3 Ways to Boost Your Online Value Proposition

Digital marketing on a piece of paper

The online value proposition of your company is part of your brand positioning. This provides the reasons for potential customers to click on links, share content and convert into consumers. Many digital marketing agencies from New York cite the following ways you can improve this aspect of your business.

Offering Something for Free

There’s nothing more enticing than seeing the word “free.” Simply adding it to your landing page will pique the interest of a potential customer and boost your appeal immediately. They know that their risk is zero and their reward is high if you provide them with a freebie or trial of a product or service. Some of the ways to do this include:

  • Offering free shipping for first-time customers
  • Buy one and get one free promotions
  • Use organic or paid advertising on social media or your landing page

A Chance at Success

When you provide opportunities, you increase your company’s value to a particular group. One example of how this approach can work to your advantage is targeting fresh graduates, those entering the workforce for the first time, or those re-entering the job market in search of better prospects. Customize this approach depending on the market you want to reach. Identify the needs, wants, and ideals of your audience and offer them a solution.

Click to Win

Much like giving something away for free, this approach improves your brand’s value proposition. A contest is one way to give a freebie to potential customers. What you get in return for contests is valuable information such as names, contact details, and e-mail addresses.

With the details you get from the contest, you can customize your follow-up marketing campaigns based on interests, age group, and others. This approach allows you to funnel potential customers down the sales channel based on where they currently are.

These are strategies that improve your online value proposition. Implementing these enable you to convert at a higher rate and pique the interest of your intended audience.