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Rules on Etiquette for the Newbie Gym Rat

Man working out inside the gym

Finally, decided to stick with your new year’s resolution and hit the gym? It doesn’t matter when you start. Just as long as you do, right? Now the next thing you need to focus on, after signing up to the gym of your choice, is proper gym etiquette.

Whether you are a first timer or have practically lived in a gym your whole life, it is important to observe proper gym etiquette. Here are what you should remember while sharing a gym with other people, according to MÜV Fitness, a top fitness club in Columbia, SC:

Wipe off Your Sweat

You wouldn’t want to use a sit-up bench drenched in strangers’ sweat. Others don’t want it as much as you do. Make it a habit of wiping off your sweat after using gym equipment. If all gym goers followed this rule, the gym would be a less icky place.

Respect Personal Space

It isn’t a bad thing to want to make new friends. However, if someone has earphones on and is lost in their own world while working out, or if they clearly aren’t interested in socializing, leave them be. People have their own preferences when working out. While some might like to chat, others prefer to keep to themselves.

Don’t Hog the Equipment

Resting in between sets near the equipment you use is normal. But, you should learn to be sensitive and share it with others who need it while you are taking your break. Remember, it is public property.

Do Not Be Loud

Avoid talking loudly on the phone or playing music at full volume. Not everyone likes The Chain-smokers as their workout song.

Do Not Stare

Whether you admire other gym goers, judge them, or simply observe their workout routine, watching someone in the gym makes everyone uncomfortable and is just plain wrong and creepy.

Good luck on your first day. Make sure to keep proper gym etiquette in mind while you get in shape. But most importantly, do not lose your focus and determination.

4 Eye Technologies You’ll See in the Future

Man with eye-tracking technology

The wonders of the human eye are varied and vast.  As such, eyes have been the catalyst for many personal, philosophical, and even scientific musings. In fact, there has been such a strong focus on scientific innovations surrounding the eye that here are four realistic eye devices to look forward to in the future.

Bionic Eye Implants

Although they have yet to reach the mainstream market, bionic eye implants have already evolved from a purely speculative science to practical innovation, the team from Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates confirms. Second Sight’s Argus II comprises an antenna, an electrode array, and an electronics case. The user outfits the implants in and on the eye.

If you suffer from retinitis pigmentosa, these cybernetic devices can give you a chance to return your eyesight.

Star Trek-Style Visor

If you are a fan of Star Trek and you happen to be afflicted with a degenerative eye condition that may rid you of your eyesight, a visor developed by Pixium Vision could be your two-stone slingshot.

With this science fiction inspired accessory, your surgeon can implant a silicone chip to your retina. Goggles outfitted with an integrated camera and a pocket processor can help enable image processing.

Telescopic Contact Lenses

Right now, the most fun your typical contact lenses provide is letting you play with different eye colors. Compare this trick to something that allows you to zoom in and out of images with just a wink of an eye, and colored retinas seem almost lame.

Eye-Tracking Technology

While eye-tracking technology does not address blindness, it enables reading eye movement to improve device responsiveness. A software application of this technology will let you pick what you want to see without lifting a finger.

Whether you’re a technophobe who only needs simple eyeglasses or a tech freak who loves all kinds of new technology, there is no denying that there is beauty in these innovations. As they say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Bond with Your Partner through a Massage

Couple having a massage together

The origin of massage dates back to thousands of years ago. Many consider it calming and relaxing. However, the greatest impact of massage lies in that it helps the body recover through natural and holistic methods.

Most people consider getting a massage to be an individual session, but a massage session with your better half is an excellent way to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Consider the following reasons to book a couple’s massage therapy in Jericho, New York:

Mutual Healing

Gifting your partner with a massage session shows your concern for their wellness, but joining them can make the experience even better, as it provides healing to both your tired bodies.

Reconnect with Your Partner

With time, couples in relationships often end up busy with work and other concerns outside of their relationship, disconnecting them from one another. Although going out on a date or having some quiet time at home can help you reconnect, many would still feel something lacking.

A lack of newness is becoming a common problem in many relationships nowadays. Every once in a while it is vital for couples to add something new to the relationship. A couple’s massage is one great idea, especially if it is a venture you both want to try.

Increases Affection

A couple’s massage can help rekindle feelings of love and intimacy, as the experience releases hormones, such as serotonin and dopamine, which help a person feel better overall. When you experience the effects of these hormones in the presence of your significant other, this boosts feelings of closeness. During a massage, the body also releases oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, which can increase the couple’s trust and intimacy.

Massage therapy can provide many benefits to an individual, but achieving its effects with your significant other can add to the experience all the more.

Make it Simple: How to Plan Your Child’s Birthday Party

Birthday party with the kids and clown

Your child deserves a celebration of every birthday party, so you can have their friends over and let them have a day of fun. It gives them a sense of the importance of having friends and celebrating milestones in life.

Here is a checklist of the important parts of preparing your child’s birthday party:

At least a month before the party

Ask your child what they want the theme of the party to be. Children have an idea what they want, usually based on whatever kiddie movie or superhero character they love at the moment. Spend a little time with your kid to discuss this so you can buy themed plates and glasses, posters, balloons, and so on.

This is also the time to speak with your child about whom they would like to invite. This usually means inviting all of their classmates, though, plus their guardian or parents. Your child might only want his several best friends, however, so make sure to talk to your child first.

Book the entertainment your child will be happy with; a magician, for instance. This is also enough time to buy costumes for your child and the rest of the family. If you’re not doing this at home, this is ample time to book one of the function rooms for rent at Leighton Hall in Cavite or some other party hall.

You may also start planning the menu and, if you’re not cooking, begin calling caterers.

At least two weeks before the party

Make sure you’ve called the most important guests, i.e. your child’s favorite people, such as their best friend. Get confirmation from the parents.

Physical invites should be sent out at this time, so every invitee has a chance to save the date. You can also send invites through social media apps like Facebook Messenger.

Plan the games. You can talk to your child about the games you have in mind, to get their approval. Buy whatever paraphernalia you need for the games, as well as kiddie prizes and loot bags.

At least a week before the party

Finalize the menu with your preferred caterer. You may ask for a food tasting session if this is possible. Your caterer needs this time to make the foods that can be frozen.

Finalize the schedule with your event venue. Call your invitees and remind them of the date and time, as well as any costumes they might need.

With ample preparation and organization, you don’t have to worry that your child’s birthday party won’t be a hit. Early preparation gives you enough time to do everything and avoid the last-minute rush.

Why is it Important for Seniors to Live Independently?

Seniors living independently and happySeniors that live independently have a high quality of life and feel younger than those who have someone who will do everything for them. Having responsibilities, accountability and just being able to do things on their own add value and life to the years of the elderly.

Experts from an independent living community in Las Vegas cite the following factors why seniors should live independently:

Life in Their Years

Seniors will lose their quality of life and enjoyment in their golden years, especially if they don’t have freedom and responsibilities. When they live in an independent community, they can do what they want, participate in many activities, and may even socialize with others. These are the things that revitalize their lives and give them something to look forward to. They won’t feel bored when there are activities to do and people to share stories with.

New Friendships

People are social beings, without anyone to share experiences and communicate with, they will feel lonely. For seniors, companionship is of utmost importance because they need to interact with others to prevent the onset of mental illnesses and depression. Having someone to talk to improves their quality of life and adds value to their lives. New connections also stimulate the brain, creating new cells and keeping it healthy longer.


Old timers still need to break out a sweat and flex their muscles. Physical activities, such as walking, yoga, tai chi or even weight lifting, can improve their quality of life and also reinvigorate their zest for life.

Responsibilities and Accountability

Even in their old age, seniors need to have responsibilities to keep them sharp and self-reliant. Simple things, such as bathing or clothing, themselves are important. It’s even better if they do chores, such as mowing the lawn, buying their own groceries, or taking the bus or driving themselves to their favorite restaurant or park. These routines give seniors things to do and something to look forward to.

Seniors that live independently have a better quality of life and are likely to live not just longer, but also happier despite their years.

3 Things to Consider Before Picking a Cleaning Service Provider

Cleaning services employees ready to work

Working with a professional cleaning service provider lets you save valuable time and energy, which you can then use for more important pursuits. If you are a home-maker who also works full time, this is something you must consider. Same if you are at the helm of a business operation that has done away with an in-house team of custodians.

But before you sign a contract with a cleaning service provider, consider these points first.

Cleaning Service Arrangement

The type of cleaning service you get depends on the particular service arrangements followed by your chosen provider. While some offer services by the hour, others bill for cleaning packages. It is then important that you know all the terms before signing up for a cleaning service contract.

Another thing to remember is this: to some cleaning professionals, there are off-limit aspects to their offered services, such as the handling of risk to human health. This could pose a problem suppose you hired specifically for a carpet cleaning service only to find out your provider does not cover carpet mould removal.

Environmental Cleaning Service

In this age of global climate concerns, going green is the best and most ethical way to go. This is something you can apply in choosing a cleaning service provider. Find an Auckland provider such as AAA Cleaning Ltd that is committed to using environmentally-friendly cleaning products and equipment, and devoted to practising non-hazardous cleaning systems and procedures.

Mind the Price

Lastly, plan your budget and stick with it. Outsourcing does not mean you have to spend an arm and a leg. One way to go about this is by comparing price quotes from various cleaning service providers. There are websites devoted to this.

Once you have considered these points, you are all set to find the best cleaning service provider that’ll cater to your needs and more. Just make sure you tidy up a little before your cleaners arrive. After all, you do not want to give your guests a bad first impression.

Cowboy Boots and Weddings: Dressing Up The Western Way

Cowboy boots lined up

Corral is a well-known brand of cowboy boots and can be bought at outlets selling authentic Western-inspired gear. These boots are also available on major online retailers. Like many other boot makers, Corral offers vintage, handcrafted boots made from the best materials.

The brand is known for its beautiful craftsmanship, with tooled designs and even embroidery on the boots. Many of these boots have a lot of feminine touches, which make them easy to pair with jeans or even a sundress, depending on the time of year.

Cowboy boots and wedding dresses

When one talks about wedding dresses and accessories, strapping shoes and stiletto heels come to mind. Many women in the US are now wearing cowboy boots while walking down the aisle. One reason is that they prefer comfort over high heels. Just because one is getting married doesn’t mean corral boots cannot be worn for weddings.

If you grew up in the country and would like to get married in your hometown, you could have the wedding at a ranch or in a barn. Wouldn’t it be great to have your boots on so that you could go dancing with your new husband soon after?

What boots can be paired with wedding dresses?

Wearing Corral boots on a Western-inspired wedding might seem like a strange thing to do. If done right, it could jazz up the wedding dress and make even the bride and bridesmaids look and feel great. To be on the safe side, choose a pair with few embellishments and a simple design.

As Corral boots are available in a range of colors and materials, finding a pair of taupe or white ones should be easy enough. If you like color, then choose anything that will match the bridesmaids’ outfits. When pairing cowboy boots with a wedding dress, your imagination is the limit.

Clogged Drains and How to Deal With Them

Person Unclogging a Kitchen SinkA clogged drain is one of the common household problems. The inconvenience it brings can never be stressed enough and it’s simply annoying. You must act quickly to avoid even worse consequences.

Here is what you should know and do to resolve the problem:

Common Blockages

Understanding how the clog occurred can help you solve it and keep it from coming back. Residential drains can easily be blocked by build-up of common household objects. At the top of the list is hair. A bit of hair slowly building up can cause big problems, trapping bigger objects that will ultimately block the passage.

Throwing toiletries into the drain is another bad habit that causes a blockage. Those non-biodegradable objects will surely block the drains. Grease is a silent blocking agent to your kitchen pipes. Those fatty substances combined with food particles may harden down the pipes and form blockages.

Another uncommon contributing factor to your clogged drains might be outside your home’s pipes. A huge clog on the city drainage may be caused by heavy rains and storms transporting plant and stone debris. In this case, you should notify authorities right away.

Home Remedies

A number of home remedies might come in handy in case you do not have a chemical drain cleaning solution or the 24-hour plumber is still on his way to your home. These include the handy plunger that applies sucking pressure to break a mild blockage. You can likewise pour boiling water directly into the drain. This will likely fix a lighter clog.

If still unfixed, add half a cup of baking soda followed by a few cups of boiling water. This should create a simple chemical reaction that gives off some air and relieves the clog. You can also add vinegar or salt to the previous steps mentioned if you suspect a grease build-up clogging your sink.

As cliché as it appears, prevention is still better than cure, and it’s best to secure a plumber’s phone number in case of a plumbing emergency. Any plumbing problem requires immediate professional attention. Act quickly before it is too late.

Aboveground Storage Tanks: Risk Management Strategies

Managing Aboveground Storage Tanks

Storage tanks catching fire. Storage tanks leaking. The consequences of failing to manage the risks of aboveground storage tanks are devastating.

The level of devastation sometimes depends on the stored substance and the tank’s location; chemical substances could do more harm than petroleum products. This was certainly the case when an aboveground chemical storage tank leaked into the Elk River in West Virginia, causing the illness of thousands of people.

An appropriate risk management plan would prevent unfortunate incidents in the future.

Where Do You Start?

It starts with tank fabrication. All storage tanks need to comply with specific standards. Unfortunately, there isn’t a singular federal program that regulates ASTs. You’ll have to look into different standards that match the type of tank you need on your site.

For example, the API standard 650 regulates the design, materials, construction, and testing of welded tanks for oil storage, while the API standard 620 is for the design and construction of large, welded, and low-pressure tanks.

Fabrication according to prevailing standards ensures your ASTs are safe, and strong against external elements, e.g., high winds, flooding, and the like.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Regular visual inspections also help manage risks; when you know the precise condition of your tanks, you can get ahead of leaks, corrosion, and any other problems that lead to disastrous accidents.

The Environmental Protection Agency highly recommends monitoring by testing the integrity of tanks. This is especially crucial when repairs or modifications are being done.

Also, consider building a secondary containment area to hold the contents of the primary storage tank. And inform and train on-site personnel for emergency procedures should an incident occur.

Managing risks is part of your operations. Whether your aboveground storage tanks contain petroleum products or chemicals, implement a risk management strategy. And you may prevent a devastating outcome.

The 3 Tricks to Finding The Ideal Childcare Provider

child care provider
Finding the ideal worker to look after your child is not always a walk in the park. It requires ample time to make a decision to ascertain that the employee you recruit is a perfect fit for the job. Below are the some of the tips you can make use of to ensure you hire the best nanny for your child either on a part-time or full-time basis.

Brainstorm on Your Requirements

Before hopping on a nanny search, the first step is to thoroughly analyse your family needs. After conducting your analysis, you should then list down all the essential traits and qualifications that your nanny should possess. Additionally, you should pen down a detailed job description of days, times as well as the required duties of the position, advised an expert from Hence, this description will be your guide throughout the entire vetting process and will ensure you stay on track.

Finding Potential Prospects

When recruiting a nanny, there are three ways you can go about it: recommendations from fellow parents/friends, a childcare management company and lastly, online sites listing available nannies. Among the three options, choosing a reputable childcare agency is always the safest because of the certainty that their workers have undergone a thorough screening by experts. It may be a more costly option than using online sites and referrals from parents, but it certainly prioritises the interests of its clients. Using the internet is also a good alternative to consider since credible sites contain filters for certain qualifications and background checks are mandatory.

Scheduling a face-to-face Interview

Once you have successfully narrowed down your list of potential candidates, the next step is inviting each prospect to your home for a personal one-on-one interview. During this sit-down, you get a chance to inquire the nitty-gritty details such as her expertise with changing diapers and administering medication, to mention a few. Additionally, it is advisable to have your children present so as to make a keen observation of how she interacts with them. As such, this ascertains that you will make the right selection in the end.

From the above, it is evident that hiring a child care provider is one of the most crucial decisions you will make. However, with tremendous enthusiasm, patience, resources and communication, this important recruitment will turn into an incredible asset that will give you the confidence and peace of mind you need.