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Your Sub-Zero Refrigerator: Common Issues and Fixes

Sub-Zero Refrigerator in Salt Lake CityYour Sub-Zero refrigerator is undoubtedly one of the best and costly purchases you’ve splurged on and that’s great since it is still considered the cream of the crop of refrigerators. However, there will come a time that you’ll experience issues with it, like with your other appliances — below are some of them:

Refrigerator Not Getting Cold

First off, know that your Sub contains uses independent and separate compressors; one for your freezer and one for your refrigerator, so cooling loss on one of them won’t have an impact on the other. So don’t switch off your unit if only one component is exhibiting cooling loss. This issue could be attributed to many different things such as compressor issues, fan motors, defrost timers, and relays, among others, so it’s best to have a professional diagnose the problem.

Leaking Water

Several things such as a damaged valve, clogged drain line, or frozen or cracked water lines could cause this issue. According to an expert Sub-Zero repair technician in Salt Lake City, although you can easily clean the spilled water, you should also consult a professional to determine what exactly is causing the leak.

Turns On the Clean Condenser Light

This means that your Sub-Zero’s condenser coils are filthy and in desperate need of cleaning. According to Sub-Zero, professional cleaning of the coils must be performed at least every three to six months. Try to clean the coils yourself and check if the light is still on, if it is, you may have a larger issue on your hands that needs to be addressed immediately so it won’t lead to cooling problems.

Separator Bar is Unusually Hot

This is most probably an issue with the condenser coil. Cleaning should resolve the issue, but you won’t know for sure since heat will not cool off for at least several hours.

Keep in mind that you Sub-Zero refrigerator isn’t your usual appliance and that it makes use of advanced technology you can only dream of comprehending. Because of this, leave the repairs to the pros to prolong the service life of your Sub-Zero refrigerator.

Strengthening Your Brand with a Good Logo

Custom Logo Design

Branding is important if you want your business to be instantly recognizable. Powerful companies like Coca-Cola, Nike, and Apple have built their brands so almost anyone in the civilized world doesn’t even have to read their names to recognize them. The bottle silhouette, the Swoosh, and the apple with a bite mark are enough. You hope for one day being able to elicit the same kind of response with your branding, but for now, you need to do the work.

Designing Your Logo

Your logo is the one distinct mark that characterizes everything about your brand. It can be a simple font-based logo, or a graphic that gives an idea what your business is; what’s important is people recognize it. Avoid using clip art when you’re designing a logo. Even if the clip art is never used again by another company (highly unlikely), people will not be impressed. It’s cheap and it shows with the lack of creativity.

Spend a sizeable amount if you can and hire a professional company to design the logo based on what you want. Experiment with colors, but remember that a good logo will look great whether on a letterhead, on a billboard, or on a monochrome Xeroxed document. Avoid using a photograph, as a logo should always be decipherable in any size. A photo will become unrecognizable once it loses size.

Using Your Logo

Your new logo should always be visible if you are to make an imprint on the minds of people everywhere. Use it on your business cards, letterhead, posters, billboards, website, and even on your fleet vehicle wraps, according to Graphix Unlimited. The more exposure, the more association it creates with your products. Don’t forget to have the logo patented to make sure no other company uses it.

Your brand may not achieve the same level of recognition as multimillion-dollar companies, but it should at least create some much-needed recall among the people who matter to your business.

A Guide to Choosing Trailer Parts and Accessories

Trailer Servicing

Did you know that by servicing your trailer, you could increase its life span and boost its resale worth? Due to its heavy workload, a trailer can wear out pretty quick. To keep it in good shape you must buy and replace the defective or worn-out parts.

Whether you are acquiring a trailer for long-term use or renting a one for short-term needs, you can keep it in top shape with‘s simple guide.

Be Proactive

Immediately after part breakdowns, there is a high likelihood you’ll go looking for your owner’s manual to review your warranty. By reading beforehand and understanding the terms of your trailer’s warranty before things go wrong, you will have an insight what components are under warranty. Knowing the ins and outs of your warranty can safeguard you from a long, painful headache later.

Frequent Servicing

Before you get on the road, it is paramount that you be familiar with all your trailer’s moving parts. Being aware of the movable parts is essential to your safety on the road. Regardless of the type of trailer you drive or its condition, it has to be up to certain safety standards to be on the road. Frequent servicing will ensure that you comply with imposed safety standards to keep you and other road users safe from accidents. Also, buy trailer parts that are genuine; consult an expert to ensure you are buying quality parts.

Whether it a boat trailer, MV trailer, horse trailer any other kind of trailer no matter how infrequently it is used avoid constant breakdowns and accidents by having it serviced frequently. Giving your trailer that annual checkup can help you avoid costly mistakes that often go unnoticed. It’s unavoidable that parts will deteriorate over time, but with regular, thorough check-ups, you won’t encounter as many deep-seated problems.

A New Look: 3 Ways to Give Your Home a Makeover

House MakeoverEver felt like life gets boring because your home has look the same for years already? Sometimes, what we need is a change. It does not have to be drastic like transferring to a new place, though. Simply changing the way your home looks is already more than enough. Re-arranging things like furnishings and appliances in your house is an “okay” choice, but to see change to go along with long-term improvement with aluminum fencing? That would be better.

Here are some ways to give your home a makeover and make it extra secured:

Ornamental Fencing

A house that has no fence is a house that is not safe at all. A fence will do your house wonders and will make it more secure. Choose a fence that has a classy design, and you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone. Fencing is important in today’s times. As notes, this will not only give your house a good look, but also keep it secure.


What’s the use of having a classy and sturdy fence if you don’t have a gate to go with it? Having a gate will surely make people with not-so-good intentions think otherwise. A gate is also useful, as it makes your home more secure. Make sure it will look good with the fence that will come with it.


By now, you may have thought of what fence looks good with a gate. For that additional class in your house’s all-new protective gear, have some accessories. Miniature statues and solar-powered lamps are good choices.

Before anything else, be sure to select a provider that ships directly, has lifetime warranty, and has products that does not rust over time. Giving your home a new look but having problems with it is not the way to go.

Take a Break: Avoid Startup Burnout


StartupStarting your own company is extremely exciting. At long last, your dreams of being your own boss and possibly making a difference are coming into fruition.

These are also the times when you will be very busy. You’ll be so busy, in fact, that you might even forget some of the things that matter in your life. It makes sense to devote all your time and energy to your dream project; every successful individual in the world did the same thing. But, there are some things you have to take into consideration, such as not forgetting to live a normal life, even in the face of incredible odds and demands. Here are some ways to help you get back on track.

Connect with friends and family

While you may be justified in giving your all to your start-up, it is still important that you don’t lose touch with the world around you, particularly your loved ones. Your family and friends will give you natural stress relief and help you ward off the dreaded burnout. They are there to listen to you and make you feel better, but be there for them as well. After all, whatever happens, you need them by your side for support and validation.

Get away now and then

You don’t even have to hit the beach or climb a mountain to get away from it all, although disconnecting from your work now and then is important. But there may be times when you want some peace and quiet while you accomplish major components that may lead to your success. For example, instead of working at your office, spend a day or two at a hotel by yourself. Companies such as e-Communications & Networking suggest choosing one with hotel guest Internet support so you can work in the peace and quiet of a comfortable room.

A start-up is perhaps the most demanding piece of work you will ever be involved with. So give it all you can, but leave a little for yourself.

Make You Home Stand Out with These Awesome Landscaping Ideas

Outdoor areas are usually the last to get design consideration, but they should not be: What surrounds your residence is just as crucial as what is in it. Whether it is elaborate garden design, a stone paver pathway, aluminum fence panel or a manicured front lawn, these spaces profit from the same focus to detail as any kitchen or bathroom. Well-organized landscaping ideas can supplement your home’s design and architecture and the right plants, shrubbery and flowers can significantly enhance your suppress appeal by incorporating fragrance, color and even texture to your yard.

Study your space

Before starting up your garden remodeling project, industry professional suggests analyzing your space and look through landscape ideas to determine the best way to fill it. If you like working outside, a large vegetable garden and rose garden is the ideal way to use your space. However, kids might appreciate a large yard, pool, playground, or swing set. Consider what your household would utilize the most, together with what would boost your re-sell value in the future. Eventually, be sure to contemplate your back and front yard as independent entities; in the end, they generally serve two distinct purposes.

Front yard

When landscaping the front yard, consider curb appeal at the least. This space is your opportunity to make an excellent first impression therefore it should be impressive, well planned and steady with the design of your house. A flower yard is an excellent option, but if servicing is a concern, you can shorten the process by going for low-maintenance succulents, hedges, bushes instead.


The back area is for playtime and entertaining so integrate seating, dining spots, sunny relaxation areas and play spaces. A rose garden and vegetable garden is a typical yard staple, particularly if you include an appealing element like an arbor, pergola, border, raised bed, fence or walkway. You can also add fun extras like feeders and birdbaths to help with bird watching. Mother Nature offers you a bounty of natural beauty to use in creating the perfect landscape. Take advantage of this bounty and adorn your compound.

Sewer Line Maintenance: The Process and Steps Involved

Sewer Line Maintenance in Utah

Sewer lines form a major part of the plumbing system for a home, business or any other establishment. Most often than not, problems occur in pipes, drains and faucets. Clogs in the sewer lines are noticeable only when they begin to cause major problems. Left neglected, it may lead to raw sewage backing up in drains and coming into a home or building.

Spills could also occur on streets outside a building and cause serious damage and will cost a lot to repair. How can you figure out if there is a problem?

Here are some things to look for:

Clogged drains or toilet: An easy red flag to note, according to sewer clean up professionals in Sandy, is when you see water backing up in a drain or toilet. Gurgling noises usually accompany such a clog. Clogs can occur anywhere – the main or secondary sewer line. Imagine that the house is set up like a tree – the main line runs out of the house. Every line therefore is like a small branch. If the clog is in the main line, then you can expect serious problems. If it is in a branch, then it is isolated and can be tackled easily.

Tree roots: Trees and their root systems are the main cause of clogged sewage lines, especially in older homes and buildings. In newer buildings, clogs can be caused by products such as sanitary napkins and the excess use of toilet paper. Sewer clean up companies usually suggest paying attention to odd noises in the bathrooms and slow flowing drains in kitchens and the bath. This is usually a sign of sewer related issues.

Tackling the issue

A clogged or busted sewer line can be a major headache and expense. If you think you have a problem or suspect a blocked sewer line, the first thing to do is shut off water at the main intake. See if you can locate the clean out cap located close to the house and clean it. Experts do not recommend the use of chemical cleaners to address the problem. They suggest filling sinks up to the brim and draining them at least once a month. The pressure exerted by such a task will ensure proper flow through all the pipes and remove stagnating waste.

It is also a good idea to have sewer line cleaning professionals use a drain snake aka an auger to clear up clogs in the system. This is not an expensive service and can be done once a year or every two years. Getting a camera inspection is also a good idea as it will help fend off any future problems. Make sure that you ask the cleaning companies a lot of questions so that you don’t end up paying for something you don’t need.

Simple Life Hacks to Rent a Property Wisely

Renting a place to stay can be a stressful or a pleasant and rewarding experience. Both outcome usually depend on whether you have a great landlord. Here’s some piece of advice on preventing the common problems that come with renting a property.

Want to pay less? Ask

Rent isn’t automatically negotiable, but a lot of landlords are prepared to bargain on price. While bringing down the formal rent price could be difficult, at times you can work out other means of cutting down what you ought to pay.

Talk to other tenants

While this may appear a little frightening, if you wish to get an idea of what it is like to stay in a certain apartment you need to talk to people that currently live there. Collecting a few experiences could be really useful in getting a distinct picture of what residing there will look like for you.

Stick to the rules

If anything is unclear, industry professional Gardner Vaughan Group notes that it’s important to ensure everything is resolved in writing and is a component of the lease. If you see something wrong in the lease, request for it to be revised. If there are conditions that you think should permit you to break up your lease, ensure that becomes portion of your lease prior to signing it. After you sign the lease, it’s advisable to keep your communication in writing whenever possible.

Be honest

Renting a flat is a business relationship involving the landlord and the tenant, so it holds to reason the tenant could be the problem too. If you are going to have problems paying your rent or have some type of problem, you’ll almost be better treated by being sincere with your landlord.

Take proper care of the property you are going to rent. If you unintentionally damage something, be honest about it. When you shift out, fix the place to the way you found it.

Roof Maintenance: Simple Life Hacks to Ensure Functionality of Roofs

Roof Maintenance in Australia

The roof is one of the strongest and most durable components of any modern home. For some, it needs to be designed in such a way that it adds to, not detracts from, the aesthetic value of the home. As such, it is often necessary to make sure that it is well-maintained to keep this value for many years to come.

While the services of a professional roof maintenance expert may come in handy especially if you have a roof that is quite challenging to access, maintaining it in tip top shape yourself can form the basis of a DIY project. Furthermore, when you maintain your property yourself, the pride and sense of fulfilment will be incomparable.

Regular Visual Inspections

Schedule a regular visual inspection checks on your roof. Industry professional Permacoat explains that this is to identify any problems in the roofing materials like loose tiles and shingles or even signs of water damage. Make sure to schedule your visual roof inspection on a sunny day when there are no signs of rain, snow, or storm. Additionally, make use of sturdy ladder as well as the correct gear when going up your roof.

Regular Cleaning

Gutters and roofing materials should be clear of any debris. You should remove leaves, branches, blown plastics, and any other debris that you can find on your roof. Take time to scrape off any mould growth from the tiles as well as the gutters. While these may look inconspicuous to you, they can nonetheless bring a lot of potential problems in the long run.

Trim the Foliage

If you have trees overhanging your roof, it may be wise to trim the branches. While your roof may be made of sturdy materials, a strong gust of wind coupled with the hardy surface of wood can break tiles off your roof. This can lead to significant roofing repairs. In addition, by creating a gap between your roof and the tree branches, you are effectively creating a barrier against rodents that may be living in the trees. These rodents like squirrels can access your roof and start gnawing on your wooden sidings if these branches are not cut off.

Be Observant

During a storm, pay particular attention to loud noises from your roof. These may indicate some damage to the roofing structure. When the storm passes and the sky is clear, go up your roof and inspect for any signs of damage.

Caring for you roof is essential to a safe home. This is why it is important to perform these maintenance tips on a regular basis.

Taking a Break from it all: Easy Ways to Unwind on a Budget

Ideas for Holiday VacationsYou’ve paid your dues and done your time. OK, maybe you will never see the inside of a prison cell (and that’s good), but you believe that slaving through all those hours of work in the office have given you the right to take a break. And not just a coffee break, mind you, but a real break, a holiday.

Next thing you know you’re stressing over where to go, what to do, how to do it and whom to do it with. This should not be the start of the break you’ve been waiting for all year (or all of ten years). It should be easy, relaxing and inexpensive. Here, get some ideas.

Go on a Holy Land Tour

That’s right, walk in the footsteps of the Messiah. “What? Walk in the heat?” you say. After all, isn’t this supposed to be relaxing? Well, it’s not hard to relax when you’re on an LDS Israel Tour, according to Cruise Lady. You won’t exactly be lying around but what you get may be more important: peace. A dose of that in this increasingly chaotic world is worth more than a few iced drinks in Ibiza. Besides, you’re trying to walk away from the pressures of your job, and the peace and understanding you’ll get from this tour may just be what you need.

Choose a Staycation

Don’t do it at home, though, or you’ll sleep all through your holiday and wake up in the same shirt you wore to work before your break began. A staycation shouldn’t mean staying at home. You still need some change around you even if you’re not leaving the state or city. Travel a mile or two to a good hotel or bed and breakfast and stay there for a few days. Spend an afternoon at the spa, a quiet evening at the restaurant, maybe see a movie, then go back to your hotel room and read a good book. You don’t have to be alone, either; take your significant other with you—unless they’re part of what you’re getting away from.

Taking a break from the pressures of work shouldn’t be a burden. Think of ways to unwind without spending too much money or bringing upon yourself a whole new world of challenges.