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A Bride’s Crowning Glory: Choosing a Hair Ornament for the Big Day

bridal hair

A million eyes stare at her on the day of her wedding.

This is why for a bride, every miniscule detail while she’s getting ready matters extensively. A bride’s look is incomplete without the perfect bridal hair accessory. Choosing the proper hair ornaments is crucial to making or breaking the entire wedding look. To help you make a decision, here’s a brief discussion from My Wedding Concierge:

bridal hair

How to Begin

Start looking around for different bridal hair accessories monthsbefore the big day. Like other important details such as invitations, guest lists, and wedding DJs for entertainment, planning ahead of time saves brides from headache. This will give you the option to search further until you find the most suitable piece to wear on your wedding. The best way to choose a hair accessory is by actually trying it on. Most designs look entirely different on the hair than they do in a package. It’s likely that you’ll find the ones you weren’t attracted to at first sight work better on your hair. You can also create different looks by playing around with the hair accessory.

There are plenty of dealers with large and attractive selections available making the search a lot easier. You’ll find elaborate and very simple designs. What you choose should depend on the rest of your attire and the theme of the wedding. Your jewellery should match your gown and not clash with your makeup or dress.

Which Design Fits

The choice would depend on the bride’s personal preference. Some women prefer a single signature piece, while others are more comfortable in elaborate designs or a combination of multiple pieces. If you have a petite figure and a smaller face, large pieces can look overpowering. But if you have a larger build, you may be able to pull off more frilly or detailed designs. Just don’t go overboard with the accessories. The aim is to draw focus to your best features and not be drowned in the finery you wear. Gold and silver jewellery are popular, but before you fall for the glitter of these metals, make sure that it looks good with your wedding dress.

Bust, Butt, and Botox: The Latest Trends in Plastic Surgery

plastic surgery

One thing is for sure – the present generation is highly obsessed with looks. People go to any extent to defy ageing, even if it means going under the knife. This is the reason the cosmetic surgery industry has been witnessing a boom in recent years. Not only are doctors in this field kept busy with work, but they’re also encouraged to develop newer methods of making people look younger and better. They’re coming up with new techniques that promise to be less painful, less prolonged, and more powerful. Dr. Rizk offers an overview of some of the latest trends in plastic surgery.

plastic surgery

A Bird’s-Eye View of the Current Trends

Among the different effective plastic surgery procedures available, the most popular with the public is facial rejuvenation. In fact, procedures such as facelifts, fillers, forehead lifts, surgery on eyelids, and medical peels have become common with people wanting to make their faces appear younger despite ageing.

What helps those willing to go through the operations is that with fast technological advancements, newer methods, products, and devices are becoming available. This makes undergoing cosmetic surgery a more refined process.

Top Surgical Procedures of Today

The most in-demand procedures at present can be categorised into two:

– Minimally invasive
– Cosmetic surgical

The minimally invasive procedures are those that are non-invasive, less pricey, and require minimum time for recovery. These are enough reasons for people to consider undergoing an operation. Some of the popular minimally invasive procedures include Botox treatment, filling of soft tissues using fillers, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser hair removal.

Some types of plastic surgeries require extensive operations, hospitalization, and longer time for recovery. But for those keen on defying their age and flaunting a perfect figure, these techniques are almost miraculous. Some of these procedures include breast augmentation, rhinoplasty or reshaping of the nose, eyelid surgery, facelifts, and safe liposuction procedures.

Rapid Recovery – Another Trend

Another hot trend involves procedures that require minimal recovery time. While minimally invasive procedures are already in this direction, researchers are still making efforts to hasten the recovery process. If these researchers become successful, the quest for a youthful look will become even more intense.