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Garage Door Maintenance for Better Property Value

House Garage

There are many ways to increase the value of your home. Some projects, however, provide mode returns than others.

Garage door replacement is one of the highly ranked home improvement projects with the highest cost recouped in terms of home resale return on investment (ROI). This is true for both midrange and upscale homes based on a 2015 cost vs. value published review.

Would you ever think that your garage door can give you such a high ROI? Come to think of it, fixing or replacing it costs less than other home upgrades that you might have in mind. It is no wonder that the structure, installation, and maintenance of garage doors are things homeowners put a lot of thought into. says there are several maintenance issues you should keep in mind, such as repairing the garage door opener of your home in Layton or anywhere else in Utah.

Hardware Issues

Do you want to stop that squeaky, noisy sound your garage door is making? First off, you’ve got to make sure that the lubricant and grease you’re applying on the garage door parts are safe to use.

Spraying the right amount of lubricant on the correct parts will help maintain your chain-driven garage door opener. Just make sure to use the appropriate oil type. It pays to be familiar with the appearance and condition of the parts. This is so that you’ll know how to keep them clean and in good working condition.

Testing the Sensors

Federal law requires that garage doors have an automatic reverse feature to prevent injuries. A malfunctioning sensor compromises this feature.

To test if the sensors are working as they should, you can try piling up some boxes at the doorway that your sensors should detect. You’ll know if they’re not working if the door keeps on hitting the boxes. In this case, call your trusted garage door repair service.

New Garage Door Needed

No matter how sturdy your garage door is, there will come a time when replacing it will be the smart choice. A newer garage door saves you on maintenance costs and will greatly improve your home’s look and value.

You can’t take your garage door for granted. Always maintain it well to maximize your investment in it.

Types of Hearing Protectors for Heavy Industries and the Military

ear protector

Technological innovations of recent years have made state-of-the-art aviation hearing protection hardware widely available in the United States. Aircraft noise is damaging to the ears. The high-pitched whine of jet engines could reach sound intensities that cause permanent hearing loss if a person is exposed without adequate protection.

Ear plugs, headphones, and top of the line ear protectors are therefore part of the everyday gear used by airport and airline personnel.

What are the available types of hearing protectors?

Ear Plugs

The simplest form of protection is the ear plug. This type of product is typically designed to reduce the noise intensity by about 15-20 decibels. Reduction in the noise is quite minimal, and so you would still hear muffled sounds from the environment, including conversations between people nearby.

Nevertheless, this kind of protection may prove inadequate for aircraft ground crew, who work close by during landings and take-offs.

Noise-Attenuating Headsets

Tactical Hearing explains that headsets have noise-insulated cups and are more capable of lowering noise intensity than ear plugs –by as much as 20-25 decibels. High-performance noise-attenuating headsets present a good seal so that unwanted sound energy couldn’t leak in.

Headsets have another advantage. Some hearing protectors feature stereo output, which assists the wearer in determining distance and direction from auditory cues.

Over-the-Head and Behind-the-Head

Over-the-head (OTH) hearing protectors are common in high noise intensity and high stress environments, such as on decks of aircraft carriers. Some of the finest hearing protection equipment for the aviation industry available today are OTH protectors with wide foam-filled ear seals and low profile ear cups. The head pads are comfortable with chrome-plated, durable hardware.

Meanwhile, some behind-the-head (BTH) style equipment offer dual volume controls, are lightweight, and provide high-fidelity sound in a wide range of frequencies.

In the aviation industry, and you expose yourself to high intensity noise on a day to day basis, there is no need to risk your hearing. Make sure you are using sound, tested, and reliable hearing protection equipment.

Best Features to Watch Out For in Preventive Maintenance Software

Preventive Maintenance Software

Preventive Maintenance Software is a key component of any Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS). Its aids businesses in maximising resources, extending the lifespan of assets, minimising downtime, and lowering expenses related asset maintenance.

What to Look for in Preventive Maintenance Software

While features will vary greatly from software to software, below are some of the most important features you should look for:

  • Electronic Notifications

Sends notifications to the proper personnel of upcoming maintenance tasks. These alerts are typically determined via calendar schedules and metre settings. Some software applications are capable of combining alerts for current and future tasks to further reduce operational downtime of assets.

  • Fixed or Variable Forecasting and Scheduling

Allows the advanced planning of an asset’s maintenance routine in conjunction with scheduled jobs. This can also be used for scheduling contractors, reserving required equipment for a specific maintenance job and monitoring orders for consistent and accurate recordkeeping.

  • Metres Management

Keeps track of asset performance and notifies personnel in the event that an asset performs inconsistently. For example, a preventive maintenance software program used for tracking transportation assets is capable of monitoring performance of assets via routine care tasks and mileage. Aside from scheduling, setting metres defined by users through variables such as mileage and frequency of usage can be easily performed.

  • Data Libraries

Stores and monitors procedure data and critical documentation vital to assets maintained. These are critical resources for all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance jobs and greatly lowers the amount of time spent looking for solutions.

  • Asset History Tracking

Records and monitors critical information, including service providers, expense metrics, and maintenance history, forecasts on depreciation of assets, budget, and warranty information regarding scheduled and routine maintenance jobs.

With the right preventive maintenance software to aid an excellent preventive maintenance program, you’ll rest easy knowing that you’re efficiently protecting your assets. Furthermore, you’ll be sure to increase your ROI real soon.

Do You Have the Right Antenna?

Get the Right Antenna

Television reception problems can be frustrating, especially if you’re watching your favourite TV programme. If your TV is not getting a good signal, the picture is unclear or snowy, or some or all channels cannot be accessed.

Freeview installers agree that the most common cause of bad TV reception is your antenna. Choosing the right type of aerial and positioning it correctly will help ensure that you’ll get a clear reception.

Proximity to Transmitter

Those who are living within sight of main TV transmitter may get a good picture with a small aerial. Those who live in areas with mountains, trees, or large buildings, however, may need a high gain aerial and a masthead amplifier. This is because such structures may obscure the path between the nearest transmitters.

UHF Aerials

A YAGI-type aerial may work well if there is a direct line of sight between your house and a transmitter. A Tri-folding structure, however, is ideal if you live in an area where there is no direct sight of a TV transmitter. For those who live in areas with obstacles such as trees and buildings in the path of the signal, a phased array aerial should do the job.

Indoor Antenna

Indoor aerials may only work if you’re very near the transmitter. It is also best to check with your local retailer to see if they can let you try an indoor aerial. If the antennas have rabbit ears, folding those in different positions may reduce interference. Rabbit ears are made for VHF reception and VHF signals may sometimes cause interference with the UHF signals.

Satellite Dish

You will need a satellite dish and a satellite set-top box if you live in a satellite only area. The dish needs a clear line to the satellite, as scaffolding and walls can block the path and cause interference. You may also need to adjust the Low Noise Blocker (LNB), which is the little machine that feeds in satellite signals into your receiver.

Don’t put up with a poor TV reception. Choose and install the right antenna to get your TV viewing back on track.

Lean Mean Muscle Machine– Your Journey to Fitness


Staying fit generally involves cutting down the unhealthy excesses of the body and putting yourself up to strength. The picture that can best match this notion is building up on lean mass and boosting your endurance.Nonetheless, the core goal of being fit is to improve your health.

There are many ways to get to that healthy body.Here are the three tips that fitness experts recommend to get lean and live strong:

Full Body Workout

Being fit and lean is not just about washboard abs, bulging biceps and a robust chest. It is about having every part of your body up to strength. If you want to get that perfect physique, you need to exercise your entire body – from your chest and core, to your back and legs.

Workout programs like crossfit, swimming, calisthenics or weight lifting can address every muscle group in the body. also recommend kettle bell exercises to help in maintaining balance and working out your muscles. A well-rounded exercise can make for a well-rounded growth of your lean muscle mass.

Bodyweight Resistance

The constant measure and match for your fitness level is your bodyweight. Push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups are exercises that will have you working against your own bodyweight – or what fitness experts call bodyweight resistance.

If you can push yourself up the ground or pull your weight up, this means that you are within the average fitness level. You better start doing and devoting yourself to these bodyweight exercises if you want to get lean.

Push Yourself

“Work until failure” is one of the mantras you’ll usually hear in training routines. This means doing the workout until your body cannot anymore. When the muscles start to fail when you are curling a dumbbell, keep working and push on past the threshold. This is the secret to muscle growth. If you want to become stronger, you have to learn how to break through your limit. This is only applicable to those who have years of weight and body training—beginners should have a predetermined routine before trying this approach.

Change your lifestyle and start your journey to fitness. As they say, no other wealth can compare to a healthy, strong body.

4 Free Relaxing Activities You can do in Perth

activities in Perth

Taking time off from work or class is one of the most effective stress reliever. A vacation of 5 to 10 days
in Australia can do you infinite good, and one of the best places to go to unwind is Perth.

And to add cherry on top of the cake there are several enjoyable things that you can do in Perth, attested by the following:

Walking Around the City

You can find several guided, walking tours in Perth for free. I-City offers volunteer guides that would lead themed walks around the area every Monday to Friday. You can go to their kiosk in Murray Street Mall and take a look at the different tours that they have. You can take the art trail or learn more on the history of the gold rush.

It all depends on your interests; you can also download the maps and audio guide if you prefer to do this

Doing It by Bike

Believe it or not, E-Shed markets in Perth offer free bikes that you can use to explore the city. You can go to historic sites or explore a beach or two using their bikes. The Free Wheeling Freemantle program supports this initiative.

Free Entertainment

If you are a health buff and looking for kindred spirit you can always go to the Northbridge Piazza located in Central Perth to catch the tai chi class in the morning or yoga class for free. You can also watch some old movies in the evening with your family.

Lazy Afternoon by the Beach

Many beaches dot Perth’s coastlines, where people lazily lounge every day to catch the much-needed sun. You can book a Perth holiday accommodation near one of these beaches so that you do not have to walk many miles to relax.

Cottesloe is one of the famous beaches in Perth and it is lined with outdoor bars and cafes. And if you happen to come by during March it becomes an art gallery featuring an exhibit on Sculpture by the Sea.

Perth is a modern city, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its own beach attractions and wonderful accommodations for the tourist.

3 Decisions to Instantly Make Your Office Green

water coolers

There are tonnes of benefits in embracing a green office culture. Being friendly to the environment is good press, allowing you to establish a positive corporate image. Your green ways to lower your utility bills and keep your employees healthy, which essentially prevents your company from hurting for money.

Mitigating the environmental impact of your activities goes beyond reducing, reusing and recycling. By making these important decisions, you can significantly cut down your carbon footprints and help protect nature without compromising your business operations:

Choose Eco-Friendly Options

Whenever you have the pick between two products—one earth-friendly and the other is harmful to the nature—always go with the former. Common sense would tell you not to select products that may cause damage to the environment, but many businesses disregard their potential negative effects because of money—they usually cost less than their eco-friendly alternative.

In reality, the price disparity between the two options actually isn’t that wide. Environment-friendly office products normally just cost 5% more on average. High-quality used items, like pieces of furniture, are even more cost-effective.

Maximise What You Can Minimise

Nothing says you care for the environment than conserving water and electricity. Other than using energy-saving fixtures, making a conscious effort to keep your electricity consumption to a minimum would go a long way.

Clean & Clear Water Filters says the use of office water coolers and filters are an excellent way to make the most of every drop that comes out of the tap. Buying bottled water and using dispensers are overheads you can live without.

Promote Work-from-Home Setup

Giving your staff the option to work from home is a brilliant idea if the nature of your business allows it. Encouraging your employees to finish tasks without leaving the house helps decrease air pollution and increase their time availability.

A company that puts a premium on green practices never runs out of ways to care for the environment. The opportunity to do something good for nature is always there—take it.

Prime Considerations before Renting Heavy Equipment

Renting Heavy Equipment

Not everyone can afford an excavator. Even small construction companies just rent this type of equipment for the duration of a project. Since they are expensive, many companies choose to sign a lease or rental contract.

Choosing the right type of machine

When you choose an excavator to fulfil your needs, the first thing you need to know is the weight capability of the machine. Since an excavator is a construction vehicle designed to move heavy objects and dig out huge volumes of earth, match the weight capability of the machine with the job requirements.

Excavators have tracks or wheels. Know that it is better to rent an excavator with wheels if the surface is smooth and solid, while an excavator with tracks are more suited for locations with irregular surfaces. It is used in forest wood removal, grading of the terrain, major landscaping activities and demolition projects. While sites like SFGATE offer advice on making the most of uneven ground for landscaping, construction areas need even ground with the use of the right equipment.

Plant hire companies like McFadyen Group lists excavators of different sizes, from the 5 tonne Airman to the 49 tonne Caterpillar. Ask the hire company for suggestions before choosing any equipment.

For every excavator hire, Brisbane contractors ensure that the heavy equipment they rent out is in good condition. Before using the equipment, find a proficient machine operator.

Only trained individuals should be inside the cab, where the excavator operator has two sets of controls. One set moves the unit as well as the arm of the equipment horizontally. Another set controls forward and backward movement of the machine.

Do you need a compact excavator?

Companies use a mini or compact excavator for medium-sized projects or in construction and demolition sites with limited space. It can handle heavy work and has attachments and accessories similar to that of regular excavators. Compact machines have a cab that can rotate a full 360 degrees.

Excavators are indispensable, especially since they boost the work speed. Another reason for their popularity is the versatility of the equipment. Rent the heavy equipment that fulfils your needs.

Ways to Make Your Garden a Favourite Playground of Your Children


Healthy children love playing outdoors. Instead of taking them to theme parks and neighbourhood playgrounds, convert your garden into a hangout place they will love. offers many suggested playtime ideas for your garden. Here are some activities and things you can put in your yard to please your kids:

Install a sandbox. Children love playing in the sand, building castles and digging around. With a homemade sandbox, you do not have to drive to the beach just to get them to play. Sand also provides cushioning for rowdy kids and help decrease injuries while playing.

Build a tent or teepee. Playing camp is always fun for children and it is much better if they can do it outside rather than putting it inside their rooms. When the night sets in, get them hooked on star gazing and lull them to sleep with bedtime stories. This will surely be a hit for weekend family bonding.

Add a magical castle bouncer. Bouncing is fun for kids. Get them a bouncer like the ones they always play in theme parks and carnivals. Speaking of bouncing, health officers do not approve trampolines as these present a higher risk of injury.

Give them a badminton court. Badminton is one of the best lawn sports and with less injury risk. As you know, having a sports time is beneficial for the health. Prepare your kids’ net and make a court by marking your lawn with chalk dust on the grass patch.

Make playtime livelier. There are many traditional games that are easy to set and are specifically made for lawns. Choose between garden, pool, quoits, giant ludo, noughts and crosses, hopscotch, junior croquet, lawn darts and rounders set. Teach them the rules of each game and they will surely turn all ears whenever you say “play time!”

With everything set, your children will never want to go away and will happily stay in your garden-turned-playground.

Divorce Dispute Resolution Alternatives: Settlement Agreement

Settlement Agreement

While filing for divorce may be challenging enough, going through trial is still more difficult. Divorce court dramas may be intriguing when seen on TV, but when it comes to real life, it’s better to settle your differences with your spouse outside the court.

If there’s a possibility for you and your spouse to agree on your sticking points without having to go through the usual court litigation, you may want to consider getting a settlement agreement.

What’s a settlement agreement?

If a divorcing couple negotiates and resolves all of their divorce-related issues, regardless if it’s through informal methods or through divorce mediation or collaborative divorce, the decision they made will be finalized in detail in a written settlement agreement.

The couple then presents the settlement agreement to a court of law. They will have to attend a hearing later on wherein the judge determines if the spouses understand and want to voluntarily sign the agreement.

What may happen after the agreement?

During the hearing, the judge usually asks the couple basic factual questions that help in knowing the couple’s decision-making capabilities. Once the judge is satisfied that the couple fairly negotiated upon the agreement’s terms, and that the terms don’t unjustly favor one spouse over another, the agreement usually receives court approval.

After approving the settlement, the judge then presents the couple with the divorce decree. in Provo says attorneys and their clients will now see the resolution of the key issues. The decree states the rights and obligations of the spouses, such as property and debt division, child custody and visitation, and spousal support.

If the judge doesn’t approve of the terms, however, the spouses will have to continue their negotiations. Should the couple still fail to reach an agreement, the divorce case will have to go to trial.