworthy. At present, some colleges and universities offer paralegal certificate programs, which students can take for three to four years.

Web and Software Designer

Website and software designers are on the rise thanks to the demand of social media and other digital marketing collateral. Web designers can earn triple than the usual, especially if they work in high-paying industries such as advertising or information technology. This goes the same for software designers. Web and software designing courses are readily available online. In fact, interested students can study the basics on their own then pursue an online degree while doing some freelance work on the side.

Taking an online course is ideal, especially if you wish to study a new degree and take on a different career path. Thanks to innovation, online learning is improving and in demand.

Tech Council Receives $4M to Connect STEM Graduates with Jobs

Utah’s state universities and colleges graduated about 3,000 engineering and computer science majors last year. According to specialists, however, this number is unlikely to solve the staffing problems faced by the state’s technology sector.

In a gathering of state legislators last year, Utah Technology Council (UTC) president and CEO Richard Nelson revealed that they need 5,000 more science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) graduates. While it’s possible to produce enough tech graduates, businesses might continue exporting jobs, due to the state’s inability to provide the kind of tech talents local companies require.

Utah Legislature Steps In

The tech sector may have had a difficult time connecting graduates with local jobs, but thanks to a recently concluded Utah Legislature session, the tech landscape in the state may change significantly.

It is now high time to get in touch with companies that offer CompTIA A+ Practice Tests and other tech courses, as the legislature awarded UTC a $4 million increment on top of their $15 million annual budget. With mandatory fund matching, the organization can now leverage up to $38 million to help connect Utah STEM graduates with local jobs.

Tech Jobs in Demand

According to research conducted by Brookings Institution in 2016, tech jobs pay almost two times higher than those of other sectors. Jobs in this sector have significantly higher “multiplier” economic impact. It means that the tech positions create an average of 2.2 extra jobs, partly because businesses in such advanced industries usually purchase about $236,000 in goods and services for every employee, as opposed to the $67,000 spent by those from other sectors. According to Nelson, this multi-tier economic effect emphasizes the long-term significance of the state’s investment in STEM talents.

UTC is one of the major stakeholders in launching the STEM Action Center Utah. This program is geared towards enhancing STEM education among elementary students by building partnerships between businesses, students, and educators. UTC aims to create more useful programs like these with the increase in funding.

Immigrant Family Detention Incarcerates Mothers with their Children

Since 2014, private jails all over the country held thousands of asylum-seeking Central American women and their children under a policy mandated by the Obama administration: family detention. The policy was a response to the crisis of displacement happening in the incarcerated families’ countries of origin.

As of December 2016, records show that almost 500 mothers were incarcerated with their children — a figure that only takes into account the Berks’ asylum-seeking population. There had been plenty of calls to disavow the policy due to reports of medical neglect and oversight, which the administration resisted. Now, the families and advocacy groups worry that the policy could expand under Trump, who vowed to target 11 million undocumented immigrants during his first 100 days.

Poor Health Conditions

It is not just the political climate, however, that alarms those locked up. Concerns also arose about intolerable conditions in the detention centers. Erica and her two young children, for instance, were at CoreCivic’s detention center in Dilly when her then 14-month old daughter fell ill. On the third day following their arrival, her child started running a fever, but the medical staff told her nothing was wrong with the child. Erica would beg for medicine, and once, the nurse only gave her VapoRub to help her daughter, who had difficulty breathing.

They immediately took the baby to the emergency room as soon as Erica was released to a shelter run by the non-profit organization RAICES. The doctor who attended to her daughter said that if they waited any longer, the child could have died of pneumonia and a lung infection.

Families Deprived of a Normal Life

InHands in Jail a joint letter sent to state authorities last year, 22 mothers detained in Berks expressed how life in the detention cells deprives their children, whose ages range from 2–16, of a normal life. They said the children already experienced trauma as they risked their own lives to flee the violence and the unstable conditions of their countries of origin. They hoped to arrive on safe ground, yet, now, the terrible conditions inside the cells are causing their young children to consider suicide.

In some instances, the children would even ask their parents if they have the courage to escape. Year after year, they spend all the important dates in their lives — Christmases, birthdays, inside detention centers. The children, not having eaten properly in a long time, have lost weight.

Turning to Bail Bonds for Hope

Often, the detained immigrant families’ friends or relatives turn to bail bond agents for help to pay the bond amount. This helps them get their loved ones out of jail, so they could instead wait for their case to advance at home.

Undocumented US residents detained by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement may turn to two types of bail bonds. Detainees may only turn to bonds, however, if authorities do not consider them a threat to national security or to the safety of the community they are in.

They may file a delivery bond if they received an arrest warrant and a notice of custody conditions. A voluntary departure bond, meanwhile, gives the detainee the option to leave the country in their own terms by a certain period.

Why a Legal Conclusion is Closure to Gravely Injured People

Personal Injury Lawyer in Townsville

So many families seek legal assistance when it comes to resolving personal injury cases. When there is a chance that someone else is responsible for the incident, people believe that they should have a part in helping the injured person recover.

From the perspective of those suffering the injuries, things are hardly as simple as this. In the case of people who received bad financial advice, the actions of those responsible had severe and reverberating effects. Going to court is not just bringing the people responsible to justice or seeking financial recuperation. It is about closure. Ending such a disruptive event allows them to move on and so that their families will not withstand the worst of the incident’s consequences.

The Unpredictability of Things

No personal injury lawyer in Townsville or other cities in Australia would be daft to think that every case is straightforward, that at the end of each case is a reward and nothing else. It is about proving the claims true and if you are about to take a personal injury case to court, you have to know the importance of honesty.

More than that, even the biggest and most severe cases do not resolve quickly. Take the thalidomide cases, for example. The lawsuit was a worldwide affair and the resolution in Australia’s shores, though rewarding, was questionable. The court did not actually rule that Diageo was negligent and that the case concluded by negotiation. Looking at the state of those crippled by thalidomide effects, you will wonder if any amount of money will make their lives better.

A Respite, Nonetheless

Holly Raper suffered a debilitating injury that will only allow her to live 15 more years. She is 27 and for her parents, this is possibly the worst news they could ever receive. The compensation case concluded to Ms. Raper’s favour to the tune of $12 million. A colossal amount, but what does it mean?

For anyone lucky enough to remain functional after a serious incident, this is closure. To parents and loved ones having to care for paralysed people like Holly, it is at least a respite. Money is as important as justice in such events, and with a compensation package, they can at least make a long-term care plan.

Nothing feels better than letting go of traumatic events. In the matters of personal injury, a court case is likely to be a part of that process.

Men Who Don’t Have a Full-Time Job are More Likely to Divorce

Divorce Lawyer in Colorado Springs

They may enjoy spending more time with the kids while their wives are working, but it seems house husbands are suffering from their modern take on marriage.

While prior research suggested couples who share chores are more likely to call it quits, a newly published Harvard study blames a less controllable divorce risk factor: whether or not the husband works full-time.

Men Working Part-Time More Likely to Divorce

The study published in the American Sociological Review sourced data from 6,300 married heterosexual couples, which were interviewed between 1968 and 2013. Harvard sociology professor Alexandra Killewald and her team found out that all other factors being equal, men who work part-time were 33% more likely to divorce in any given year. This is compared to husbands who worked full time and contributed to the family’s finances.

To put it simply, men’s marriages are one-third more likely to end if they do not fulfill the stereotypical breadwinner role.

Legal Implications of Divorcing Men Who Work Part-Time

If you are planning to divorce your spouse who works part-time, the Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne suggests taking note that his voluntariness or involuntariness for his lack of work makes a difference. Some courts are suspicious of non-working and part-time working husbands, assuming they could work and earn money if they choose to. Of course, this will come down to the opinion of a single judge and does not always hold true and still depends on their divorce lawyer.

During the divorce process, your husband may also ask for alimony. If during your marriage you allowed him to work part-time and care more for the children, courts will take this into consideration. They will likely consider if he will continue to be the kids’ custodial parent.

Also, you might have to support him financially while the divorce process is ongoing, and for a short time after, as he takes steps to find a full-time job.

With the study, it seems the traditional “woman as the homemaker” stereotype has eroded – but the husband breadwinner norm stays. But the real question is, is it worth divorcing a man who doesn’t have a full-time job?

Only if you know there’s something worth saving. But really, divorce won’t probably help with your family’s finances, but it will definitely cut back on the laundry.

The Case of Brangelina, Therapies, and a Speedy Divorce

On September 2016, international power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie distorted views of true love by announcing their separation. Popularly known as Brangelina, the two served as the poster kids of a loving relationship and a blended family until they revealed serious marital issues.

Angie said “irreconcilable differences” was the root of it all. It’s the typical story of opposites attracting and not realizing their massive differences while they dated.

Apart from their fame as a couple, one of the notable characteristics of their divorce was the ruling. Most divorce attorneys in Colorado Springs admit that regular divorces can take years; but in the case of Brangelina, all it took was months.

What was the ruling?

Angelina is to retain custody of their six children while her ex-husband receives “therapeutic visitation.”

Understanding Therapeutic Visitation

There are various types of supervised visitation; having an adult present with the kids, however, is different from therapeutic visitation.

This type of visitation creates a safe place for the kids while teaching the non-custodial parent how they can copy the constructive environment. Mental health clinics can also help, should the court deems it necessary. These visitations may end on any particular session when the custodial parent picks the children up.

No one can make this type of plan quickly. Mental health professionals and clinicians partner with the Courts to gain access to important records. All information used then maps out the appropriate plan for both the kids and their parents.

The Need for Therapeutic Visitation

Angelina accused Brad of mistreating their children during a plane ride, which led the court to sanction therapeutic supervised visitation. This means Jolie insisted that her ex’s household is incapable of providing a healthy atmosphere for the kids.

The aim is to re-introduce the non-custodial parent back into the children’s lives. Since the incident on the plane gained empathy from the courts, they decided to re-evaluate Pitt’s relationship with the kids and encourage him to improve as a father.

Some believe Brad is a devoted father. Did Angelina just want him gone?

Anyone can draw their conclusions, but at the heart of their divorce still stands the kids. Angie and Brad can have their disputes, but everything should still boil down to their children’s best interests.

Qualities to Look for in Your Atlanta Birth Injury Lawyer

Birth Injury

The first, and probably the most important step to take when filing a birth injury lawsuit is to find the right lawyer. If you are the parent involved, you must talk with various lawyers and law firms before coming up with the decision on who would represent you in court.

Having said that, here are the qualities that you should look for in your prospective birth injury attorney, such as Atlanta’s Tyrone Law Firm:


As it is, a medical malpractice case is usually challenging and difficult. Add to that the fact that a birth injury lawsuit is among the most complicated types of medical malpractice case out there. The defense lawyers hired by insurance carriers are usually the most skilled law practitioners money can buy. Experts are likewise employed to strongly dispute the case.

Not all lawyers are capable of representing clients in birth injury cases. Thus, when interviewing prospective lawyers, you must ask if they are certified for competence or if they have peer review recognition.


An experienced lawyer can find and collect the necessary evidence and have access to various medical experts. Determine how much experience your lawyer has on the subject matter, specifically in birth injury cases such as cerebral palsy.

Track Record

A successful track record is usually an indication that the lawyer can handle your case well. While the results may vary on a case to case basis, a lawyer with a good record of success most likely knows how to win your particular case.

Contingency Fee Arrangement

The majority of Atlanta birth injury attorneys work on contingency set-up. Thus, you don’t have to think about paying any legal fees until you get a favorable verdict or your case is settled out of court.

Healthy Client-Lawyer Relationship

Although the lawyer’s track record and experience may count more than his personality, it is important to have a good relationship with your attorney to achieve the best results possible.

If your lawyer has all these qualities, then you can rest assured that your case is in good hands.

Your Child Suffered from a Birth Injury: What Can You Do?

Birth injuries take place when medical professionals and staff members are not careful. In many cases, these occur during the labor process itself. Many factors contribute to these life-altering situations, but most of them have something to do with the development of the brain, which results in the delay of the child’s ability to fully use their muscles. In other words, a child that has suffered from a birthing injury most likely will have problems in terms of mobility and even mentally.

What to do after determining your little one has sustained a birthing injury

One of the most important things you need to do as a parent is to determine what exactly caused the birthing injury. You can consult a birth injury lawyer in Atlanta to help you if you think that the medical professionals who handled your pregnancy and labor are the cause.

It is also important for you to consult doctors and other medical experts, such as a pediatric radiologist, radiologist, or neurologist, to collect information about your child’s condition. Your kid will have to undergo a CT scan or an MRI. In addition, their pediatrician will gather relevant data like medical history, results of laboratory tests, developmental outcomes, and other important observations. Through the collaboration of these medical experts, you can figure out exactly what type of brain damage your child has sustained.

What the future holds for children who sustained birthing injuries

Once your team of experts has determined a cerebral palsy case or any other brain damage or malformation, they will then focus on the severity of the impairment and its exact location. From there, they will develop the most appropriate and suitable treatment plans for your child. Proper treatment, together with correct care and therapy, will help your child cope up with their condition and maximize the chances of them achieving their potential.

Don’t let your child suffer even further. If you think their condition was due to failure or neglect, then seek for compensation so they can receive treatment right away.

Secure Your Assets through the Correct Asset Protection Plan

Securing Your Assets with Asset Protection Plan

Whether you own a business or you simply have a lot of properties, you should know that being such a person comes with numerous risks. This is especially true for business owners, as they have so many responsibilities aside from making profits. They also have to ensure they protect their investment from problems such as claims, liabilities, and lawsuits.

This is where a Utah asset protection lawyer comes into play.

The Problems that Usually Arise

Almost all owners and operators of a business have an extensive array of financial responsibilities. These obligations usually include mortgages and debts. However, serious issues may arise, especially when faced with liabilities, including product defects, damages caused by employees, and occupational hazards among many others.

The Consequences of Handling these Problems Incorrectly

In the event that such concerns come up, it is extremely important you handle them with extreme caution. Having a lawyer specializing in asset protection will help you smoothen out things faster and more efficiently. Through the help of such a legal professional, you can prevent serious financial disasters that do not only impact your business, but your personal life as well.

The Asset Protection Planning Strategies

When you work with an asset protection legal professional, he/she will develop a protection strategy that will involve a wide array of programs. These include structures, frameworks, and arrangements. The asset protection plan should include partnerships, corporations, and trusts. The plan should also take into careful consideration the types of customers and creditors you have or will have, and their probability of filing any complaints, claims, or liabilities against you.

As a business owner or just a regular individual with plenty of assets to protect, you need the help of someone who specializes in just that task. So start creating that layer of security for all your assets and protection through the help of a legal professional in the asset protection field.