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The Core Basics: 4 BMX Tricks Newbies Should Master

BMX Tricks

BMX continues to be a big thing. Just recently, around 1,200 riders competed in a national competition. The sport deserves the attention it gets, after all, it’s thrilling to see the riders take it to the next level. It’s no wonder many want to start enjoying the sport, too. But to start in BMX, you need a lot more than just a new bike.

The folks at Erik’s Bike Shop say you also have to learn the basic tricks that serve as the foundation of the more complicated moves – specifically, these four:

Basic Jump

All air tricks begin with a basic jump, so it’s important that you know how to do this right.

So, to start, you need to ride your bike towards a transition. Once you’re up in the air, you would want to strive to reach the tallest height with each jump. Next, you should aim to level yourself while midair so that you can land parallel to the surface. Practice this within short distances first and move on to larger gaps as you get more used to it.

Bunny Hop

No BMX enthusiast can ride well without knowing how to do a bunny hop. After all, this would set you up to bigger tricks, so you should master this right away.

The first step here is to ride slowly at first. Now, while you’re pacing, lift your bike starting with the front tire. After you level out, it’s time to pull the rear tire. The end result should lift your bike up in the air for a brief moment.

Remember that it’s a mistake to lift both tires simultaneously, as this wouldn’t give you enough air. It’s easier to hop higher when you use the front tire first, followed by the rear.

Fakie Rollback

All you need for a fakie is a sloped area, like a hill or a driveway. When your bike starts to roll backwards, find a balance point. After that, set up the trick, push off backwards, and whip the bike.


For a manual, you have to start slow again. Gain some distance before pulling up gently on the handle bars. As you do that, transfer your weight towards the back of the bike. Hold the position and coast along. Think of it as a wheelie, minus the pedaling.

When you want to pull off pro-level tricks on your bike, the road starts with these basics. Master these and soon enough, you’ll surely ride like a pro – or maybe even be a real pro in the sport.

4 Business Tricks to Avoid Bankruptcy

avoiding bankruptcy

In an economic climate where businesses are going down at a fast rate, it is best to know what options you may have if you are on the verge of a business failure. If you find yourself on the red, do not despair. There are a few business tricks that you may do to breathe more life into an otherwise failing venture.

One option is to look into insolvency services. Firms offering this service investigate the state of the failing business, indicate if there has been misconduct and help the company and provide assistance regarding insolvency laws, among other things. Other companies, like Pickles Auction, offer assistance in commercial asset liquidation along with their insolvency services.

Before looking into this option, here are some more steps businesses can take:

Management shakedown. If business is not working well and failure seem to be imminent one of the first things to check is the management. Most of the time, businesses are failing because of poor management. Even if money is coming in from the investors or the product is selling well, if there is mismanagement of funds or of people, the business will definitely be a failure. A change of management can sometimes do a failing business good as it allows new people and new ideas into the company.

Call a consultant. Maybe it’s high time to have someone from the outside take a look at it. In times of great distress, sometimes it is better to have a consultant who can objectively see what’s going on in the company. In fact, consider having a consultant a good investment as it just may save your failing business.

Get some help from your creditors. If you have been missing payments because money is not coming in regularly perhaps it is best to inform your creditors of this. Re-negotiate and try to lower your monthly leverage. Or work-out a new payment contact that will enable you to avoid bankruptcy. Sit down with your creditors and explain to them that you are on the verge of bankruptcy, but would like to avoid it as much as possible. Maybe a new contract can be drafted?

Finally find a lawyer. If bankruptcy seems imminent perhaps it is best to find a bankruptcy lawyer pronto. The lawyer will be able to take you step-by-step through the process, assisting you on what you should do and categorise the type of bankruptcy you should file.

Remember there are two kinds of bankruptcy. There is the straight bankruptcy and the debt adjustment bankruptcy. Knowing which type will save you time and a lot of money.

That Leash that Works For You and Your Pup Buddy


Your dog is always a great companion, especially during a morning jog or walk. Nothing keeps it safe and out of harm than a good leash.

Choosing the Right One

With a number of choices available, you might be wondering which one will work for you and your pup.

So, what are your options? You may go for a simpler dog leash, which is a better choice for a pet that is easygoing and has no obedience problems. Slip collar is good for easily distracted pets. It gives a quick, firm pull. Another option is a pack leader collar, which is good for dogs with pulling problems. Lastly, a harness is the best choice if you want to be pulled by your dog while riding your bike or roller skates.

The material used as well as their pros and cons are also worth considering. The table below gives you a comparison.

Nylon good for first timers; very light
comes in different colours
can cause a mean burn on your hand that happens during a sudden, strong pull becomes slippery and harder to hold onto in water
Chain affordable hard on the hands; not safe for your pet’s teeth when stuck can easily get wrapped around a human finger and cause fracture
Leather strong material; gentle on your hands pricey
Cotton soft and comfy
excellent in water
often difficult to find have the risk of rope burn
Rubber minimise the risk of injury in your pet’s neck the rubbery bounce encourages pulling with every step makes it difficult in correcting pet’s resisting behaviour

The best option for your pet is one that is comfy not only for him, but also for you.  Choose which one works best for both of you and enjoy fun morning walks together.

Ways to Make Learning Geography More Interesting


Children today have become too exposed to a number of gadgets and digital media. It can be challenging to keep them interested in a subject for a long time, unless you make the experience fun. They will not learn any subject by simply memorizing or listening. So, teachers need to be creative and use other resources to make the subject more appealing.

Give Them Interesting Projects

If the lessons are taught as stories or as personal experiences, then it can become more enjoyable. It is better than reading facts and figures about topography and other natural features. For other geography resources, you can have a globe or a large map on a canvas and take an imaginary trip all over the globe. You can pretend to visit all the places throughout the world. Each child can pick a place he would like to visit and make a list of the activities he would like to do there.

Children will then be tempted to look up information on the destination of their choice and learn a lot about many places in this manner. You can tell the students to maintain a travel journal or diary and make them write a short description of each place, including the geographical conditions there such as the topography, the climate, the landforms, etc.

Using Other Means for Specific Topics

Depending on the level of each student, they can be asked to make profiles of each country, including details of the population, the climatic conditions, the capital, the mountains and the rivers. The students can also be encouraged to do more map work and even make their own maps. They can be asked to draw maps to scale and mark the major cities, the mountain ranges, rivers, and other terrains.

The computer and the Internet have made teaching and learning more interesting and meaningful. Use the various websites and other digital media sources to your advantage and make the subject appealing to the students.

Overcoming Your Insecurities Through Hobbies


It is normal to have insecurities in life. You could feel inferior when you see people who look better, earn bigger, or weigh less. Still, no matter how far these insecurities go, they must never put you in a situation where it hinders you from achieving your goals or doing what you like.

In fact, insecurities are more internal contradictions than external issues, and often, what you feel is something your inner self can overcome. There are many ways to eliminate insecurities. Only then can you maximise and improve your skills further — such as skills in the arts, like photography and painting, suggests

Here are some tips to help you overcome it.

1. Identify the cause.

Was there an experience in your life that made you feel insecure about your being? Did someone make you feel that you are not enough? When and where did your insecurity begin? Answer these questions to identify the root of your inferiority complex.

2. Undermine it by looking at your achievements and strengths.

No matter when it started, you should now put the past behind. Think of your achievements and strengths, big or small, instead, and list them down as you go.

3. Start a hobby, or realize an undiscovered talent.

Focus on achieving and succeeding in your field of expertise; if you have not discovered one yet, try new hobbies and talents. Test your skills, and give yourself a chance to grow.

One of the best ideas is trying photography. Modern advancements in this field enable even beginners to jump right in and learn from practicing the art, from point-and-click cameras to hybrids and finally graduating to full-fledged DSLRs. In fact, the world is rife with stories of people beating depression with photography, as the procedure itself helps them focus, drawing them away from their source of unhappiness.

4. Do not compare yourself to other people.

According to the saying, “there is always someone better than you.” Countless people around the world are definitely better in some areas of expertise, so there is no point in comparing yourself to others! Doing so will not only trigger insecurities, but will also make you feel unsatisfied with whatever you are capable of.

Whatever method you try to overcome your insecurity, remember Robert Greene’s words: “You are a one-time phenomenon in the universe – your exact genetic makeup has never occurred before nor will it ever be repeated again.” Start acting like it!

Choosing a Reliable Appraiser

jewelry appraiser

Jewelry appraisal is a necessity from the insurance standpoint. Unless you have your piece of ornament appraised for its latest market value from time to time, you may not get coverage for the full value of the jewelry in case of theft or loss.

To determine the current value of the jewelry you will have to get it appraised at the hands of a professional. AAA Jewelers cites a few tips to help you find a dependable jewelry appraiser in Utah or the state where you live.

Appraiser Credentials

When you are on the lookout for a good jewelry appraiser, first check the credentials of the appraiser, such as:

Remember, there are many quacks who try pass themselves off as expert appraisers. These qualifications determine the level of expertise of the professional.

Following Standards of Practice

Ideally, you should approach a jewelry appraiser who follows the set standards of practice. This ensures that your ornament receives proper and reasonable appraisal.

Other Tips

Miscellaneous tips that will help you locate a good jewelry appraiser are as follows:

  • Prefer full time appraisers whenever possible as they will have extensive experience in the business.
  • Check the references of the appraiser which will give you an insight into his dependability.
  • Check if the fee of the appraiser fits within your budget.
  • For those who want to go for an online appraisal, do a thorough background check.

Finally, verify with your insurance company regarding how often they would want the jewelry to be appraised to keep the cover valid. This way you will be getting a fair value for the ornament if you ever lose it.

Have your jewelry appraised to know its value. The more you know and the more accurate it is, the better price it commands in the market.

Things You Often Forget or Didn’t Know About the Roof


There are a lot of home improvements that we look forward to finishing—like that new bathroom complete with a hot tub or a new garden that can flourish all year round. One task that you probably don’t pay much attention to, however, is roof repair—and that’s bad news because it’s actually one of the more important improvement projects.

In places like Utah, for example, where the unusual weather is creating concern for homeowners, home improvements are becoming more important. Whether you live in the Beehive State where the weather’s crazy or the Empire State where blizzards have become quite the common occurrence, you need to keep your roof in good standing.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Going Pro

Solution Roofing, a local roofing company in Salt Lake City, says to regularly do a visual inspection of your roof a few times a year, especially when seasons change. Call in the professionals if you see a lot of streaking stains on shingles, curling or buckling shingles, or areas that that are missing granules or flashings.

The weather will be the biggest threat to your roof and the whole house. It may be time to have the roof replaced if you notice a steady increase in your energy bills, or if there’s too much moisture, mold, or leaks.

2. Maintaining Properly

Do a general clean-up of the roof and your HVAC system at least once a year. Clean the ventilation and exhaust systems, caulk around pipes and vents, and paint any surface prone to rust.

Simple maintenance work goes a long way in preserving your roof and home.

3. Choosing Right

Most roofs last for about twenty years, but with the right installation and the materials, it can last a lifetime.

4. Improving the Look

People do notice how your house looks on the outside, especially the roof. When people pass by your house, most of what you see from the road is the roof. Realtor Mag even places roof replacements in the top 10 most valuable home projects.

Your home’s exterior, particularly the part that protects it from the harsh elements, deserves some extra attention. Ignore the roof and it can lead to a lot of headaches and expenses.

The “Whys” of Travelling: Reasons People Love to Go Places

Acme Hostel Sadovaya Street in Petersburg Russia

They say travelling is like an itch that keeps recurring if not scratched. Every traveller dreams of someplace new, somewhere far away and unfamiliar. And every person’s travel behaviour is influenced by various personal and cultural factors. But, while you are certain about your own reasons for wanting to travel, have it ever occurred to you why other people crave the same thing? Why do people travel? LHA London shares some of the most common reasons:

To Find or Rediscover Oneself

This is probably one of the most clichéd reasons for travelling, especially for those who prefer to fly solo. In the case of the Brits, a research conducted by a UK online travel agency showed that 24 per cent of the population favours travelling alone to “rediscover themselves.” Those with personal problems such as recent break-ups, divorce or mental exhaustion often use this as an excuse to escape their current reality.

To Experience Adventure

Let’s admit it: travelling, more often than not, is a mixture of fun and disaster. It’s not always about great foreign food, beautiful sceneries, sunbathing in the tropics and gaining new friends. When you are in an unfamiliar territory, chances are high for you to get lost, encounter annoying locals, have food poisoning and endure delayed flights. But these misfortunes do not stop people from yearning to travel more. They are part of the adventure. And as long as the good outweighs the bad, there is no reason for you to stop doing what you love. After all, just because your China adventure did not go as planned, does not mean New Zealand won’t be fun.

To De-Stress and Unwind

Tired of the daily grind? If you cannot stop thinking about going backpacking across Europe or Asia, staying in hostels in London and meeting new people, it’s a sign for you to take your much-deserved break and book a flight. People who find the everyday routine too taxing or boring find comfort in travelling. It’s definitely a great way to relax and forget about the stress at work, school or even your own home.

Yes, people travel for a lot of different reasons. It could be for work, personal quest or leisure. But, sometimes you really do not need a reason to do it. Why not travel for the sake of travel itself? Pick a destination and book your flight now!

Getting Married: What You Should Prepare For

healthcare insurance plans

Sometimes, a person comes to a point that being alone is not enough. They may start craving for a special someone to spend their lives with. Suddenly, the idea of getting married becomes appealing.

Marriage requires a great deal of preparation: emotionally, mentally, and financially. After all, you’ll be making room for other people in your life, and you want it to be as perfect as possible.

Before saying farewell to singlehood, here are some points to ponder on:

It starts with you

Some people just get into marriage without much thought, so they end up regretting later. While they want to believe that love alone can make a partnership last, reality bites you back. You have to be mentally prepared to enter a relationship that does not always guarantee a happy-ever-after. Ask yourself: are you willing and able to handle married life, and what comes after it?

In sickness and in health

You can’t afford to get sick if you’re the only breadwinner. Who’s going to pay the bills? When you stop working, the money stops coming. This is why you need to consult a health insurance provider and obtain an insurance plan.

Health insurance companies provide people with medical and financial support – from consultations and physical examinations, to select treatments and hospital bills. Family-oriented healthcare plans include treatments for pregnant women and newborn children. As noted, healthcare insurance plans are necessary to give people the peace of mind that they have a safety net during medical emergencies.

It’s all about the money

Getting married can be pricey. Start saving up for your big day. It’s not bad to delay marriage for a bit because you want to save as much money as possible.

Most family problems revolve around money. It can even ruin once-good marriages. So make sure that you’re financially capable of supporting your future family. Have a talk with your partner about your present and future expenses. Make room in your budget plan for long-term savings, especially if you’re planning to buy a house or have kids soon.

Marriage does not mean you get to spend more and enjoy life less. If you prepare now, you and your partner can weather the highs and lows of life together.

5 Ways to Refill a Prescription Medication

Prescription Medication

The fact of the matter is that many people with prescribed medications already know how to go about with refill prescriptions. But, what about the others who are not wary of issues that shroud the process? How can a patient find out?

Jolley’s Sandy Compounding Pharmacy describes options below that you can use if you want to avail of refills, plus the disadvantages that go with each.


Placing a call is easy and convenient for those who are busy and do not have time to order personally. Chain stores or larger pharmacies have automated menu selections in place to walk customers through the process. You just have to listen carefully to the voice prompt, or you could end up picking up the wrong stuff.


Dropping by a pharmacy in Draper where you got your last refill is a wise move. Due to time constraints on work and other chores, this may not be applicable to everybody.

Some people leave their doctors’ prescription and come back later to pick it up. This however only works best if you are good at managing your time.


Order by mail is best for those prescribed with maintenance medication. You can prescription medicines in batches like a number of months’ supply or so. You need to plan, though, as a waiting time with a maximum of 2 weeks lies ahead.

Online Services

Pharmacies also cater to online clients just as other businesses. Reordering of prescribed medicines using your laptop is quite easy. Nonetheless, dropping by the store’s actual location needs time.

Smartphone Apps

Enhanced mobile phone software and technology allow you to reorder without placing a call. You may download the smartphone app of your choice vendor. But then again, they cannot deliver the medicines to you via phone signals.

Refilling prescription meds starts the minute the doctor stipulates the medication you need. Check the bottle’s label to know the number of times you can get refills without going back for an appointment. Therefore, the best thing is to ask your doctor regarding components that may render your prescription ineffective or risk your well-being.