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Playing Your Strengths: Acing Your Job interview

Extroverts are widely known to have the upper hand (they always do, as there is an unconscious bias towards them) when it comes to employment, but there are successful introverts, too. It is all just a matter of acing your final interview; whatever job title you are applying for, think of it as a test of your strength.

Most of the time, employers seek the help of recruitment agencies in London to find candidates qualified enough to join their team. Before you end up in an agency’s pool, you must pass the interview that lets them know your strengths and weaknesses, helping them gauge which field you would fit in best.

Passion and Drive

Wanting to make a difference, especially to things that matter to you the most gives you leverage. In an article on Forbes about spotting leadership potential in millennials, it said ‘Every great leader has hunger and drive, so if you’re interviewing a millennial who is expressing a lot of passion and determination, chances are, you’ve got a future leader on your hands.’ Whether you are used to working as a leader or a team player, you have to have passion and determination so that your employer will know how much you want the job.

Rapport vs. Excessive Chit Chat

When you are at an interview, expect mall talk. For extroverts, this is an opportunity to build rapport, and this could be an introvert’s worst nightmare. This is essential, as this is the part where employers and agencies get a deeper first impression of you so, keep your responses short and sweet – do not ramble about the TV show or movie you have just watched or keep mum and sweat in your seat.

Research and Preparation

Your personality may play a huge role in your interview, but it is not all that. You cannot go to your interview without doing your research and preparation to showcase your knowledge once you have been given the floor. Make sure that you know enough about the company you are applying in or the job title that you want. If you have a portfolio, bringing it gives your interviewers an idea of what you are capable of doing.

Being an extrovert does not mean that you will get the job right away, and being an introvert does not necessarily mean that you have fewer chances of getting the job you are applying for. It is all about knowing your strengths and putting them to good use. Whatever your personality type is, it is good to have a balance and not to overdo it – being too confident or too being too shy.

4 Ways to Host a Business Event on a Tight Budget

Business Event in Ogden

Hosting an event for your company is always a good way to introduce yourself and to network with the right people. There are companies that go overboard and even invite artists to spur the entertainment. However, if you are a small fish trying to make a name for your company, you can still make it special without going beyond your budget.

1. Explore Possibilities for the Ideal Venue

If you are a small company, you don’t have to rent a whole stadium or a hotel ballroom. If you have a huge open space in your headquarters, that will do. Make it fun, quirky, and cool. Steve Cody, co-founder of Peppercomm, writes on Inc. website that you may consider turning an empty loft space into a great venue.

2. Choose an Appropriate Theme

This should go well with the venue, of course. You cannot have a Hollywood-themed party in a garden. If your objective is to meet new people and engage them, throw a casual but fun party. First, you have to make sure that the venue is clean. Hire a janitorial service around the Ogden area before trying to spruce it up. The same goes at the end of your event. Pick a theme and stick to it. You can always DIY the venue layout, such as display signs and table tops. Your guests would surely appreciate the effort you put into it.

3. Turn Up the Entertainment

Make it an event that people will want to attend. One way to do this is to have a form of entertainment. You don’t have to hire a famous band. Look around the workplace, and you will surely find people whose hobby is to sing and play the guitar. Games are also okay if they are fun and never awkward.

4. Make Your Guests Feel Special

Start by sending out personalized invites. In the event itself, don’t shoot for the big stars. Sure, there are a few VIP, but you never know, so make sure that you talk to each one of your guests and get to know them better. After the event, send personalized thank you notes. This amounts to almost nothing.

To make it big in any industry, who you know matters just as much as what you know. Hosting an event is one way to gather all the people who can be relevant to your business. You don’t have to throw money that you don’t have. There are ways to make it a day they will remember without breaking your budget.

Cost vs. Value: Is It Okay to Buy a Used Car?

As with any other secondhand purchase, buying a used car can be tricky. If your goal is to save money, getting a used car for sale in Kalamazoo is a smart choice, but you have to be wary of possible risks and defects. After all, not all used cars are created equal. The car could be unstable, especially if the previous owner didn’t do proper maintenance. It is the duty of the buyer to make sure he/she checks every detail before making the purchase final.

Professionals at share what makes buying a used car a good decision:

You can minimize the effects of depreciation

It’s common knowledge that cars usually depreciate by about 20 percent once they hit the road. In fact, after two years of ownership, a newly purchased car can lose as much as 30 percent of its original market value. You can easily avoid that loss by buying a one-year-old pre-owned car. If you get a new car and decide to sell it in the future, you will lose a larger amount of money on the resale than if you had purchased a used one.

You can reduce the total costs of insurance

The key factor in determining car insurance costs is the car’s value. Since a used car has a significantly lower value than a newer one, the total costs of insurance should also be less. You can save money by only getting the state mandated minimum coverage instead of a comprehensive one. You can quickly drop some elements of car insurance, such as collision and theft.

You can enjoy a wider selection

Since used cars are much more affordable than new ones, your selection effectively becomes bigger. In fact, you may be able to get your hands on a luxury or sports car at a much lower cost. You won’t have to worry too much about operation issues either. According to automotive research groups, problems with transmission, engine and exhaust – the biggest issues about older cars in the past – have dramatically decreased in recent years.

So, are you ready to finally make that purchase?

Electricity: Knowing the Good and the Bad

Residential Electrician in Wellington

Electricity, you know, the one you use every day, is essentially energy. Via the electrons’ movements, it is capable of heating, lighting, moving and making things work, which makes the majority of your daily tasks easier and more efficient. It travels in a circuit such that when something is plugged and turned on, the electrical circuit is completed from a power station and straight to your home.

Essential Things to Know About Electricity

Electricity is capable of flowing through certain materials like water and metal, commonly known as conductors. Other materials like ceramics, plastics, rubber, and glass, on the other hand, are insulators since electricity cannot flow through them. Electrical currents flow to create a circuit, which basically means that if an electrical conductor provides it with an easy path to something, it would instantly take it.

It’s especially crucial to note that people are very effective conductors of electricity since the body is made up mostly of water, advises a top residential electrician in Wellington. This means that if you connect with an electrical circuit and the earth or ground, exactly at the same moment, electricity would then flow through you and could result in a potentially fatal accident.

Electricity Risks

Although electricity is efficient, clean, and useful, unfortunately, you can’t hear, see, or smell it. It’s also equally hazardous mainly due to the following risks:

  • Fires: A fire occurs when fittings and furniture come in contact with electrical heat sources like a stove or heater when an electrical appliance overheats. According to the New Zealand Fire Service, approximately 10% of home fires are due to electrical accidents.
  • Electric Shocks: These could lead to irregular heartbeat, breathing difficulties or worse, failure, muscle spasms, unconsciousness, and severe burns and could be deadly.
  • Burns: Burns that result from electricity happen along the trail that the electric current takes within the body, which includes the skin, tissues, muscles, and nerves.

Common Warning Signs of Electricity Risks

To avoid electrical accidents, look out for these warning signs:

  • A ‘tingle’ when touching a fitting or appliance;
  • Fittings or appliances that are hotter than usual to touch;
  • Flickering or dimming lights;
  • Frequently blowing fuses or tripping circuit breakers that require resetting;
  • Unusual sounds or smells;
  • Power suddenly going off;
  • Scorch marks on sockets or plugs or any fitting or appliance; and
  • Damaged fittings or insulation, including cords, cables, switches, and flexes that show exposed wiring.

In the event that you see or detect any of these warning signs, don’t hesitate to call a licensed residential electrician like Adam Tulloch to conduct necessary repairs. Or in case of an actual accident, the emergency services.

Aboveground Storage Tanks: Risk Management Strategies

Managing Aboveground Storage Tanks

Storage tanks catching fire. Storage tanks leaking. The consequences of failing to manage the risks of aboveground storage tanks are devastating.

The level of devastation sometimes depends on the stored substance and the tank’s location; chemical substances could do more harm than petroleum products. This was certainly the case when an aboveground chemical storage tank leaked into the Elk River in West Virginia, causing the illness of thousands of people.

An appropriate risk management plan would prevent unfortunate incidents in the future.

Where Do You Start?

It starts with tank fabrication. All storage tanks need to comply with specific standards. Unfortunately, there isn’t a singular federal program that regulates ASTs. You’ll have to look into different standards that match the type of tank you need on your site.

For example, the API standard 650 regulates the design, materials, construction, and testing of welded tanks for oil storage, while the API standard 620 is for the design and construction of large, welded, and low-pressure tanks.

Fabrication according to prevailing standards ensures your ASTs are safe, and strong against external elements, e.g., high winds, flooding, and the like.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Regular visual inspections also help manage risks; when you know the precise condition of your tanks, you can get ahead of leaks, corrosion, and any other problems that lead to disastrous accidents.

The Environmental Protection Agency highly recommends monitoring by testing the integrity of tanks. This is especially crucial when repairs or modifications are being done.

Also, consider building a secondary containment area to hold the contents of the primary storage tank. And inform and train on-site personnel for emergency procedures should an incident occur.

Managing risks is part of your operations. Whether your aboveground storage tanks contain petroleum products or chemicals, implement a risk management strategy. And you may prevent a devastating outcome.

Chin Up and Stand Up: Never Be Ashamed of Your Dental Anxiety

Dental Care in Kingston

People who love brighter and more beautiful smiles are best mates with their dentists. A trip down the local practice is similar to a walk in the park. Regular check-ups and cleanings are part of their routine to ensure they maintain their picture perfect smiles.

There are some people, however, who want a better smile but are far from being friends with their dentist.

The Fear is Real

For Jiva Dental, anxiety is a common yet serious concern amongst patients. The Kingston practice adds that for some people, it is not just a simple case of worry; some patients literally shake in fear just thinking about the dentist.

As a result, they refuse to visit despite the urgency of their case.

People with dental anxiety then feel ashamed of their ordeal. They want to get their teeth cleaned and reduce their risks for oral issues, but their worry gets the best of them. Some of their peers might misunderstand their situation, insisting it is an overrated case.

Why Anxiety is Okay

Numerous people experience some level of anxiety when it comes to dental visits. From mild worry to intense phobia, everyone has their own level. Still, one truth remains constant: there is nothing wrong with feeling nervous.

People suffering from dental anxiety need not be embarrassed with their ordeal. The worry usually stems from reasonable triggers: unpleasant experience, or fear of losing control or uncomfortably close contact play roles in one’s anxiety issues. There is a reason they refuse to meet the dentist, and they need not feel any shame.

Instead of being embarrassed, people with anxiety should approach the experts for help.

Approaches Towards Calmness

Communication is the first step in conquering anxiety. Patients should not hold back when it comes to telling dentists about their concerns. Together, both patient and dentist will resolve their issues by identifying the cause, which paves the way for better treatment. The dentist may also work on their environment and the psychological concerns of the patient.

Dental anxiety is common, and many suffer from it. This fact is enough to convince others with the same condition to step up, be proud and bravely face the music.

A Quick Guide to Hiring the Right Job Candidate


Is the candidate sitting in front of you the right person for the job? In the world of work that is constantly fragmenting and re-organising, how do you separate an average worker from the best? Although every business has its unique needs, there are certain traits that every employer should look at.

Be on the lookout for these factors when recruiting:

1. A clean criminal record

As an employer, you have the right to know each candidate’s criminal record. Knowing the candidate’s criminal record will protect you against lawsuits for negligent hiring, which occurs when an employer hires a dangerous employee.

If such an employee harms a colleague while working, as an employer, you will be required to pay for damages. To make sure the candidate has a clean criminal record, you can request for an NPHC check with the help of Fast Police Checks.

2. The curious candidate

Are they lit up with many questions? Instead of seeking out certainty, a good candidate should be curious about your organisation and the job they’re interviewing for. Curiosity is a sign that the candidate makes a great learner, a critical quality to breakthrough thinking and high productivity.

3. Strong work ethics

Candidates who set high personal goals will respond well to your organisation’s goals. Such employees don’t need intense supervision to perform. Ask questions such as: ‘’where do you see yourself in the next five or ten years?’’ From the answers, you will be in a position to pick up on the candidate’s ambitions

4. Are they enthusiastic about relationships and people in general?

Unless your employees work in isolation, you need a team player who can work well with others. Experts say that spirited workplaces are full of employees who are creative communicators, ones who can affirm others and make others feel appreciated in their interactions.

As you interview the candidate, be on the lookout for this warm spirit, your instincts will guide you here. Be careful not to sideline introverts who are more reserved than the extroverts. A great spirit has nothing to do with personality.

Hiring the best candidate pays you back in a satisfactory employment relationship, employee productivity and a positive impact on your work environment.

The Parking Space You Would Leave Your Car In

Imagine driving a brand-new vehicle to a shopping centre. After looking around for a parking space and seeing that the car park is crowded, with no clear spaces or reliable security measures, would you leave your car there? Of course not! What kind of parking space would you leave your car in?

A Well-Designed Space

A well-designed car park is one that has a logical layout that drivers find easy to negotiate, has space for many vehicles and has individual spaces that are wide enough to park in easily. Column casings from Contour, or other providers, are ideal for structural support and keeping other cars from taking up large spaces, especially in enclosed car parks. Security bars and steel poles are also good measures for proper spacing within the given lot area.

Clearly Allotted Space for Cars and Other Modes of Transport

A good car park should have visible markings that give clear directions to drivers, showing them where to park. They should also demarcate areas that are designed for other kinds of vehicles, such as bikes and motorbikes.

Parking for two-wheeled vehicles is becoming increasingly important as more people switch to ‘greener’ modes of transport to become more environmentally conscious. Car parks should, therefore, be built with areas designed specifically for bikes and motorbikes.

Outdoor car parks in commercial properties, schools and offices are increasingly installing bike and motorcycle shelters.

A Secure Lot

Parking lots are vulnerable to crime all over the world. Because of this, it is crucial for car park owners to make sure the space is equipped with security measures, from surveillance cameras to security personnel who patrol the area. Concrete bollards, or similar structures, can demarcate the area of an outdoor car park, directing traffic flow and preventing unauthorised access to the site. They can be an excellent security measure, provided that they remain in place and cannot be easily moved, unlike the concrete bollard that recently caused chaos in a Target store in the US.

Good car parks adhere to these measures, creating facilities where you can safely leave your car. Consider looking for another place to park if your usual car park does not have these helpful safety features.

You Win Some, You Lose Some (Teeth): When Footballers Went Toothless Mid-Match

Being a semi-contact sport, injuries will always occur in football. Some of them are minor, some career-ending and some a little funny, like losing teeth mid-match, though it is a bit nasty. When people run towards each other, it is bound to happen.

It is not like football players will remain a few teeth short a-la Nobby Stiles. Professionals these days get paid big money, so replacing teeth will not be a problem. More than that, there is an image that a footballer cultivates. If you are one tooth short, there is no shortage of dental implants in Walsall, Manchester or London.

When in England

English football has a reputation for being fast-paced, and apparently, that kind of play is very attractive to the local crowd. As you can expect, there will be high-speed clashes that will result in more than just a change of possession.

Alexander Kolarov of Manchester City lost his teeth in one of the biggest fixtures in England, a due price for bragging rights from their crosstown rivals Manchester United. His smile was bright, though, showing that he really did not mind losing a front tooth for a win.

Arsenal player Mikel Arteta bore a full arm swing to his mouth, resulting in a somewhat disorienting experience. His club was happy to win in the end, though, so he had less reason to be sad about his mouth meeting another player’s elbow.

The nastiest of modern clashes that resulted in lost teeth probably happened in Norwich City, where teammates Robbie Brady and Gary O’Neil met mid-air teeth and forehead. Brady lost two and even more gruelling, a part of O’Neil’s dome was open. It really is not for the faint-hearted.

About Footballers’ Teeth

Footballers have all the money in the world to become handsome and physical specimens, but in one study, a high percentage of senior players from the biggest clubs in England had dental problems. In hindsight, it most probably has something to do with their consumption of sports drink.

If they fall victim to dental problems, involuntary or self-inflicted, it is no different if the same happens to you. But act quick so you can get back to your normal self, like footballers do.

Building Maintenance: Why You Should Have a Regular Maintenance Program

Commercial property is an investment that can be your source of income for many years to come, so it only fits that you take care of your investment. Taking care of your property does not only include the building’s exterior. You also need to take care of the heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems regularly.

Let’s take a closer look at how hiring building maintenance companies in the UK, such as M&E Maintenance Solutions Ltd can help your business.

You Can Avoid Emergency Repairs

Emergency repairs are not only a nuisance, but they’re also very expensive. A routine checkup of the overall health of your building can help you detect a problem before it becomes an emergency case. Why is this important? It’s cheaper to do routine maintenance than having a contractor or service professional fix something, especially in an emergency situation. For example,a leak can be easily fixed when caught early, but repairs will be much more challenging and expensive when water has damaged other parts of the building.

You can set aside a fund for emergency repairs, but you can never get the exact amount. You might end up over or under budgeting your resources. A routine maintenance program, however, allows for a more accurate and correct cost estimation.

Regular Maintenance Can Limit Potential Liability

Your liability increases should a tenant or a guest trip or have an accident on your property because of damaged walkways, car parks, or perimeter walls. Keeping your building in good condition can save lives and you from a lawsuit.

First Impressions Last

More often than not, clients tend to form an opinion about your building upon first glance, so impress them with a well-maintained building. A building that is well cared for does not only send a positive message to your clients; it also radiates your professionalism and overall attitude towards your business.

Your building is a long term investment that will generate income for a very long time, so regular maintenance is not something to be taken lightly.