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Important Things You Need to Know about Skylight Leaks

Skylight Repair

Skylight RepairA skylight, just like any other item you can add to your home, needs proper installation and maintenance. It may not be delicate, but leaks may still develop because of normal wear and tear. Many skylight dealers offer a generous repair warranty so why waste yours? It’s important that you investigate the common causes of skylight leaks for easier and quicker repair. The following are some important things you need to know about skylight leaks:

Finding the Source

Knowing the source of leakage is important for immediate skylight repair. When you see water dripping from your skylight, locate the source of leak right away. Water stains on the ceiling and puddles on the floor are the first indicators of the source of leak. A stain at the bottom of your skylight can be a result of excess condensation. Condensation often occurs during rainy season as a natural result of humidity. To reduce the amount of condensation, make sure to cover your skylight tunnel, as it further increases dampness.

Poor Installation

Check your roofing nails. Rusty or loose nails can further damage your skylight, so it’s important to replace them with new ones. You should seal these new skylight fasteners with waterproof roofing cement. This way, water won’t leak around them. You may also ask your skylight dealer to help you on this.

Glass Micro-Fractures

Tiny cracks may develop around the edges of your skylight as it ages. Don’t underestimate these cracks as they allow dampness into your home. These small cracks are repairable depending on their number. When the number of these cracks increases, you may need a new replacement.

A leaking skylight can be frustrating. It may be tempting to try fixing it on your own, but a professional has the right tools and the skills to do the job accurately. Though repairing it seems monotonous, it’s within your ability if you’re comfortable climbing roofs and if you can work meticulously.