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The Rise of Koh Samui

Koh Samui, Thailand

If you’ve ever done any research for your vacation in Thailand, you probably already know everything you want to know about Phuket. Tourism sites and travel agencies uniformly push Phuket as the premiere destination. But in lieu of emerging local markets, other Thai locations are making a name for themselves; one of those locations is Koh Samui.

The Island

Located in the gulf of Thailand, 700 km south of Bangkok, Koh Samui is the largest island in its archipelago of 80 islands, measuring at a total of 250sqkm.What makes this particular island so special other than its size, though, is that it’s quickly rising as the second most popular tourist destination in the country.

Estate firms, like a company called Overseas Property Portfolio, are even opening the country up to foreign investors interested in the island’s property market. While many first time visitors are sceptical of the security of an investment in the island, people familiar with it unanimously agree that the Koh Samui property market is incredibly interesting.

Koh Samui, Thailand

The Villas

The boost for 2014 is amazing, with the first quarter of the year reporting 420 villa units on the island, while there were only 134 units launched last year, and 16 in 2012. Koh Samui is an exciting time of development that can only improve in the coming years, as awareness of the island continues to grow.

The villas constructed along the island’s beaches are getting more and more beautiful, with amenities, challenging even the most sophisticated hotels. The objective, of course, is to get tourists to stay longer. Investing in Koh Samui in the new future is a move that makes sense on many levels. The tourism currency of the island is proven beyond all doubt, growing awareness will only raise the value of the real estate even higher.

Maximizing Productivity using Laser Cutting Technology

laser cutting technology

With laser cutting technology, many companies today can keep up with the demands of their clients by producing high-quality products. The cut product rarely needs any finishing work afterwards, as this process provides expert surface finish.

Many trusted firms work with specialists in laser cutting to help them handle any production tool. To learn more about this technology, read the following discussion:

laser cutting technology

How it Works

Laser cutting technology uses a powerful beam to cut materials following computer-controlled parameters. As the laser guides the beam along the equipment, the area it directly touches is melted, burned, or vaporized.

Laser Cutting Systems

Laser cutting has two systems: galvanometer and gantry. The galvanometer uses mirrored angles to position the laser beam. This type of system can cut materials as fast as 100 feet per minute. In the gantry system, however, the laser is positioned perpendicular to the tool as the machine points the beam over its surface.

Types of Lasers

There are also two kinds of lasers: CO2 laser and YAG. YAG lasers are designed to cut ceramics and harder metals. On the other hand, tradesmen use CO2 lasers to cut and engrave mild steel, aluminum, titanium, wood, fabrics, and more.

Laser Cutting Technology vs. Traditional Cutting

Laser can cut all types of materials, which includes plastics, metals, rubber, aluminum, and even thick paperboards. Compared to traditional cutting methods like mechanical cutting, laser yields more accurate results. It also cuts faster and produces sharper and cleaner edges.

How Much Laser Cutting Costs

The cost of laser cutting is based on a few factors, such as how long the equipment will cut the material, the cost of materials supplied by the specialist, and the set-up fee.

Many industries have been using laser for decades now. If you’re looking for improved manufacturing productivity, then laser cutting technology is your best choice. Partner with laser cutting specialists and start meeting your customers’ demands.

Rainwater Conservation: Reducing the Use of Municipally Treated Water


Conserving and recycling natural resources like rainwater is a smart choice. Not only will this reduce the water bills, but it will also save the environment. So, as simple as it may be, the task is actually financially and ecologically beneficial.

This extra water collected from rain can help you create a small oasis, even if you live in very hot and dry conditions. Owning a green yard with lush shrubs and beautiful flowers is possible, if there’s enough water. Washing your car more regularly and changing the swimming pool water will also not be an issue. The only expense would be for buying rain barrels to store the water.


Container Types

High quality plastic drum barrels are usually made of plastic, making water storage extremely easy. Most of these drums are large containers, which can store up to 40 to 50 gallons. They are drilled and have very simple and affordable parts fixed to them. They can catch the water that drains from the roof and falls into them through a drainpipe or spout. The concept is almost prehistoric, but with powerful modern implications –conserving natural resources, saving on the water bill, and reducing soil erosion by preventing flooding and water runoffs.

Don’t use open containers, as these will only collect debris, help breed mosquitoes, and attract animals. There are different materials, styles and designs to choose from. Some local administration may even supply rain containers at discounted prices. This could be an extension of their resource and water conservation programs.

Materials Used

Rainwater containers are available in plastic, ceramic, galvanized metal, stone and even wood. Plastic is a more affordable option and available in different colors and shapes. But, they can easily tip over if you’re not careful. Ceramic or clay looks very earthy and can generally improve the landscape. But, cleaning is tough, and they cannot be dismantled. Wood or metal with liners are better and more permanent options.

Depending on the size of the roof and the amount of rain in your area, you could either buy one larger container or several smaller-sized ones. The shape also can be chosen according to the space available for storing the containers.

Ionic-colloidal Silver, Colloidal Silver, and Nanosilver: Understanding their Differences

colloidal silver for horses

According to Optimised Energetics, “As colloidal silver is a negatively charged element, it affects positively charged, single-cell microbes. It inhibits the essential functions of these microorganisms and its ability to benefit from the enzymes and oxygen of their hosts to thrive and multiply.”

colloidal silver for horses

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is derived by mixing neon particles of silver with distilled water. The greater the part per one million (PPM) is, the stronger the product will be. However, a strong colloidal silver solution doesn’t necessarily imply that it is of topmost quality. Veterinary surgeons have used products based on colloidal silver for horses because they could be ingested internally or applied topically for treating a number of ailments. This based on the belief that a horse’s body doesn’t develop any silver-resistant bacteria. Quality colloidal silver for horses may only be bought from a trusted and reliable manufacturer. The silver that is transparent and as clear water establishes its quality. A suspension one that is cloudy and dark indicates the presence of impurities that may lead towards unwanted side effects.

Ionic Silver and Nanosilver

The following step in silver technology is called Ionic. Ionic silver comprises atoms and not particles. Pure and de-ionized water mixed with nanosilver leads to the formation of ionic silver. Around eighty per cent of the silver in the solution is nano-particles of metallic silver. The remnant silver takes an ionic form. This is somewhat the same as colloidal silver, with the particles of silver being less than two nm in terms of diameter.

As the particles are so small, the silver’s surface area that gets exposure in the solution gets maximized and results in every unit of silver yielding the greatest effect. Consequently, a 20 PPM silver concentration in nanosilver works more effectively on the body than stronger colloidal silver solutions. Nanosilver also contains a higher percentage of metallic silver, which adds to its strength as a medicine. This is because ionic silver concerts to silver chloride in the human bloodstream or stomach. However, silver chloride is slightly soluble and works less effectively than ionic and metallic silver. It may be noted, however, that the metallic particles only remain unaffected by the hydrochloric acid secreted by the stomach and work for the benefit of the body tissues and bloodstream. Also, most colloidal silver suspensions have 5-10% while the rest are ions.

Living in Retirement Communities: A New Chapter in Life

senior living

When a person has reached a certain age and requires more care than what their relatives can provide, it’s time to consider living in retirement communities. Retirement communities offer not just affordable housing and care for the elderly, but also an opportunity for seniors to interact, socialize and enjoy different activities together in a safe and secure environment. Here are some of the advantages of living in a retirement home:

senior living


Many seniors lose self-esteem because they feel that they are a burden to their loved ones who are taking care of them. When you live in a retirement community, you don’t lose your independence at all. In fact, you regain it because the community is filled with people who are in the same condition as you. They also live in units or affordable apartments and, depending on the age and health of the senior, with supervision from health care staff to monitor their needs.

Round-the-Clock Care

If the resident requires medical care, then senior living communities can offer continuous care 24/7. In a retirement community, many trained staff can handle the medical requirements of seniors whatever they may be. For instance, there is a health care staff to assist them in getting in and out of bed and performing activities of daily living, such as bathing, grooming, and eating.

Advantageous to the Family

You’ll get peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are in a safe and secure retirement home and that they’re getting the quality of care they need. Most people who end up caring for their elderly relatives also have kids of their own to take care of. So, there’s a sense of relief knowing that your elderly relative is in a community that specifically takes care of their needs.

Social Benefits

Living in a retirement community is not a death sentence. In fact, many elderly people even find time to develop new friendship and form romantic relationships during their time in the retirement community. The simple fact that they are with people of their own age means they are able to identify with one another and have shared life experiences. This can be the foundation for a new life.