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3 Small Changes That Improve Home Appeal

A fireplace

Look at the houses you see on magazines. They make you want to remodel your home or just buy a new one altogether, don’t they? There’s something beautiful about a well-decorated home that makes you feel envious. But what if you could improve your home without spending much? Here are some ideas to try:

Make a Fireplace the Center of Attention

A fireplace is a beautiful centerpiece if it’s designed wisely. Choose a French fireplace mantel and offset it against a wall with a plain color to make it stand out. Even if your fireplace is just for aesthetic purposes, it can still be the perfect accent if you add natural elements around it, such as potted plants and family portraits.

Leave Spaces

One thing you’ll notice in model homes featured in magazines is that the room feels airy and open. For your own room, you have to strike a balance between looking bare and looking overstuffed.

Here’s a trick: Leave some space between walls, couches, and tables. Give the illusion that you’ve got some space to spare. Use floor-length curtains for a dramatic effect, but choose those made out of light materials for a breezy look.

Use the Same Frames

This may not seem like a big deal, but compare a carefully arranged photo series with the same photos yet with randomly picked frames from the department store. There’s a little more thought put into the organized frames; it tells people that you have designed them that way. You don’t even have to use expensive frames. A little bit of DIY to coat them with a paint color that matches the room and you’ll have wall hangings that look posh.

Don’t just dream of a better-looking home. Make it happen using these design ideas.

Bathroom Renovation: Things to Keep in Mind

Man ready to renovate the bathroom

The bathroom is perhaps the only place in your home where you can have your alone time after a stressful day at the office, or after finally tucking your kids into bed. These are just some of the reasons it is important to invest in your bathroom as you would in other parts of your house.

Set aside some time and budget to think about how you would remodel your shower in Bountiful or the whole bathroom. Companies such as Sand & Swirl, Inc. can help you get the bathroom of your dreams if you plan and consider these things carefully.


You can get the bathroom of your dreams without breaking your budget and your bank accounts. The key is to be resourceful. Know where and when to buy which things and you would be amazed at how much you would be able to save.

Also, have a budget and strictly stick to it. You might compromise on some things, but it should never be at the cost of your financial status.


Different homes have different plumbing layouts. Before modeling your bathroom and shower based on the picture you saw on the magazine, check your plumbing, whether or not it will allow such kinds of renovation.

Lighting and flooring

Make sure your bathroom is well lighted to prevent an accident, so should your flooring be slip proof or temperature regulated. Prioritizing these two things would not only make your bathroom aesthetically pleasing but safe as well.

Bath or shower? Or both?

Deciding on whether to have a bathtub, a shower, or both is a personal preference. Choose what you think would be the most functional for you and your family.


Unleash your creativity and style your bathroom the way you want it to. Have design pegs online, from magazines and your designer.

Renovating your bathroom is not something that you do yearly. Make the most out of it by making the right decisions.

Protect Your Home While You’re on Vacation

Man fixed the lock of the doorNow that your itinerary is ready and you have packed your bags, it’s time to think about securing your house before you leave on vacation. You may not think that burglars will target your home while you are away, but it’s wise to be ready just in case. These four tips can help.

Lock all entry points

While this may seem obvious, sometimes it’s easy to overlook some doors and windows before leaving. Go through the house and lock absolutely everything, including deadbolts. Talk to a competent locksmith in Auckland to replace any broken locks in your house.

Ask a good neighbour to help out

If you know a neighbour you can trust, mention to them that you’ll be out of town for a while and ask them to keep an eye on your property. Request them to watch out for anything that may make your home look unoccupied, for instance, a broken sprinkler system.

Invest in timers

There’s a variety of timers in the market that you can install on your electronics to make it look like there are occupants in your home while you are away.  These timers will turn your lights and electronics on during particular times of the day. The idea is to create the noise and lights that characterise occupied homes in Auckland.

Talk to someone to mow your lawn

An unkempt lawn is one of the biggest indicators that there’s no one at home. Before leaving, talk to a friend, relative, or landscaping company to mow the lawn while you are away. Request them to take care of other outdoor chores that may arise as well, for instance, broken branches or snow that needs shovelling.

While there are some instances where all the preparation in the world cannot prevent a break in, it hurts much less when you know you’ve done your best to secure your property. By doing a few basic things, you can dissuade burglars from targeting your home.

Guide to Proper Care of Metal Fences and Gates

Metal fence

Fences and gates lend beauty and safety to your property. These could be made from wood or any type of metal. Regardless of the material, good maintenance will keep them attractive and long-lasting.

If you have or are planning to install metal gates and fences, follow a few maintenance tips to keep them durable and beautiful. Regular maintenance will ensure that your fences and gates require less frequent repairs and replacement.

Take protective measures

Metal gates and fences can get rusty when exposed to excess humidity, rain, or snow. This could be a small problem if you live in a dry area, but it is still advisable to take preventive measures. Experts recommend painting the fences and gates to keep them protected. Choose high-quality paint that will not blister or fade easily, so that the paint job will last for years. The paint will help reduce oxidation that causes rusting.

Inspect and clean your fence

Fences and gates should be cleaned regularly with soap and warm water. Detect all rust spots and clean them well, too. It is a good idea to paint your fences and gates after cleaning them thoroughly. Regular inspection will help identify any rusty areas and other parts that need repair. Look for unstable and loose footings, cracks, and other damages, and repair them immediately.

Fix bent sections and repair rusty areas

Your fence or gate can bend due to an accident; fix those bent sections as soon as possible. Hammering and using the blowtorch should be sufficient. But if the damage is severe, then call in the professionals. If you find that the rust spots are widespread, take steps so that the damage is confined and reduced.

Your metal fence and gates affect the way your property looks. Make sure they make a positive impact by maintaining them properly. Use these tips to ensure that the fencing and gate will last for many years.

Guide to Installing and Waterproofing a Wet Room

Clean wet room

A wet room is basically a bathroom where the shower is open and the floor is flush with the flooring of the rest of the room. The bath water drains away into the floor through an outlet. This shower designs is sophisticated and offers a luxurious bathing experience. Waterproofing it could mean a better way to enjoy every shower.

The latest technology

The waterproofing technology is more advanced today than it was a couple of years ago. Innovative shower accessories, tiling products and tile adhesives are likewise available in Australia and other parts of the world. This made the installation of an elegant wet room viable. You can now install a wet room when you build your new home or if you already own one.

Installing wet room

There are many ways to install and waterproof a wet room. If you are building a new home, then you can install a wet room in every floor. If you are installing a wet room in an existing home then you can raise the floor level. The level can be raised with concrete and levelled layer of cement or other material. This will help you install a concealed flush that will make sure the floor surface is at the right angle for proper drainage.

You can use suitable formers for the whole room and then waterproof the floors and the walls. Then you can fix tiles of your choice with perfect adhesives. It is important to make sure that the room is watertight. Tiles with a waterproof grout is ideal for an enclosed shower, but you will need a tray for a wet room.

Waterproofing a wet room

It is important to waterproof a wet room or bathroom properly. It is a good idea to lay a membrane, which is waterproof and is glued to the floor. Waterproofing can likewise be done using chemical products, most of which are environment friendly and mineral based. You can use different waterproofing products, depending on the absorbing power of the underlying material used in the wet room.

Waterproofing should always be part of your maintenance plan regardless if you are building a new house or you already have one. Use the right materials when installing and waterproofing your wet room to achieve the best results. Do not forget to get professional help to ensure quality work.

Forgot your Key to the House? Here is What to Do

Locksmith showing the keys

Got locked out of your house in the middle of the night? Maybe one of these solutions will be able to lift you out of your predicament:

Contact a mobile locksmith service

The first instinct that comes to most people be to try and destroy the door so that they can get in. This, however, may be too drastic. It may be best for you to call a locksmith instead. They, after all, work on locks and keys all the time, which means unlocking the door of your house will be nothing to them.

However, most locksmith services are not available early in the morning. Thankfully, there are mobile locksmith services that can do the job for you even in late hours. They respond fast, can do specialised services and can go to even the most remote locations.

Ring the doorbell

Yes, it can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. Sometimes, we get into such a panic that we forget that there is an easy way out. Who knows? Maybe your parents or your friends will wake up from their slumber and open the door for you.

Just a word of caution though, this will only work when there is someone who is inside the house who is just sleeping or watching television. Otherwise, you may have to do the other options.

Use a paper clip

Who knew an item in your school supplies that you dismissed a lot when you were younger would be this useful? The paper clip has become the go-to lock pick for many of those locked out from their homes.

They can be complicated to use, though, so only use this if you still have the energy to be precise in your movements.

In unlocking doors, mere brute force will not work. What you need are wit and expertise. If you do that, you may be able to get into your bedroom fast.

Getting the Best Fencing System for Your Home

Black metal fence

Fencing, whether installed at the front, side, or back, is one of the most important features your property can have. It provides not just an enclosure for your home, but also the space between the road or the street and the building itself. As such, you must consider the property that the fencing system will surround, and the space right in front of it.

Metal fencing is one of the most popular options for homeowners today. You may choose from a range of metal fence designs. Don’t forget to think about other essential factors, such as safety and privacy.

Where privacy makes the most sense

In many cases, homeowners don’t need to enclose their front garden, footpaths, or adjoining roads. Installing a fence, however, is ideal to ensure privacy in the backyard or garden. You can place privacy screens between your adjoining garden’s sitting areas. These should sit higher than eye level, so that passersby won’t easily see what’s inside your property.

Consider the existing boundaries

Before building a fencing system around your property (or having one built for you), you should assess the boundaries that are already available. Decide which ones suit your property the most, based on factors, such as the size and style. For homes located in rural or semi-rural areas, you should retain hedges and trees, and pair them up with small fencing systems.

Wrought iron or high walls are the best options for urban environments. While wooden fences combined with low walls usually dominate homes in suburban areas, metal fencing is quickly becoming popular as well.

Your top priorities when it comes to choosing a fence design, type, or material should include the level of safety, security, and privacy it provides. But a fully-functional fencing system doesn’t only have to possess limited aesthetic properties. As long as you choose the most appropriate design, you can enjoy all the benefits.

4 Sustainable Ways to Lower Your Water Bill

Water bill statement

Clean water is an important resource and unfortunately, the demand is higher than the supply. If you want to lower your water consumption and bill without compromising the quality of your life, here are some tips that might help:

Have an Independent Water Source at Home

Water well drilling is quick and easy after you’ve gotten the ‘go signal’ from the local government unit. Water well can help take over some of your water consumption needs, such as washing your clothes, washing the dishes, or watering the plants. Exterra Drilling Services, a water well drilling company in Kamas, agrees that water from wells can provide nutrients to plants that you can’t just find in tap water.

Shower with a Bucket

Use a bucket when taking a shower in order to reduce water consumption and wastage. Compared to a tap, a bucket helps you control the amount of water you use.

Catch Rainwater

The rainy season is getting shorter but when it comes, it feels like it’s never going to end. Set up a drum where the water falls off from your roof. You can use rainwater primarily for cleaning the pathway or watering the plants. The amount of water you can save up depends on the size of your tank, so try to invest in a huge one and keep it closed to prevent contamination.

Introduce a Cistern Displacement Device

This device helps reduce the amount of water flushed every time you use the toilet. You can get it from your water provider and have it installed quickly and efficiently. You can also try adopting a technique where water is used four times before it is eventually dispatched.

Some homes today have successfully managed to create a sustainable water system, allowing them to become independent from the grid. You’ll find that even just a little bit of adjustment can do wonders for your water bill.

Get Your Home That Fabulous Feel

White sliding doorThere are simple touch-ups that can help transform your home the inexpensive way. Here are some smart ideas that will have a huge impact on the appearance of your house without causing a huge dent in your bank account.

Spruce up your doors

People often overlook the doors of the house. However, a little more attention on these important components of your home can make your interior décor very appealing. High-quality wall mount sliding doors, for instance, can give your living space a distinct appearance that other doors cannot.

Use a large piece of art

There is nothing like a large well-framed piece of art to add character to your wall. Fortunately, there are good options that you can get at your local market for next to nothing. Alternatively, you could make your painting if you are an artist and hang it on your wall.

Arrange your house to achieve more space

You can make more breathing space in your home by simply organising it. Get rid of items that you are not using and move your furniture away from the walls so that you can move around with ease. When buying items for your house, go for quality instead of bulk.

Go for fresh odours

The most elegant house will still be unliveable if it smells of tobacco, trash, and other unpleasant odours. To take care of this, ensure there is proper air circulation. Invest in air fresheners too and take out the trash regularly. You could also have a few indoor plants to keep air fresh within your house.

You can give your house a facelift without spending too much money. With a few easy upgrades, you can transform your home and make it more elegant and comfortable.

Stress-Free Renovation of Your House

house being renovated

Renovating your house to make it better sounds like a good project. Home improvements are always a challenge to keeping your house organized, especially if you are one of those neat-freaks. To help you in this, here are easy tricks to help you renovate your home without stressing over the clutter.

Use storage units for your things

When you renovate, you will take out things and put them somewhere else. Storage units in Santa Barbara, CA are easy to come by, and there are storage firms such as who offer these kinds of services.

Get as much storage units as you need and label them accordingly. This will allow you to find your things easier and re-organize them if you wish. Having mobile storage units would be better, too especially if you are thinking of moving your stuff around a lot.

Have a temporary kitchen first

When it comes to renovating your home, you should always consider setting up a temporary kitchen. You need to eat so you have to have some free space somewhere so that you can cook meals and have the family – or laborers – eat.

Perform your own damage control

If you wish to avoid suffering stress over damaged furniture, complete your own damage control over things. Take down curtains. Protect your floors even if they are hardwood. Cover your furniture. You may have a contractor to get things covered, but your extra precaution would be a lot of help.

Be patient

Renovating your house is not something you can do overnight. Even renovations you think are very simple and easy can take a day or two to accomplish. With that, expect waiting times and in turn, be patient while you wait.

Set a period if you want to, but you should also be realistic and consider any contingency that might come your way.

Overall, home renovations – especially major ones – can really become an inconvenience. It will put your lifestyle off, but only for a season. By following these tips, you can reduce the stress of having a cluttered home and focus on your renovation effectively.