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Top Reasons to Franchise rather than Open a Start-up


In today’s very competitive business world, it’s a challenge to start a new business. There are many risks that should be faced in order to open up a brand and enter the market successfully. In essence, you will be competing with already established and known brands.

Franchising is seen as a practical and smart alternative to starting a new business. Many people buy franchise rather than start from scratch because of the many benefits this option provides. Here are some of the best reasons buying a franchise could make a better choice than opening a start-up.

No business experience needed

You don’t need to have entrepreneurial experience when you plan to open a business through a franchise. Franchisors offer training that will equip you with the necessary knowledge to operate their business model. They should also provide you with reference materials to help you have a smooth operation.

Well established brand

Franchising gives you the benefit of carrying a brand that already has an established reputation in the industry. You will be selling a familiar product or service rather than introducing a new one. This saves you from the risk of throwing a rather new offering and the challenge of making customers try it.

Pre-opening and ongoing support

Franchise companies also provide pre-opening and ongoing support. They can help a franchisee in every stage of planning – from site selection, design to opening preparations. People who buy franchise from Brisbane established franchisors also benefit from operational assistance, ongoing supervision and management support.

Marketing assistance

You can also benefit from marketing assistance provided by the company. Most of them will supply you with marketing tools and strategies to attract and retain buyers. They can also assist you in creating marketing plans should you want a specialised strategy for your own store.

These are only some of the main benefits of buying a franchise. To get all these, make sure you’re choosing an experienced and qualified franchisor that follows industry’s code of conduct. Do your research first to find the best product to sell and the right brand to franchise.

Schools Matter only when Its Teachings Matter

Group of Students in Class

When you talk about learning, a quick look back through time is revealing.  Centuries ago, there were no Ivy League colleges with large gymnasiums to make everyone drool in envy. However, even with all that lack, ancient Greece was able to produce three of the most notable thinkers in history – Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, with each one learning from the one before him.

You can adorn your schools with all the best facilities the world can offer. Sans a superior system of teaching, however, it’s bound to produce subpar results.

The Three Kings of Wisdom

Many Australians today may not even recognise their names, much more hear people talk about them. However, going through an encyclopaedia or for convenience’s sake Google, reveal that indeed Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were great men of learning.

What is most remarkable about these three Athenian philosophers is that they each taught one another. Socrates, the eldest of the three, mentored Plato who then proceeded to mentor Aristotle.

Again, Aristotle’s name may not ring a bell but his protégé, Alexander the Great – one of the greatest conquerors the world has ever known – surely will.

A Better System

Superior learning methodology is akin to those nifty school uniforms. It’s not just a matter of the outward appearance but more of a function of fabric quality and superior tailoring. Quality school clothing manufacturers, such as Perm-A-Pleat, are capable of producing uniforms that are durable as well as classy.  Hence, time, truly, is the ultimate test.

A superior school is synergistic. Not only are the teachers cooperative and work hand in hand to better the curriculum, parents themselves pitch in.

It’s easy to lose the essentials when you’ve got schools with a student population that run in the thousands. Still, a quality school should be responsive to the needs of the students from top to bottom. This means attitudes should be aligned, from the staff all the way up to the principal.

When a school has a superior system of teaching, students learn the most. Pretty soon they will be citizens of the world with excellence and distinction.

Harmless Fun: Celebrating the Last Days of Singlehood for the Groom

Harmless Fun in Bachelor's Night

As the best man of the groom, you need to come up with the perfect bachelor party for the main man and your closest friends. But, what if the guest of honour does not want a dancer and prefers to keep it safe?

Here are a few other options for a memorable bachelor’s evening for everyone – minus the dancer in the cake:

Steak and Wine

It’s typical for men to watch games while gobbling pizza and guzzling beer. Make it a little classier by eating the best steak and drinking premier wine. Make it even more interesting by having a roast for the soon-to-be-married bachelor. All you need is to rent the perfect venue for everyone to have a good time. As reviews show, The Alliance Hotel is one of the best places to celebrate such occasions.

Karaoke Night

What if none of you can sing? Performing for the sake of giving the bachelor a night to remember is something you should not miss. Hold a contest and give humorous awards to everyone who participated. Come up with funny and creative prizes to hand out. Just make sure that every guest is game for this before you rent the venue.

Compete and Conquer

If your pals are into gaming, this is the perfect event to spend time with each other before your mate ends singlehood. Video games, virtual games, game boards, card games, paintball, basketball – all of these kinds of competition can strengthen the bond of men. If your friends have multiple gaming or sports interest, do a decathlon of all your favourite competitions. You can even form teams for a more interesting twist.

A bit of harmless fun is a great way to prepare your friend for the married life. Behind all the drinks and the festivities, it’s your job as friends to remind your soon-to-be married mate about his responsibilities in a marriage.