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New Year, Healthier Mouth: 2017 Dental Health Resolutions

Maintaining Dental Health

An important facet of your overall wellness is your dental health. This coming year, think of ways to improve it, such as limiting the amount of sweets consumed visiting the dentist to complete a delayed dental treatment. Whatever your 2017 oral health goals might be, healthy resolutions can keep your teeth in good shape. Any of these suggestions can help you achieve a healthier, brighter smile in the coming year.

Eat lots of Fruits and Vegetables

The consumption of fruits and vegetables is essential in maintaining dental health. Poor nutrition can compromise the immune system, after all, and increase the risk of developing common oral problems such as gum disease. Antioxidants and other nutrients found in fruits and veggies enhance the body’s ability to ward off bacteria and inflammation, helping to safeguard your gums and teeth. Furthermore, raw and crisp fruits and veggies such as celery, carrots and apples remove plaque and keep breath fresh.

Brush twice a Day, Floss once a Day

Both flossing and brushing are important for good dental health. They protect your teeth from gum disease and tooth decay. They also prevent the build-up of plaque, harmful bacteria that accumulate on your teeth on a daily basis. Neglecting to brush and floss regularly may run the risk of developing bleeding gums, which could worsen to gum disease.

Consult Your Dentist during Routine Check-Ups

See your dentist at least twice a year. By doing so, they can prevent oral health problems from developing or catch issues early enough to keep it from getting worse. In addition, regular visits enable your dentist to monitor your dental health and recommend a dental regimen to address areas of concern.

This 2017, commit to treating your mouth right with these oral health resolution suggestions. Your mouth and body will thank you for making these positive changes. If you are having trouble sticking with your dental care promises, get a partner who will help you stick with it.

Are Women Charged More at Auto Repair Shops?

Auto Repair Service in Denver

A male-dominated work environment, such as an auto repair shop, makes it a potential place for gender-based discrimination to occur. In fact, the Car Care Council reports that nine out of ten women claim that auto repair shops charged them more than they thought was fair. Could there be any truth to the claims, though?

Sellers Treat Customers Depending on How Well-Informed they Appear

A study conducted by Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and Auto MD looked into the issue of unfair pricing at auto repair shops. In the study, an Auto MD called 4,603 auto repair shops to price a radiator replacement for a 2003 Toyota Camry. The findings revealed that while women had a greater chance of getting quoted higher prices, it had less to do with their gender and more with their general lack of knowledge about car repairs.

Megan Busse, one of the study’s lead researchers, calls the trend statistical discrimination. Some auto repair shops make the mistake of assuming that women generally know less than men about cars and repairs. Women end up paying more for a mechanic, as a result. Surprisingly, men also pay higher rates for an auto repair job when they’re just as clueless about the price range for mechanical repairs.

Dealing with Unfair Pricing at Auto Repair Shops

As long as women do research on a company in advance and are aware of the repair’s market rate, it’ll be easier for them to negotiate for more reasonable prices. Knowing about a repair company beforehand is key, and Pickering’s Auto Service suggests choosing one that communicates with customers transparently in every step of the repair process.

Unfair auto repairs pricing has less to do with gender and more with how informed customers are about the services. The reason behind the discrimination is because women are generally less familiar with car parts and repairs than their male counterparts.

With the High-Conflict Ex, the Struggle Shouldn’t Be as Real as It Gets

The struggle is real for divorcees with high-conflict exes. All they want is a peaceful separation, but their soon-to-be ex-spouse comes raging with complaints, demands, and more fights. It’s ironic — you’re already separated, but you’re still fighting.

For some people, the key to dealing with a high-conflict ex is to fight fire with fire. But the surefire way to defeat them is simple: keep a low profile.

Do not give them more ammunition to shoot you down. Some raging exes are looking for ways to punish their spouses for leaving them; others will seek to control you from afar. But whatever the situation is, do not give them the power.

Apart from seeking help from your local Long Island divorce lawyer, here’s what you can do:

Watch What You Say

One little rumor is enough to sabotage your case, especially if the ex thinks they can use it against you. A slander suit will ruin your chances of swinging the odds towards your favor.

If the ex suspects you are telling stories (even the true ones), they can drag you into court for jeopardizing their reputation. Rather than deal with your ex’s accusations of slander, keep your mouth closed and avoid these troubles down the road. Be careful with the people you confide in, and if no one needs to know, then no one needs to know.

Avoid Any Direct Communication

Limiting direct communication with the ex is easier when you do not have a child. If your soon-to-be ex-spouse makes a habit of fighting, avoid communication as much as possible. Let your lawyer deal with them.

If you have kids, however, custody evaluators and attorneys are helpful. They will guide you through custody arrangements and co-parenting plans, minimizing the chances of seeing the ex. The less you have to deal with your ex-partner, the easier life will be.

Expect the Unexpected

High-conflict exes can be unpredictable. Sometimes, they’ll throw unnecessary lawsuits, threats, and other unpleasant schemes. Some even go further by contacting Children’s Protective Services with false charges of child abuse and neglect.

Expect that your ex might do something crazy. By anticipating their next step, you’ll be prepared to face their attacks.

High-conflict exes are a challenge, but that does not mean there’s no way out. Always seek help from your local attorney to ensure a smooth sailing case.

The Blinding Truth: What You’re Letting in Versus What You’re Keeping Out

Window covers come in a variety of forms; the most decorative being curtains, blinds, and shutters. Each one serves a purpose in the decorating scheme, but which one is the right one for your home?

It’s Curtains for You

When you want something that instantly makes a room feel warm and welcoming, curtains may be your best bet. There are many types to choose from as well as ways to hang them up. The most common are heavy drapes, especially in places that experience extreme cold. These maintain heat inside the room and block outside light. Lighter fabrics can let the light in, but may reduce the curtains’ capacity to maintain heat. You can hang these up high above the windows to create the illusion of height. You can also hang these halfway up the window for privacy.

Sleek and Simple Slats

If your design aesthetic is more sleek and modern, the typical go-to would be window blinds. These come in different materials, like aluminium, wood, or any material covered with fabric. Image Blinds and other home improvement experts noted that roman blinds are ideal for providing both filtered light and privacy. Areas like Brisbane, where there is plenty of sunlight, can benefit a great deal from using blinds. The added bonus is depending on where you buy your blinds, the fabric covering is customisable to fit perfectly with your decorations or style preference.

Shutting the World Out

The only one used for both interior and exterior decorating, shutters provide shade, privacy and added architectural detail. It’s more common in tropical areas, as it gives windows extra shielding in case of storms and typhoons. It can prevent debris and shards of broken panes from entering the house. This likewise provides a more solid way to block light, sight, and sound. You can also install shutters behind doors for light and ventilation without compromising privacy.

You can always, of course, combine any of these window covers to achieve varying effects. Consider both your personal aesthetics and the function of each window covering. Most of all, enjoy the process.

The Roles Leaders Play in an Organisation

Organisation Leader

Organisational leaders have to wear different hats for a business to succeed; they need to do so because it delineates tasks and makes creating solutions effective. When you know the different roles that people play in your company, you will create a strong culture, boost morale and increase profits.

These roles are not just for big enterprises, but also for any size industry; know what these are to designate the right people.

Decision Maker

Experts like UK Business Mentoring who conduct business mentoring programs cite that one of the roles of a leader is a decision maker. You need someone who makes tough decisions in your organisation. This person and his or her team must develop a consistent approach to analysing date, which is important to making the right choice for the company.

Once the leader gets the data, he or she must consider the positive and negative effects of their choices on stakeholders. Industry knowledge and experience and a strong team will help your organisation identify potential and current problems that may occur because of the choice.

Team Builder

Leaders in any business must be effective at building teams to ensure that the company achieves its goals. He or she needs to inform each team of the plans, developments and problems that will affect the business and the way they do their jobs.

An effective leader that knows how to build teams enables its members to understand and give meaningful contributions to the organisation. He or she must know when to criticise and boost the confidence of members.


The best leaders use various levels of communication to connect with customers, staff, clients and others. They are active when it comes to exchanging information within the company, regardless of its form. They make sure they not just speak, but also listen, even to differing views on a particular goal or problem.

These three are just some of the roles that effective and successful leaders have in an organisation. When you choose a manager, make sure they meet the criteria for the position you put them in.

Guiltless Fascination or Dangerous Obsession? The Stages of Porn Addiction

Man with Porn Addiction in Sandy

Truth is, not everyone who watches porn gets obsessed with it, but it does produce harmful notions regarding children, marriage, sex and women. People who find themselves in a porn addiction treatment usually have some type of emotional opening that conjures the addiction. After all, porn addiction is a pretty mild obsession since it doesn’t involve any drug or needle. Your body will naturally produce its own drugs by watching videos and scrolling through photos.

However, and many other experts reveal that pornography and sex is a more challenging obsession to overcome compared to cocaine. Read through the stages of addiction below to determine if your habitual watching is more of an obsession rather than a daily fascination:

Early Exposure and Addiction

Most people obsessed with porn began when they were still very young. They would’ve already seen videos and photos that changed their overall perception at a supposedly innocent age. This fascination will eventually consume them turning into an obsession. They will spend most of their time watching porn and it will become a part of their daily routine.

Escalation and Desensitization

After some time, their obsession will intensify and they will begin searching for an even more graphic porn. They will begin to watch porn that they would’ve originally thought disgusting in the beginning, but now they actually find it exciting. Afterward, they will begin to feel numb and even the most degrading porn doesn’t thrill them anymore.

Acting Out Sexually

This is the most dangerous stage, as they will turn to desperation trying to find a way to feel the excitement again. At this point, most would resort to doing dangerous deeds and will begin to act out sexually. They will force the digital images and videos out of their screen to find something that resembles it in the real world, like fantasizing about raping a woman. This is exactly how the serial killer Ted Bundy began after his online addiction didn’t satisfy him anymore.

Denying your addiction can only endanger you and the people around you. Remember that this isn’t something you should be ashamed about, but it is something you should learn to dial down. Take that first step to recovery and stop yourself from ruining the rest of your life.

Invisalign for Seniors: It’s never too Late for Straighter Teeth

Invisalign Treatment in Much Hadham

The majority of patients who undergo Invisalign treatment are appearance-conscious teens and young adults. While seniors may not have had access to modern dental treatments, such as Invisalign, in previous years, that doesn’t mean that it’s too late for them to start. In fact, Invisalign is a flexible and painless alternative to traditional braces, so it’s a good choice for seniors.

Teeth Straightening is Possible at any Age

While dentists encourage people to start dental treatments early in order to address any budding issues, that doesn’t mean that dental procedures will no longer work on the elderly. With the right pressure, teeth straightening is possible at any age. Invisalign treatment ensures that patients slowly, but surely, reset their teeth to a nice, pleasant straightness.

Invisalign: A Senior-Friendly Procedure

Dental care is important at any stage of a person’s life, and MiSmile says that it is possible to come up with a dental care plan that suits the needs of the elderly. One of the benefits of choosing Invisalign is that it uses smooth and comfortable plastic aligners that are gentler on the teeth, gums and surrounding mouth area compared to traditional metal braces. Invisalign treatment may appeal to seniors who want to have the option of taking their aligners out when eating a meal as well.

Old Age doesn’t Entail Longer Dental Procedures

The idea that teeth are fully set in a jaw and can no longer move once a person reaches a certain age is a myth. In fact, the jaws and teeth of the elderly are just as malleable as those of young adults. The reason why some Invisalign treatments take longer than others is because some patients don’t comply with the instructions of their orthodontist. For optimum results, seniors should wear the aligners for at least 22 hours every day.

For seniors who have always wanted straighter teeth, Invisalign is the perfect choice for them. It’s a painless and comfortable procedure that delivers results, regardless of a patient’s age.

How to Adult: Ways to Prevent A Quarter Life Crisis

Preparing for adulthood may not be an exact science, but some coping mechanisms have been proven to help direct adolescents to their yellow brick roads to success; while hoping for fewer detours and pit stops.

The journey to independence can be both empowering and terrifying — this contributes to the likelihood of adolescents to fall into a bottomless pit more commonly referred to as the quarter-life crisis. As a “beginner” adult hoping to grow into your big boy/girl pants, you can save yourself from experiencing the unwanted limbo by considering these simple friendly reminders on how to be the boss of your own life.

Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years?

No adolescent can dodge the cliché, yet mentally scarring classroom favorite question. Somehow these 8 words will continue to haunt you unless you manage to trick people into thinking you actually know what you’re doing with your life. That aunt Helda won’t waste any opportunity to harass you in family gatherings, it’s basically her job, which is why it’s important to get it together before she starts to meddle with your dating life as well. Picking a career path is a pivotal moment — it will affect nearly every decision you make for the rest of your life. Whether to go to university or learn by experience? To move to the city or an entirely different country? Your choices will now be followed by the most “adulty” question an adult can ask: “will this be beneficial to my future?”

Once you’ve hit the 25th year of your existence, the world starts looking smaller, giving you less and less room for mistakes. Which is why it is vital that you pick wisely and passionately because knowledge and skill can only take you so far. It’s the heart that makes you want to keep at it to the end. To further help you in this big first leap to success, Career Key stated on their website that the Holland Theory created by John Holland is the most accurate assessment for choosing a career based on a person’s personality type. You may want to consider using this tool to further validate or simply aid in your decision-making process.

Executing the Game Plan

Once the goal has been set, it’s time to take action. But of course, every good soldier needs to learn how to shoot before going to battle. Learning can be done in the classroom or hands on. Different people have different ways of acquiring knowledge and skills that are necessary to excel in their field of choice; getting a degree can certainly help give you an edge in employment, so taking up courses in a university in Singapore could be a wise option. In certain cases, employers may lean toward applicants with a higher educational attainment. The key is to mentally, physically, and emotionally prepare yourself for the demands of choosing the university life, which is the gist of an article made by the University of Alabama on the Causes of Failure in College. Might be worth the read if you’re considering it.

Another factor that may help with your career preparation is picking which battlefields can give you a better chance of survival. If the university that best suits your learning style is all the way in Singapore, then book that ticket and fly! Consider looking up the various courses they offer while you’re thereGoing past your comfort zone will only further prepare you for the adult life, plus a change of scenery might do you some good. It’s also a chance to get as far away from aunt Helda as possible, bonus!

Exceed to Succeed

With great power comes great responsibility, and once you hold that degree and/or work experience, it’s time you put that power to good use. Though you may have reached an amazing milestone, the learning never stops, and so do the opportunities to better yourself. It is far better to be safe than sorry, to be over qualified than average. The extra effort you put into is a worthy investment.

Jillian Michaels said: “If you have a ‘why’ to live for, to fight for and to work for, you can tolerate the ‘how’.” The road may be long and winding, hell it could be a desert filled with venomous snakes and no water! But if your mind is set to it, then the journey should be worth it.

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall Hair Care Guide

Hairstylist in Austin

Just as you care for your skin, you also need to take care of your skin all throughout the year. If you’re sick and tired of having to deal with dry, static hair during winter and frizz in the summer, consider these hair care guidelines for every season.

Protect your Hair in the Summertime

Excess sun exposure could damage your hair’s keratin, so make sure to wear a hat or scarf when spending hours under the sun. You could also use hair oils or products that have UV protection. If you have colored hair, use a shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for colored hair to protect against color fade. If you’re swimming in chlorinated water, make sure to condition your hair first and wear a waterproof swim cap.

Prevent Hair Fall in the Fall

Use hair products and treatments that will promote healthy hair. If you have oily hair, use a mild shampoo and conditioner. Consider a weekly scalp treatment with sea salt as well. If you have dry hair, stick to deeply nourishing conditioners and hair masks weekly. Massage your scalp with oil weekly for better blood circulation.

Moisturize your Locks in the Winter

The winter season is notorious for making hair dry so double up on your deep conditioning and hair mask treatments, especially if you have extremely dry and brittle hair, suggests a professional hairstylist in one of the hair salons in Austin. Likewise, consider using hair serums, hair oils, and leave in conditioners for heightened protection.

Let your Hair Shine in the Spring

After battling winter hair woes, rejuvenate your locks by eating foods rich in vitamin B6 and zinc to stimulate healthy growth, volume, and shine. Also, consider changing up your hairstyle with a shorter one that will remove all split and dry ends you got over the winter.

Take note however that while some of these hair care treatments could be easily performed right in your own home, some might require professional assistance in salons; this is especially true if you have severely damaged hair or extremely sensitive hair.

The Real Power Behind Job Manage Software Programs

As a small or medium-sized business owner, you have so many responsibilities to take care of that you might end up burning out sooner or having serious difficulties operating it. However, the last thing you want is to go bankrupt. What you want is to somehow take the lead over your competitors, and have a thriving establishment in the UK market saturated with about 5.5 million private businesses.

You should acknowledge the fact that you cannot do everything on your own to run your business. Fortunately, with a UK-specific job management software, you can turn the tables around and in your favour.

A nifty tool for streamlining operations

A business owner’s tasks range from working with contractors and subcontractors to ensuring every employee gets paid on time to making sure everyone remains happy and contented with their jobs. You need to perform all these properly and in a timely manner, or you can expect serious problems to arise.

Due to a huge number of responsibilities you have, however, not having any outside help increases your risks of encountering issues along the way. You might forget something, and even the smallest thing can already cost you and your business a lot. Having a job management software program in your arsenal will help prevent these disastrous consequences while helping you streamline your day to day operations.

Maintaining high-performance rates

You have many priorities as a business owner, but it should not only be centred in making profits; you should also do everything you can in order to maintain your talents’ performance rates and productivity. Again, a job management program can help you with this, as such a tool can help you ascertain, in real time, how your employees are doing.

Your life as a business owner should not be as difficult as you think or believe. With the right tools, you can have a prosperous and thriving establishment despite the saturated market.