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Caring for Your Car’s Finish: How to Keep it Looking Like New

Man washing and taking care of his car

When you drive your brand-new car home, you feel a certain pride. There’s that new-car smell and the paint is as glossy as it will ever be. As your car ages, however, that smell will fade — and that’s okay since you can always buy a good air freshener. As for the paint, fading and blemishes are a lot more difficult to take care of.

You want your vehicle to look like you just drove it out of the showroom for a long time. Here are some suggestions on how to make that possible:

Avoid parking under trees

You want to protect your car from direct sunlight because that causes fading, but it’s also a bad idea to park under trees. Those branches can fall on your car and scratch or even dent it. Birds perch on trees, so their droppings will end up on your paint. The acid in their droppings can cause blemishes. Other animals like possums and squirrels may also pee on your car. Keep your car in the garage as much as possible. If you have no choice but to park it out in the open, just be willing to wash it more often.

Don’t try to correct deep scratches on your own

If you find a scratch on your paint, try spraying it with water. If it disappears, it’s on the clear coat and has not reached the paint. You can buy retail scratch removers for those scratches.

If it doesn’t disappear with water, it’s a scratch under the clear coat. That’s a job for car painters in South Auckland. Trying to correct that kind of deep scratch may make it worse. At the very least you might make it even more noticeable by applying an uneven coat. If you can’t stand it, take it to a shop.

Wash it regularly

Whether it’s once a week or once a month (although that’s a pretty long wait), you should wash your car regularly to remove dirt, debris, road salt, ice and other contaminants that may have lasting effects on your car’s paint. Use the right products and the two-bucket method. Avoid automatic car washes, as they are notorious for scratching the car’s paint.

Apply a paint protection

There are different types of waxes and paint sealants out there that you can try. They give an extra layer of protection from contaminants when used regularly. Every four to six months is a good schedule for waxing or paint sealing. Don’t forget the plastic, vinyl, and rubber trims. Apply a protective material after every wash to make them last longer.

Even if your car gets older, it doesn’t have to look it. Take good care of it and it will keep looking like new for years to come.

One-Car Families. Do They Really Work?

Family in a CarTransportation, especially a private one, is necessary for a family. However, due to the increasing cost of vehicles as well as the rise of gas prices, many families are beginning to practice the one-car rule. In this article, let us know all about being a one-car family plus its pros and cons.

One-Car Family What?

Being a one-car family means sharing one vehicle between three to four—or sometimes even five—family members. The practice is slowly trending in the United States, especially for families that wish to reduce transportation costs. The adjustment may be difficult though many people are beginning to see its advantages. Some of which are:

Fewer Car Payments

This is one of the major advantages of being a one-car family. Since there is only one vehicle for everyone to use, gas, maintenance, and insurance costs significantly reduce. With this, families can easily apply and pay for a cash loan in Provo, California, or whichever state they come from.

More Family Time

Despite busy schedules, families can converse and share each person’s whereabouts as they only share one vehicle. This, however, is just an added benefit that one-car families realize upon taking on the practice.

Following the one-car rule, however, has its disadvantages too:

Too Much on the Miles

When families share only one vehicle, all the miles just go on that car. An increase in mileage can mean less life span for a car due to maintenance issues such as overused and damaged alternators, transmissions, and water pumps.

Schedule Conflicts

If four or more people share a vehicle, schedule conflicts are more likely. This is highly frustrating, especially for parents who work beyond office hours, and teenagers or college students that need to attend extra activities.

So Is This Rule for You?

The one-car rule is not advisable for families that comprise of more than four members as this can easily damage a vehicle and affect each member’s personal schedules. The practice, however, is ideal for newlyweds or couples with a toddler. Weigh its advantages and disadvantages depending on your family’s situation.

4 Practical Tricks to Keep Your Car in Good Shape

Your car is one of your most important investments, and you should treat it as such. Often, maintaining a vehicle is both simple and affordable, but the benefits are substantial and lasting.

These proven guidelines can help you keep your car in good shape for a long time.

Stick to your car’s maintenance schedule

The most reliable way to ensure your car remains running for years is by strictly following its maintenance schedule. Regular inspection keeps major breakdowns at bay and improves your car’s efficiency and lifespan. Contact an Auckland mobile mechanic for affordable and convenient maintenance packages for your car.

Regularly change the oil

Read the manual to find out when you should change your car’s oil. Usually, this period takes three to six months, or between 3,000 to 5,000 miles, depending on what oil you are using. Make sure you use clean filters too. Changing your oil regularly keeps your engine running well and improves your car’s mileage.

Keep your tires in the best condition

Always ensure your tires are properly inflated. Well-inflated tires have a longer lifespan than under-inflated ones. Replace your car tires as required. Making sure your tires are in the best shape improves your car’s efficiency and makes it last longer.

Keep your vehicle clean

Keep away road salt and sludge by regularly washing and waxing your car. Without proper cleaning, your car’s body starts to develop rust within a few years after you have purchased it. Corrosion starts to destroy your car’s components, drastically cutting short its life span. By the time you realise it, you need to pay a hefty sum to restore it.

By diminishing wear and tear on your vehicle, you can have it around for an incredibly long time. Take simple steps every day to maintain your car and you will get the most out of it.

5 Ways to Increase the Resale Value of Your Car

A woman inspecting a car for sale

The price you get for your car when you decide to sell it depends on a variety of factors. Depending on how long you want to use it before selling, you would want to keep its value as high as possible. This simple guide will help you do just that.

Try to Avoid Any Accident

Prospective buyers are always interested in a car’s history. Drive safely and avoid collisions as much as you can. Should your car be involved in an accident, have it repaired immediately.

Invest in Performance

Performance tuning makes your car more powerful and improves handling and comfort. Faster acceleration and the presence of performance-boosting accessories excite prospective buyers. If you drive the 1986 Mustang GT, buy parts only from a reputable supplier and have them installed by experienced mechanics.

Maintain Low Mileage

Mileage is one of the initial points of interest when a buyer looks at your car. Regardless of how impressive your car looks, a high mileage can easily bring the price down. Avoid taking long trips if you’re sure you want to sell your car soon.

Keep Your Car Well Maintained

Potential buyers are interested in how well you maintain your vehicle. Stick to the maintenance schedule and keep all the receipts of repairs. A well-documented maintenance history reassures the buyer that he’s getting his money’s worth.

Clean and Wax Your Car Regularly

Regular cleaning and waxing are among the best ways to maintain your car. The exterior is the first thing a buyer sees, so better make a good impression. But don’t forget to keep the interior clean as well.

The way you take care of your car will determine its value when you finally decide to sell it. By taking important maintenance steps, you can get the deal of a lifetime.

Cost vs. Value: Is It Okay to Buy a Used Car?

As with any other secondhand purchase, buying a used car can be tricky. If your goal is to save money, getting a used car for sale in Kalamazoo is a smart choice, but you have to be wary of possible risks and defects. After all, not all used cars are created equal. The car could be unstable, especially if the previous owner didn’t do proper maintenance. It is the duty of the buyer to make sure he/she checks every detail before making the purchase final.

Professionals at share what makes buying a used car a good decision:

You can minimize the effects of depreciation

It’s common knowledge that cars usually depreciate by about 20 percent once they hit the road. In fact, after two years of ownership, a newly purchased car can lose as much as 30 percent of its original market value. You can easily avoid that loss by buying a one-year-old pre-owned car. If you get a new car and decide to sell it in the future, you will lose a larger amount of money on the resale than if you had purchased a used one.

You can reduce the total costs of insurance

The key factor in determining car insurance costs is the car’s value. Since a used car has a significantly lower value than a newer one, the total costs of insurance should also be less. You can save money by only getting the state mandated minimum coverage instead of a comprehensive one. You can quickly drop some elements of car insurance, such as collision and theft.

You can enjoy a wider selection

Since used cars are much more affordable than new ones, your selection effectively becomes bigger. In fact, you may be able to get your hands on a luxury or sports car at a much lower cost. You won’t have to worry too much about operation issues either. According to automotive research groups, problems with transmission, engine and exhaust – the biggest issues about older cars in the past – have dramatically decreased in recent years.

So, are you ready to finally make that purchase?

The Parking Space You Would Leave Your Car In

Imagine driving a brand-new vehicle to a shopping centre. After looking around for a parking space and seeing that the car park is crowded, with no clear spaces or reliable security measures, would you leave your car there? Of course not! What kind of parking space would you leave your car in?

A Well-Designed Space

A well-designed car park is one that has a logical layout that drivers find easy to negotiate, has space for many vehicles and has individual spaces that are wide enough to park in easily. Column casings from Contour, or other providers, are ideal for structural support and keeping other cars from taking up large spaces, especially in enclosed car parks. Security bars and steel poles are also good measures for proper spacing within the given lot area.

Clearly Allotted Space for Cars and Other Modes of Transport

A good car park should have visible markings that give clear directions to drivers, showing them where to park. They should also demarcate areas that are designed for other kinds of vehicles, such as bikes and motorbikes.

Parking for two-wheeled vehicles is becoming increasingly important as more people switch to ‘greener’ modes of transport to become more environmentally conscious. Car parks should, therefore, be built with areas designed specifically for bikes and motorbikes.

Outdoor car parks in commercial properties, schools and offices are increasingly installing bike and motorcycle shelters.

A Secure Lot

Parking lots are vulnerable to crime all over the world. Because of this, it is crucial for car park owners to make sure the space is equipped with security measures, from surveillance cameras to security personnel who patrol the area. Concrete bollards, or similar structures, can demarcate the area of an outdoor car park, directing traffic flow and preventing unauthorised access to the site. They can be an excellent security measure, provided that they remain in place and cannot be easily moved, unlike the concrete bollard that recently caused chaos in a Target store in the US.

Good car parks adhere to these measures, creating facilities where you can safely leave your car. Consider looking for another place to park if your usual car park does not have these helpful safety features.

Three Awesome Ideas to Up Your Truck’s Power and Looks

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you own a truck. Trucks are useful off-road vehicles that pack a lot of power and utility – what’s not to like about them?
In Australia, ranchers have used trucks for all kinds of jobs, especially for field work in the outback or any terrain that requires a bulk-friendly vehicle. MFI Service Bodies knows the importance of a utility service vehicle when it comes to commercial operations.

Some truck owners enjoy accessorising and upgrading their trucks, both for functional and aesthetic purposes. Here are three ways you can customise your utility truck:

Swap Your Engine

Truck drivers may not like flashy upgrades to their rides. Instead of changing the outer appearance of their trucks, they can work on the inside. Picking a different engine than what you have right now can be expensive, but if you choose the right type, you can turn your already powerful truck into a complete powerhouse.

Grab a Winch

If you value function over fashion, you’ll never go wrong with a winch. Having one of those useful tools installed on your ride will get you out of tight spots when your wheel falls into a crack on the pavement, and will prove to be useful during road accidents.

Cover Up

A camper shell – also known as a Tonneau cover or an off-road canopy – is an essential upgrade to any old truck. They provide the drivers and passengers with privacy and security in the daytime. Not only would you be protecting your truck’s bed from dust, you’ll also be preventing passersby from peeping through your windows. Camper shells allow for better wind movement when you’re driving, upping fuel efficiency by up to 12%.

These changes are just a few ideas for your vehicle upgrade. Their utility and efficiency are great for maximising their power, making every ride a breeze.

Before Help Arrives: Protecting Yourself in a Car Breakdown

So you are stuck in the middle of the road with your car broken down. Waiting for the towing service to come pick your car up can be boring. Not only does it seem like a waste of your time, it can actually be dangerous. When you find yourself stranded in an area you are not aware of, anything can happen. You are already in trouble for a car breakdown. Your day does not have to be worse from a possible mugging.

Waiting for a car towing company like will not take all day. It is important, however, to know how to protect yourself from further problems.

Here are some things you should do while waiting:

Keeping Yourself Visible

The first thing you need to let people around you know is that you are in trouble. An easy way to do this is to keep the hazard lights on. This signals other motorists on the road that while you are parked on the side, it is due to a technical problem. The lights may also come in handy in the night when you unfortunately stop at a dimly lit part of the road. This may prevent other accidents from happening while also protecting you and your vehicle.

Keep Your Guard Up

While some passers-by may have good intentions, you never know the type of people you meet. Some may take advantage of the situation and cause more trouble for you. Do not easily accept help from people passing by. Keep your important belongings such as phone or wallet closest to you in case you need to escape from possible harm. Study the area you are in so you can plan an action in case muggers come.

Always remember to have a trusted towing company you can call anytime you encounter problems on the road. Not only is it safer, it makes things faster so you do not waste time.

Are Women Charged More at Auto Repair Shops?

Auto Repair Service in Denver

A male-dominated work environment, such as an auto repair shop, makes it a potential place for gender-based discrimination to occur. In fact, the Car Care Council reports that nine out of ten women claim that auto repair shops charged them more than they thought was fair. Could there be any truth to the claims, though?

Sellers Treat Customers Depending on How Well-Informed they Appear

A study conducted by Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and Auto MD looked into the issue of unfair pricing at auto repair shops. In the study, an Auto MD called 4,603 auto repair shops to price a radiator replacement for a 2003 Toyota Camry. The findings revealed that while women had a greater chance of getting quoted higher prices, it had less to do with their gender and more with their general lack of knowledge about car repairs.

Megan Busse, one of the study’s lead researchers, calls the trend statistical discrimination. Some auto repair shops make the mistake of assuming that women generally know less than men about cars and repairs. Women end up paying more for a mechanic, as a result. Surprisingly, men also pay higher rates for an auto repair job when they’re just as clueless about the price range for mechanical repairs.

Dealing with Unfair Pricing at Auto Repair Shops

As long as women do research on a company in advance and are aware of the repair’s market rate, it’ll be easier for them to negotiate for more reasonable prices. Knowing about a repair company beforehand is key, and Pickering’s Auto Service suggests choosing one that communicates with customers transparently in every step of the repair process.

Unfair auto repairs pricing has less to do with gender and more with how informed customers are about the services. The reason behind the discrimination is because women are generally less familiar with car parts and repairs than their male counterparts.

The Financial Responsibilities Connected With Your Teenager’s Car

Now that your teenage child has earned a driver’s license, you’ve finally purchased their own vehicle. However, be ready to face more financial burdens with this new acquisition. Also, your child must be aware of these financial obligations as well.


Obviously every car requires gas. Be prepared to pay fully for your teen’s fuel until the time that they’re already earning. However, you may want to keep a limit on their gas allowances to teach them financial discipline and self-control.


This is a bane for most car owners as it can happen out of the blue due to accidents or sudden breakdowns. Make sure you have extra in your savings account just for cases like these. Otherwise, be ready to make a sudden loan. Also, remind your child to take care of their car to avoid these circumstances.


It’s best that you find yourself a full car service provider for maintaining your teen’s ride. If you haven’t found one yet for your family’s first vehicles, this would be a perfect time to look for one and ask for possible packages that can offer you discounts or freebies.


Teenagers love their gadgets so don’t be surprised if they start asking for USB stereos or hi-definition speakers to add to their wheels. Encourage them to earn enough for their own additional gear so they learn more about work and responsibilities.


Give your child suggestions before they start spending on not-so-practical add-ons. Suggest window tints instead of hood decors, better locks instead of decals or seat covers instead of spruced-up dashboards. Make a gift of these items during special occasions if you can’t convince your child of more practical choices.

Remember that you are still going to pay for your teen’s car insurance so it’s only right that they give their own share. Sit your child down and explain every financial aspect of owning a car so they realize how privileged they are. After all, the car you bought for them is not a right but a responsibility.