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Securing a Home Loan as a Freelancer without the Sweat

miniature house and car

Individuals seeking flexible employment find freelance work as the best option. Though freelancing has a lot of benefits, it also has some negative points. For example, many freelancers find it difficult to apply for home loans.

Not having a steady income from a regular employer can hinder your chances of securing a loan, but it’s not impossible. Below are some useful tips:

Work with Local Banks

Each loan application reflects on your credit score, so don’t waste your time and effort on financial institutions like national banks with strict policies. Local banks are far more accommodating, although the loans aren’t very sizeable.

miniature house and car

Look for Financial Brokers

Financial brokers can help guide you through the process of getting a home loan. They’ll answer any questions you may have to create a plan that is perfect for you.

Provide Evidence of Regular and Manageable Income

Banks often turn down freelancers because of income instability. Most banks doubt that freelancers have enough funds to cover their loan repayments. This is why you need to make sure to keep past invoices from long term clients on hand to prove that you have a minimum salary you can depend on.

Securing a loan as a freelancer is not as difficult as it seems. All you need is to prove to your lenders that you have the capacity to repay the loan.

Help Your Children Deal with Divorce

family law attorney

When it comes to divorce, the children always suffer. Guiding them through the ordeal should be the parents’ highest concern. While you cannot shield your children from possible emotional trauma that goes with divorce, there are ways to help your children through the situation.

family law attorney

On Legal Matters

Find a Long Island family law attorney who will make them the top priority. These types of attorneys are experts in more than divorce proceedings and spousal support; they are also experienced in matters concerning the child.

Breaking the News

It’s very important to tell the children about the divorce as soon as the couple is sure of their decision. Surprising them might only do more harm than good. It may help that they hear the news from both parents at the same time, showing the children that their parents still have an amicable relationship despite the impending separation.

During the Proceedings

Try not to fight about the details of the divorce in front of the children. Leave all negotiations with your Long Island family attorney. Discourage your children from taking sides. Show them that while the family is experiencing changes, parental roles haven’t changed.

Divorce may be the last resort but it doesn’t have to be traumatic and painful for your children. Ensuring their mental health during the process will enable them to grow happy and well-adjusted despite the circumstances at home.

Makati: The Best of the Philippines

Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Philippines

Apart from being the premier financial district of the Philippines, Makati also offers a fun and exciting life for everyone. Whether you’re starting a family or a young professional seeking a good-paying corporate job, this city offers some of the best of the country. Read on to know more about Makati City.

Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Philippines

  • Makati City has a health care program that provides its residents access to quality care. It is home to Makati Medical Center, one of the leading hospitals in the Philippines.
  • The city has pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, elevated walkways, and underpasses. It provides easy access to different public transportation such as jeepneys, e-jeepneys, rail transits, and buses.
  • The city is the site of the cleanest and the most affluent communities in the country such as Dasmariñas Village, Bel-Air, and Forbes Park. It is the most sought-after address especially for luxurious residential spaces. You can visit leading travel blogs or Keystone Property Solutions to know more about the city’s best communities.
  • The condominiums in the city have the highest property value and never depreciate. The city has the highest rental and occupancy rates in the country. Makati also offers apartments for rent for those who are on a budget or who have not decided to stay permanently.
  • The city is the most preferred location for national and foreign investors. It has the highest GDP per capita in the country and enjoys high investor confidence. It is also the home of many foreign embassies as well as multinational and local corporations.

Start an exciting and rewarding life by renting an apartment for rent or purchasing a house in this vibrant city. After all, there must be reason for all those people to take the most number of selfies (in the world) within Makati.

Safety Measures When Working with Moving Equipment

rotary table

Many accidents in the workplace involve some sort of negligence and lack of guidance. Moving equipment, for instance, puts workers at risk because it can hit them any time, given that it is in motion. Being hit by a blunt object is always dangerous, so you’ll have to keep employees safe. Follow these short tips:

rotary table

  1. Tell everyone to keep a safe distance when direct drive rotary tables and drilling rigs are in use. Accidents usually happen when individuals are too close to the equipment.
  2. Small errors can lead to big accidents, so staff members need to be attentive about their job and surroundings. Avoid distractions. If possible, don’t allow the use of gadgets like mobile phones on the operations floor.
  3. Have employees use high visibility clothing and reflective gear, like bright jackets and vests. This way, heavy equipment operators will see if there’s a person around the space they’re working in.
  4. Install barricades around areas where heavy equipment lift, dump, or drill materials. This way, workers won’t be hit by falling debris.

The safety of your employees should be among your top priorities. Even if you have high quality rotary tables, tools, and other heavy equipment, these will go to waste if the people operating them aren’t careful with their job.

Small Renovation Projects that can make Your Home More Inviting

living area

Renovating the entire house is costly and time consuming, but it doesn’t always have to be. Here’s how you can give your home a couple of upgrades without spending too much.

Change Your Flooring

The floors of your house are usually first to reflect wear and tear. Upgrading your floorings will not only add value to your home, but it’ll also infuse the space with a touch of class.

There are many different flooring choices available. You can go for laminate flooring, hardwood, vinyl, ceramic tiles, or carpets. Think about the function of each room to select the most appropriate floor type. If it’s a high-traffic area, choose something durable yet easy to maintain.

Choosing the right carpet material is important if it’s your flooring of choice. Nylon is the strongest fibre, making it an excellent choice for heavy traffic areas like the living and dining rooms. It also has good stain and abrasion resistance.

living area

Upgrade the Entrance

Repaint your front door with bold colors like red or blue to make an impression. By updating your doorway, you’re sending a message that your house is well-maintained.

Whether you choose to upgrade your floorings with carpets from Rocha Flooring, repaint your doorway using paint supplies from Ace Hardware, or replace your venetian blinds with plantation shutters from Eclipse Shutters, make sure not to stress yourself too much. Remember that home renovation should be enjoyable not burdensome.

Creative Design Ideas for a Contemporary Bedroom


Cool, clean, and simple, modern design is characterized by sleek and functional interiors. It veers away from the traditional aesthetics and cluttered style, and uses minimal color and accessories. Modern design is perfect to adopt in bedrooms as they make the space soothing, relaxing, and conducive to quality sleep.

Here are some creative design ideas for a contemporary bedroom:

Add a Standout Pattern

Add an eye-catching design to create interest, especially if you used neutral tones. Cover your king-sized mattress with colorful bedding or install patterned wallpaper on one wall. You can also introduce a standout design using your curtains, throw pillows, or furniture.


Skip the Drapes

A large, unfettered window makes a room feel spacious and contemporary, so skip the drapes if your room isn’t overlooked and you don’t mind waking up with the sun.

Keep Femininity Understated

Tone down the rest of your room with neutral colors if you’re going for a busy, floral pattern in pastel shades. White can strike the perfect balance, but you can also use other hues from the pattern to keep the scheme from being fussy.

Use Eye-Catching Furniture and Accessories

Modern design showcases a simple, sleek look, but this doesn’t mean you can’t add an element of fun. A stylish king-sized bed and mattress in bold design, oversized mirror, shapely chair, or multi-colored dresser can transform your bedroom from ordinary to fabulous.


Automatic Over Stick: Perks of Automatic Transmissions

automatic transmission

Managing a manual clutch and gearshifts is a hassle in heavy traffic, which is increasingly becoming the norm in busy metros. A car with an automatic transmission is a bonus in such situations. Many drivers love to play with the gears, and they would never trade a stick with an automatic, but tell yourself that if you live in a city where traffic jams are the rule, not the exception.

 automatic transmission

brownpau | Flickr

Here are the reasons why an automatic transmission is a good choice.

Driving convenience

Vehicles with automatic transmission are convenient to drive, especially for newbie drivers. It takes the guesswork out of driving, as you don’t have to gauge if the revolutions are correct before you switch to the next gear. While this may not be as challenging and fun to drive as compared to stick shifts, an automatic transmission is safer and easier.

Less maintenance

AT transmission requires minimal maintenance as it eliminates improper gear grinding, commonly found in manual transmissions. And as compared to stick shifts, an automatic transmission doesn’t demand regular transmission repairs, reducing the risks of emergency transmission breakdowns.

More accurate

Cars with AT transmission also shift faster and more precisely than most MT drivers can manage. For manual transmissions, shifting involves a number of movements, all of which offer possibilities for mistakes.

Technology is gradually changing each area of our lives, and for the machines we normally use; manufacturers now design machines that will make life easier. This is why automatic transmissions are increasing in number. For more resources about transmissions and gearboxes, Citywest Automatic Transmissions, TopGear Australia, and AutoTrader can help.

Hiring Fresh Talent for Your Company: 3 Tips for Recruiting Great People

employee check

The BPO industry has become one of the most exciting and challenging places for young professionals to grow their careers. The industry today sees greater growth and innovation. This is why recruitment is critical to the success of every BPO company.

When you hire a new employee, there are things you have to do to drive the business forward. You need to handle everything from interviews to basic employee checks.


employee check

Here are some tips to get the right people:

Pre-screen candidates

The first thing you need to do is have an initial screening. This part of the hiring process involves a review of the resume to see if the applicant qualifies for the position. Make sure you are recruiting people with integrity by double-checking all the information they claim to be true.

Conduct personal interviews

Once a candidate passes your initial screening standards, it’s time to schedule an interview. Keep your questions relevant and in line with your objective of hiring the best.

Do background checks

The next step in the hiring process is to conduct thorough employee checks. It might involve a lot of work, but uncovering a criminal record or other negative things will benefit you in the long run. This will help save you from any liabilities in the future.

Keep these recruitment tips in mind the next time you need to hire someone for your company. These will help you recruit and hire only the best to add to your workforce.