3 Practical Ways to Use Recycled Wood

Wood panels

The 21st century has seen the rise in popularity of recycled wood as an interior design material. This product of wood waste recycling has many environmental benefits and uses. Adding a recycled wood structure to your house creates an exotic, rustic look. It links your home to the natural world. Here are ways you can incorporate reclaimed timber in your home.

1. Flooring

Recycled wood flooring makes a living space full of warmth and rich texture. If you have a large country cottage, darker reclaimed wood will be best. It will give an elegant design which fits well with the size and the existing features of the house. If your living space is smaller, use lighter shades of recycled wood for flooring. They make your room appear bigger and brighter.

2. Feature wall

To create a contrast with the pale colors in your house, use recycled wood for a feature wall in your home. It can create a contemporary polished look, depending on the type of wood chosen, matching structures, and lighting in the home. Various wood types will stand to the challenge, so you will have no trouble putting together a great combination.

3. Center table

Many interior designers advise having a focal point in your house. This is possible through the use of a big table that will serve as the focal point. Recycled wood will make for an attractive and solid wood table. Its physical appearance also improves with time.

If you want to incorporate recycled timber in your project, you should consider the current features of your house and how you can adjust them to compliment the wood. To avoid using too many contrasting woods, you can contact wood waste recycling companies. Ask for the particular type of recycled wood that you want for your home.