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Essential Q&A for Proper Home Water Filtration Maintenance

There are a number of reasons a household would need a water filtration system. However, you can compromise those same reasons if your water filter system is poorly maintained.

Here are a few questions you can answer to assess your filtering system’s quality and state.

How Old Is Your Filter System?

If you’re one of the homeowners who bought a house with an existing water filtering system installed, best check how long ago it was installed and its possible safety lifespan. Though there are durable water filters, they may not have proper accreditation by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) and even may lack proper maintenance over the years. Best that you have it checked professionally for some expert recommendations.

When Was the Last Time You’ve Changed Your Filter?

If there’s nothing wrong with your filtering unit, then you most likely just need to change your filter and have the whole system cleaned. It’s simple enough to find the right company that offers durable and certified filters and parts for most water systems but you may need to contact the manufacturer of your unit for instructions on how to clean it. Also, take note of the dates when you’ve changed filters so you can correctly monitor its replacements.

Do You Have The Correct Filter?

This goes beyond identifying the model or type of water system you have. True, you would need a different underdrain filter for specific filtration designs but you should also be able to specify why you need the filtration system in the first place, Ashton Tucker Water Treatment states. Whether it’s to reduce the bacteria, chemicals or hard minerals in the water or you just want to improve your drinking water’s taste, you would need the right kind of filter for that.

If your water filter system is no longer working at top capacity, your drinking water can be contaminated and your health compromised. Make sure that it’s checked and cleaned regularly. After all, your household’s safety can be sacrificed with this kind of neglect.

Special Gifts Your Geek Partner Will Love

Movie Marathon

Just because you share common likes and dislikes doesn’t mean you are fully aware of your partner’s secret fan interests. If he hasn’t already taken you to the dark side, ask him about his geekdom. Take your gift ideas from his interests. 

Movie Marathon – Many geeks can be film buffs as well, particularly when the film is part of their fandom. If you’d like to understand a little more about your partner’s dedication, why not set up a movie date in the cinema or right at home? Depending on your partner’s movie-watching habits, you do a stop-and-go, a film commentary or after-credits discussion about what he liked or disliked about it. Don’t forget the popcorn and sodas.

Conventions – These are one of the few events where many introverted geeks are willing to interact with hundreds of people. Conventions, or cons as they call it, are perfect for learning about fandom and why it’s going on strong. There are different types of cons as well, ranging from comic books, films and cosplay to food, music, and even period characters.

Custom Jewelry – Regardless of the fandom, geeks appreciate customized items that feature their idol. You may want to give your partner some promise ring, necklace or watches from specialized novelty shops, says Also, try looking for watch repair stores that do personalized designs. You wouldn’t be the first couple to ask for the One Ring, a Deathly Hallows pendant or an Anti-Possession necklace.

Book-to-Movie Discussions – When big crowds aren’t your thing, there’s always enough time to just sit down and discuss the fine points of his book-to-movie interests. Ask him thoroughly about the book version, share in his favorite scenes in the film, and ask him where he thinks the story went right or wrong in the Hollywood version. Do this over a nice restaurant dinner if possible.

Sometimes, hobbies and interests can truly solidify a relationship. Take a step forward and learn about your partner’s pursuits and share in his joys. Most likely, he too can share in your own geekdom eventually.

Eye Professionals: Know which one to go to

Eye Clinics in Maple Grove

No one wants to live in a dark world or even a blurry one. That is why eyeglasses, laser surgeries and different forms of advancement in eye care are continued to be done. At the age of smartphones, tablets, and computers, attention should be given to one’s eye health. There are various eye clinics in Maple Grove; all you need to do is know which kind of eye doctor you need.

Kinds of eye professional

There are 3 kinds of eye professionals. An ophthalmologist is an eye doctor who has studied in medical school and specializes in eye health and diseases. An ophthalmologist can diagnose complex eye diseases as well as treat them if needed (i.e. Performing a surgery).

Then, there is an optometrist. Optometrists are state licensed professionals. They are the ones who help measure one’s visual acuity (i.e. 20/20 vision, astigmatism, near and far sightedness etc.) to know which eyeglass grade one needs. Unlike ophthalmologists, optometrists cannot perform surgeries and are not legally allowed to treat complex eye diseases. Opticians are the ones that make and deliver lenses and contact lenses to the patient. They are tasked with the technical part of ensuring measurements to fit the needs of the patient.

Choosing the right one for you

Upon knowing the different types of eye professionals, one would have an idea which one to go to. In choosing the right eye doctor. Referrals are always the best way to start. Once at the clinic assess your chosen doctor by his style of consultation. A rushed consultation, no matter how many or how few his patients are, is often a red flag. Find a doctor who would be patient to know your symptoms, analyze them properly and finally explain to you their findings. A good doctor would ensure good communication lines with his patients.

Do not take your eye health for granted. Going to the right eye doctor regularly can make your world (and your vision) clearer and brighter, literally!

Property Boom Brought Australia’s Richest Person to the Top

Australia’s Business Review Weekly (BRW) released their 200 Rich List showing a quarter of it comprises property investors. It shows that the property sector is now the biggest source of wealth in Australia.

The wealth of 83-year-old property tycoon, Harry Triguboff, soared to $10.62 billion this year, making him the second businessperson from the property sector to take the top spot in BRW’s history. How did Australia’s richest person claim the top?

Perseverance with the property sector

As Australia’s population and tourism increases, the demand for residential property and accommodation rises as well. Triguboff’s company surged in value due because of this boom. Over the years, his company, Meriton, bought, sold and rented out 70,000 apartments. When banks declared that they would cease lending to overseas buyers, Triguboff decided to provide vendor finance to buyers with a deposit. This decision strengthened their sales as 70% of their buyers are from Asia.

Even as Triguboff anticipated an issue concerning the oversupply of residential apartments, with other properties and motels for sale, he managed to retain 6,500 rents under his company’s serviced apartment brand. Despite the alarming issue, a data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) showed that investors are returning to the property market.

A start from scratch

Triguboff is the son of Russian immigrants, they first settled in China, where he was born. They moved to Sydney in 1948 where he studied, and then continued a textile degree in England. He moved with his family to Israel where they started a carpet factory before returning to Australia.

He did various odd jobs, but failed in most of them. In 1960, he decided to buy a land in New South Wales and constructed a house with a builder. He didn’t like the result, so he finished the project himself and then bought another block to build eight units of housing. He continued his success by buying additional blocks and building them with increasing number of units.

Harry Triguboff’s early failures did not stop him from achieving his vision in property investment, and he continues to do so even through his golden age. His perseverance and passion paid off and now he is named the country’s richest man.

Secure Your Assets through the Correct Asset Protection Plan

Securing Your Assets with Asset Protection Plan

Whether you own a business or you simply have a lot of properties, you should know that being such a person comes with numerous risks. This is especially true for business owners, as they have so many responsibilities aside from making profits. They also have to ensure they protect their investment from problems such as claims, liabilities, and lawsuits.

This is where a Utah asset protection lawyer comes into play.

The Problems that Usually Arise

Almost all owners and operators of a business have an extensive array of financial responsibilities. These obligations usually include mortgages and debts. However, serious issues may arise, especially when faced with liabilities, including product defects, damages caused by employees, and occupational hazards among many others.

The Consequences of Handling these Problems Incorrectly

In the event that such concerns come up, it is extremely important you handle them with extreme caution. Having a lawyer specializing in asset protection will help you smoothen out things faster and more efficiently. Through the help of such a legal professional, you can prevent serious financial disasters that do not only impact your business, but your personal life as well.

The Asset Protection Planning Strategies

When you work with an asset protection legal professional, he/she will develop a protection strategy that will involve a wide array of programs. These include structures, frameworks, and arrangements. The asset protection plan should include partnerships, corporations, and trusts. The plan should also take into careful consideration the types of customers and creditors you have or will have, and their probability of filing any complaints, claims, or liabilities against you.

As a business owner or just a regular individual with plenty of assets to protect, you need the help of someone who specializes in just that task. So start creating that layer of security for all your assets and protection through the help of a legal professional in the asset protection field.

The Elements of Pig Farming in New Zealand

Pig farms in New Zealand

Pig farming is an industry that was first introduced to the shores of New Zealand when the first European settlers arrived in the country. It has since grown into a major industry, providing food for Kiwis and the rest of the world.

The Animal Welfare Code of 2005 regulates pig farms in New Zealand. Everything from the animal feeds to the enclosures is carefully regulated to ensure that the animals are raised and slaughtered in humane conditions.

There are several elements to managing a regulation compliant pig farm in New Zealand:


Farmers breed pigs that produce quality lean pork. Pig farmers have to ensure that their pigs are genetically diverse to prevent health problems caused by inbreeding. They must produce clean facilities to care for large litters of piglets.


New Zealand has one of the highest health standards for pigs in the world. Pigs raised within the country have low levels of disease and infection. Farmers have to maintain these standards by doing daily visual checks and practising stringent quarantine methods to separate sick animals from the rest of the drove.


Pigs are omnivores and have to be fed daily. Animal feeds must have a balanced proportion of protein and plant material to maintain proper nutrition. Weaners and lactating sows will have a different diet from the rest of the drove to maintain their health.


Enclosures have to be clean and properly ventilated. Air-conditioning is recommended as pigs easily overheat. Enclosures must also have a proper drainage system for manure.


New Zealand regulates the slaughtering process for all livestock. Pigs have to be slaughtered upon arrival, as keeping them in holding pens is more stressful for them. They must be herded to the stunning area in a quiet and orderly manner, without the use of force.

A good pig farm is a humane one. New Zealand farmers have some of the healthiest pigs in the world because of the good climate and the regulations in place.

Taking Care of Your New Baby: Maintaining that New Car Smell

It’s every man’s dream to have that enchanting new car smell last for a long time. Nothing beats getting to ride that machine with its wheels shining brightly, paint gleaming radiantly and preserving that satisfying feeling. However, if you intend to drive it recklessly just to display it to the girls, then you will end up having that dent fixed at A 1 Smash Repairs. Learn how to take care of your car to improve your bragging rights.

Consider Your Parking Space

Always think about the location where you park your vehicle, whether it is during the night or day. When it is night time, park it in the garage. It will be a bit difficult in the daytime as you have to park it under a cover always. Protect it from bird droppings and the harmful rays of the sun that will cause the paint to fade.

If it is impossible to find a covered parking area, ensure that the one you choose is far from power lines, trees and places where birds can perch on. Do not leave it carelessly in the street where possums and tree sap can damage the paint.

Get Rid of Deposits Immediately

Time is essential if you find a dirty dropping deposited in your car. Clean it off immediately because it will be more difficult to get rid of later. Use water and a weak detergent to wash it off. Refer to Consumer Reports to find out what you should and should not do when washing your car.

The longer you postpone it, the harder you have to scrub it off. The harder you scrub it off, the higher chance you will scrub off your paint too. Also, if you just let it sit there for a while, your paint will be permanently stained.

You might love cleaning of your car the first few months, but you will eventually get lazy. If you want to maintain that new car, ensure that you continue a cleanup and maintenance routine.

What Defines a Rustic Home?

Rustic Home

Remodeling your home? If you’re into the laid back, earthy, and natural house style, then going rustic is the thing for you.

What defines a rustic home? First of all, Uber Doors notes that it is a shift from your modern and minimalistic interior. Buying doors, windows, furniture and accessories for a rustic home will be a whole new ball game, especially if you’re transitioning from a contemporary design.

Rustic Homes: An Overview

Natural, simple, homey, and warm are some of the words used to describe a rustic house style. In a way, this could be a modern take on older homes while preserving their unique architecture heritage and essence. It has the conveniences of a modern home but the warmth of a rustic dwelling.

The style evokes a sense of simplicity – a connection to the past. Its design is also not that difficult to blend with other types of décor, as there is no need for a uniform appearance, which makes it easier for designers to come up with an out-of-the-box look without being tacky.

Characteristics of a Rustic Home

The essential feature of this type of design is the use of raw wood and stone as their primary materials. Given the opportunity to own an old home, it is important that you preserve the original character and architectural detail. If you’re going to have a new home built with rustic details, expose the beams – wood-covered ceilings are popular these days.

For a rustic modern interior, all the colors must be neutral and natural. You may keep your walls white, but you may also replace this by covering them in either wood or stone. For fabric, neutral and natural is the way to go. Fabrics without prints usually work and linen, hides, and jute would be the best choices for this.

People find the style of the past intriguing. Vintage architecture and antiques are making a comeback, and that goes for interior design as well. If you prefer the laid-back and natural environment, go for a rustic home.

3 Ways to Jazz Up Your Backyard

Whether you’re bored with all that space or just eager to get your hands dirty on a new project, here are 3 easy ways you can transform that yard into an oasis of relaxation and fun.

In-Ground Trampolines

Use that space to make new memories for both the young and young at heart with a new and inventive way of installing trampolines and having them directly placed on your yard. Having an in-ground trampoline is far more aesthetically pleasing, keeping your yard from looking like you’ve stuffed a bunch of toys for your kids out there.

They also appear to be a lot safer, no more fears of falling off, and simply putting padding on the ground around the trampolines will keep those kids (and Grandad) from any nasty accidents. Get active whilst having loads of fun using these trampoline workouts from WebMD’s website.


If you’re hoping to host more events in the comfort of your own home, then why not invest in your very own gazebo? These can be both rustic and elegant, depending on the way you decorate it, and perfect for small and intimate gatherings. A bit of landscaping and some good lighting can bring out the best in your gazebo. Kids’ birthday parties? Get some balloons, added seating, a terrifying clown to scar them for life and you’re good to go! Graduation dinner, you say? Fill the yard with some festoon lights and music to set the mood. You’re sure to have a wonderful time thinking of ways to entertain people on almost any occasion.

Hot Tub

If you’re not holding back on cash, then here’s an excuse to spend some on that jacuzzi you’ve been dreaming about! Pools can be difficult to maintain and require a large amount of space, so why not go for something everyone can enjoy? This can be a great way to relax without having to leave your house on the weekends, grab a book and a glass of wine and you’re all set for that much-needed relaxation. If you’d like to know the exact requirements to install a hot tub on your backyard, you can read all about them on Fox News’ article on what to consider before installing a hot tub.

Improving your backyard need not be difficult. Keep these weekend projects in mind.

Considerations for Selling Your Own Product

Business Plan in Eagan

The first step to selling your own product is, of course, coming up with that product. When thinking of what product to create, there are some considerations:

  • What you can create within a reasonable time frame and budget
  • What tools or services are needed to finish your product
  • Where to store the products
  • How much to sell your products for
  • What avenues for selling you’ll be using (online or offline)
  • How to get them to customers

There may be other concerns aside from those on the list. Which leads to the next item: you need a solid business plan. Before you’re even ready to operate, you’ll be spending hours coming up with a business plan that will at least get your business off the ground.

Testing the market on the cheap

Companies spend thousands or even millions of dollars just to test their products. As you don’t have that kind of money right now, you can just go “local.” Give prototypes of your product to friends and family and note how they react to or use those prototypes. With the input you get, you will be able to adjust your manufacturing. You will also find out if there is indeed a need or a desire for that kind of product.

List your expenses to find “budget versions”

Your budget is not unlimited, so instead of spending money on expensive services to launch your product, find a way to save without sacrificing your marketing or operations. For example, instead of paying for expensive courier services, talk to a rep from a company offering freight in Eagan, MN. They may be open to a deal that’s not too heavy on your shoulders. Instead of hiring a PR person, start a website with a blog page. You’ll eventually need a professional to work on your site, but for your basic needs right now, try websites like Shopify or WordPress. They have easy instructions for starting an eCommerce website on your own.

There are many ways to save on the startup you’ve been dreaming of. Selling your product online is one of them. Scour the internet for simple ways to reduce your expenses and improving your profit margin.